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  1. Best material for putting components on?

    The best stuff resides at my home. I will not even charge a fee for letting your system reside at my place (which is arguably the world's best platform....)
  2. SACD Players

    But isn't the problem with the Sony's, the lack of spare parts?
  3. Pandora Finished in AU/NZ

    Yeah - Pandora was so much better than Spotify. It would download the entire song to your phone instead of in bits like Spotify does. So you didn't get a break in the song if you lost connectivity.
  4. The Great Piano Scam.

    Me too.
  5. Is $600 too much for these?

  6. Luxman SQ77t mk2 verification needed

    500uf caps to be used instead of 470uf is fine esp those used in the power supply. Older components had a larger manufacturing tolerance of around 5-20%. So 500uf is within those tolerances. The variance is negligible.
  7. Kessler

  8. Kessler

    What is wrong with what he wrote in that article? I thought he is spot on wrt to cables, cartridges and accessories. We pay too much for very questionable gains in the High End. Those that have been in the game since the 80s will know that prices today bear no relation to the value you got back then.
  9. One car you regret selling.

    Highly unlikely it would be a 981 Spyder, the manufacturing window ended last year. So it will be a 718.
  10. I have often wondered... Why is it that with all of our modern technology that we are unable to replicate the quality of NOS tubes? e.g. the Siemens CCA E88C tubes Or is it that current valve/tube manufacturing companies are already making tubes of similar quality but because of a Hi-Fi/audiophile world's misguided belief that new tubes cannot be as good as those made in the Golden age? i.e. Snob appeal - I have something you can no longer buy or buy at a reasonable cost Surely, it should possible to reverse engineer the old tubes using the same materials and manufacturing processes (with new manufacturing processes which would be of tighter tolerances than processes of the 40s,50s and 60s.)
  11. Avoid anything that has proprietary parts like Sloper mentioned above - so Vitus amps are to be avoided for this reason - they use proprietary modules in their amps which are only available from them .if they go bust (the company) then you are up s**t creek. I personally would also avoid anything that uses SMT or Surface Mount Technology components. They are harder to repair for the average technician and requires specialised soldering and desoldering equipment (although some techs can work around this using traditional soldering equipment). https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Surface-mount_technology Generally Tube pre and power amps will use traditional through hole construction or hard wired construction so you'd be safe from proprietary and SMT parts in tube amps (SMT components are not usually made for the high voltages and temps that tube amps work at). What kind of speakers are you wanting to drive?
  12. The original Koetsu Rosewood of the 80s and Alphason 100 MCS were "made for each other" i.e. a synergistic match. The Benz cartridges with a similar tonal balance to the Koetsus might also be a good match. Duc is able to make up heavier counterweights for you if required.