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  1. Not necessarily - just different flavours. The Benz cartridges have a warmer, richer sound, but the VDH is a little faster, leaner and more dynamic. The two complement each other nicely, which is why I am still thinking of keeping it alongside my LP-S.
  2. Yes, I have a few of his CDs and like him a lot. "Best thing since Glenn Gould" may be a bit of an overstatement, however. He is quite controversial, getting some decidedly mixed reviews. Another young pianist I really like is Benjamin Grosvenor.
  3. Item: Harbeth P3ESR Special Edition Location: Sydney (Lower North Shore) Price: $1900 Item Condition: Excellent Reason for selling: Upgraded to Harbeth M30.1s Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, bank transfer Extra Info: See below Pictures: See below For sale are my Harbeth P3ESR Special Edition speakers in Rosewood. These are in excellent condition. I am only selling them because I upgraded to the M30.1s some time ago. I intended to keep these speakers, but realistically I am not likely to use them, so they are probably better off being used by someone else. There are many reviews - some examples: Stereophile The Ear Inner Fidelity These are fantastic speakers in the right room and the right music. They are definitely not for parties, big rooms, huge volumes, or subterranean bass. But in a smallish room, with acoustic music, vocals, jazz, classical in particular they can be magical - completely non-fatiguing and musical, with a sense of "presence" that few speakers can match. I have the original box and can post if necessary, but pick-up is definitely preferred.
  4. After experimenting some more, I tend to agree. The Cadenza Black sounds "good" but rather uninspiring. It is well balanced, detailed, neutral, an excellent tracker - but just a little bland. A couple of days ago I uninstalled mine and put the VDH Frog in its place (which is a similar price). Much better - same levels of detail but a faster and more dynamic sound, and a sweeter tonal balance. Much more musical. At that price I would be more inclined to get something like this or this.
  5. Harry at Audio Genesis.
  6. Thanks, but there is now a queue of about 6 people going backup.
  7. Sorry, I'm not shipping at this price. I don't have the boxes and it would be too much effort. I am listing them cheaply for a fast sale and pick up because the wife wants them out of the house.
  8. Item: Epos Elan 30 speakers Location: Sydney (Lower North Shore) Price: $400 Item Condition: Very good Reason for selling: Upgraded Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, bank transfer Extra Info: Pick up only Pictures: See below For sale are my Epos Elan 30 speakers. These are in very good condition, but I do not have boxes or packaging so they are for pick up only. The speakers can take standard spikes, but do not come with them - I was using adhesive feet on my hardwood floors. The biwire links are Kimber wire and sound much better than standard links. They also come with foam bungs to tune the bass, and the grilles as shown in the pictures. These are excellent speakers. I have used them in my living room system for the last few years and had no plans to replace them until my wife spotted some "designer" speakers whose appearance she preferred. They are dynamic, colourful, fast, with deep, tight bass and surprisingly sensitive, and can be driven by relatively low powered amplifiers. Do not assume from my price that these are budget speakers - the RRP was well over $2000. I am offering the speakers at a very good price for quick purchase and collection. I will sell to the first person to agree to pick them up before friday.
  9. Great box set at a great price. If I didn't already have most of these CDs separately I would snap this up.
  10. It's not possible to switch between the outputs. The 912 is still running in and I am still adjusting to its sound. So far it is very good, but a bit leaner and more neutral than either the Tron or the Exposure MCX I was using previously. I still have yet to decide which I prefer but there is something very addictive about the sound of the EAR.
  11. I spent some time playing with my Cadenza Black yesterday. I haven't used it for a while so I fitted it to my Audio Origami PU7 on my Kuzma Stabi S. I find it to be quite a temperamental cartridge. I have heard it sound excellent - dynamic and colourful - but I have also heard it sound quite ordinary at times - sterile, colourless, lacking bass. I spent quite a few hours on set up, and then trying different phono stages and settings. They say that the Shibata styles is very sensitive to VTA/SRA and this proved to be correct. A movement up or down of 1mm at the rear of the arm really changed the sound quite dramatically (despite what Rega and some others say; and despite this being only a change of a small fraction of a degree). I found that to sound its best the arm needed to be quite low at the pivot point, perhaps 3-4mm below horizontal. Also, tracking force ended up a little higher than I have previously used, at 2.4g (Ortofon recommend an optimum of 2.3g and this is what I have previously used). At these settings the cartridge became more colourful, more dynamic and more focussed. But the Cadenza still sounded a little lightweight and lacking in focus. This was using the phono stage in my EAR 912 preamp, a valve design equivalent to the EAR 88PB and highly regarded. I then tried two other phono stages, the solid state Trilogy 907 and then the Naim Superline/Teddy Supercap. With the latter phono stages loaded at 100 ohms, suddenly the cartridge came to life. Bass deepened an octave, the sound became tighter and more focussed, detail snapped into place and everything now sounded excellent - as good as I have heard this cartridge, and now I fully understand the many comments comparing it to much higher priced cartridges. While probably not quite as good as my Benz LP-S and VDH Black Beauty in an absolute sense, the Cadenza Black is certainly in the same ballpark, and does some things - absolute neutrality and tracking - better than either. But, unsurprisingly, set up and phono stage matching are critical. Sorry for digressing a bit from the original topic but my experiments with the Cadenza Black came directly from reading this thread so I thought I would post the results.
  12. I went to A2A last year to listen to it the Yggdrasil with the intention of buying it. I didn't like it and ended up buying a Metrum Pavane instead. I now use an Exposure 2010s2 DAC which is cheaper than either (as well as a whole bunch of other very expensive DACs I have owned over the past few years) and prefer it to all of them.
  13. The Bronze has a different stylus, but it is said to be a bit warmer sounding than the Black. Some people seem to prefer it. I haven't heard it myself.