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  1. Sorry guys, but the 912 preamp is currently withdrawn from sale.
  2. Still available - and negotiable on price.
  3. Brinkman 10.5 tonearm - WOW

    John, I'm sorry I've only just discovered this thread. Congratulations on the Brinkmann arm. It looks fantastic, and obviously sounds amazing as well. I also have the Jelco arm, which is doing mono duties on my second turntable - I actually bought it after hearing it in John's system and being very impressed with it. It sounds much better than an arm at that price really should, and has no obvious weaknesses. But, yes, a truly state of the art arm - such as the Brinkmann - can make a huge difference. Having spent quite a bit of time comparing tonearms recently, I am now of the view that the arm can have a bigger influence on the sound than the turntable. I may have to think about comparing the Brinkmann to my Kuzma and Audio Origami arms ... And, John, I may just have something for you to have a listen to in the near future ...
  4. Nice! Also: expensive! How is it?
  5. Item: Ortofon Quintet Mono moving coil cartridge Location: Sydney Price: $400 Item Condition: Less than 20 hours use Reason for selling: Upgraded Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal (buyer bears paypal fees), Bank transfer Extra Info: See below Pictures: See below For sale is an Ortofon Quintet mono MC cartridge which I used very briefly before upgrading to a Shelter 501 mono. The Quintet Mono is a great sounding cartridge for mono LPs and IMO is a bit of bargain at its retail price. This cartridge has been used for well under 20 hours and is in near new condition with original packaging materials. Below is a stock photo - I can provide pictures of the actual unit if requested. Pick up is available in the Sydney CBD during business hours or I can post at the buyer's expense.
  6. The MC loading options refer to the internal impedance of the cartridge, not the load seen by the cartridge. For example, the 40 ohm setting results in a 470 ohm loading. Thanks for the offer of the Jeff Rowland amp, and also to answer Rhinog66's question, I am happy with my current Exposure MCX preamp. Which is not to say that it is "better", it just suits my tastes better.
  7. Item: EAR 912 Preamplifier Location: Sydney Price: $9000 Item Condition: Near new - 3 months old Reason for selling: I'm a solid state guy at heart Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, bank transfer Extra Info: See below Pictures: See below As a long-term audiophile, every few years I get the overwhelming urge to replace all my amplifiers with tube amps. I normally resist the urge because I know I generally prefer solid state amps, and really have no need of new amplifiers. But sometimes curiosity gets the better of me and I try something new. In this case, I bought an EAR 912 preamplifier, directly from Stoneaudio in the UK in May of this year (https://www.stoneaudio.co.uk/?product=ear+912+tube+preamplifier). The UK retail price is 9370 pounds (about A$15,400). I thought that if ever a tube preamplifier was going to convert me, this was it. But unfortunately I remain steadfastly a solid state guy. The EAR 912 is described as a "Professional Tube Control Centre". It features single ended and balanced inputs and outputs, two phono inputs, fully configurable for any cartridge, with multiple adjustments for loading and gain. The internal phono stage is equivalent to the EAR 88PB ( https://www.stoneaudio.co.uk/?product=ear+88pb+valve+phono+amplifier), a standalone phono stage which itself sells for 4120 pounds (about A$6800). The 912 preamplifier, designed by Tim de Paravicini, has had nothing but outstanding reviews. Some examples: Art Dudley's review in Stereophile concluded: This product taught me something about my records and the other components in my system, and I enjoyed every minute I spent with it. The EAR 912 isn't cheap, but it's a Class A preamplifier in every sense, and an heirloom-quality instrument that represents the apex of both build quality and design ingenuity. I miss it already—and I strongly recommend that you try to experience it for yourself. https://www.stereophile.com/tubepreamps/1205ear/index.html Robert Levi in Positive Feedback concluded: ... the E.A.R. 912 Professional Tube Control Centre will take its place as my reference preamp against which all others will be judged. With a flexibility second to none and musical performance unmatched in my experience as a reviewer, you must consider the 912 as a contender for that first position on your audiophile shopping list. With a superb sounding, fully featured phono stage, you will need one less box on the rack. As the top preamp for quiet, black backgrounds coupled with spot on musicality and realism, you get the complete and fully evolved package. I would buy this before the British pound gets more expensive! The E.A.R. 912 Professional Tube Control Centre is the state of the art in preamp design and performance. What more can one ask for? Tim de Paravicini hits a home run, yet again. Tim, please don't ever stop! http://www.positive-feedback.com/Issue31/ear912.htm As the preamp was bought in May, it is only 3 months old, and comes with all original packaging, plus extra NOS tubes which I have bought separately and worth perhaps another $1000. Pick up is preferred, but I can also courier at the buyer's cost. For those who enjoy the sound of reference level tube equipment this will probably be the last preamplifier you will ever need. It is also likely that this will be the only time one of these comes up for sale in the Australian market.
  8. Thanks, Jim. I'm open to reasonable offers.
  9. Greg, all three sound very different. The Benz has a rich, warm and slightly darker character. The Van den Hul is leaner, a little brighter and more spacious, but a bit faster. With the VdH you give up a bit of tonal density for dynamics; but with the Benz you get that rich sound which is quite addictive. The Cadenza Black is the most neutral of the three. It doesn't have quite the warmth and richness of the Benz, or the speed of the VdH, but when listening to it, you don't really miss these, because it is very satisfying in its own terms. It is the best tracker of the three and the quietest in the groove. The sound is very even and coherent from top to bottom. It is probably the most accurate of the three and has the least character, which is both good and bad. If you want to hear what your turntable and arm really sound like, the Cadenza Black will do that better than the other two, which give more of their own character.
  10. I'm surprised there are no takers for the Ortofon Cadenza Black, which is an extremely good cartridge, only just run in, for less than half new price. Once again, if I end up having to keep it in my collection, I won't be too disappointed!
  11. The Benz LP-S is now sold, pending payment. The Ortofon Cadenza Black is still available.