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  1. Sorry Hensa, Junkmail PM'd me after 9mins--will advise if he renegs Will
  2. Item: PurePower 2000i AVS Power Regenerator 240V Aust Spec US Plugs with Pro Aust Adaptors Location: Nth Qld Price: $ 2400 Incl Free Freight Aust wide Item Condition: Excellent Reason for selling: Bought for secondary usage-shelved hence NLR. Payment Method: Bank to Bank TT I have used one of these Units for 5 years and would not be without it--I purchased this second one locally for a further extension system which sadly has been put on the back burner. This Unit has US Plugs but I purchased 4 of Chris Ven Haus's Pro grade Aust /US adaptors as pictured,together with a US Wattgate to Hubbel 20AMax IEC extension to allow a Junction box should one be required. The Unit has batteries enclosed that will sustain and soft close your Units should an outage happen--I do not run the batteries on my other unit so cannot verify how long /etc they will deliver Music-ha!--they are charged when the Unit is plugged into the wall. One can adjust your V output--mine is set for 230v Normal-- and holds this even when I've measured 252/4 V from the wall up here in Nth Qld! The pure 230V output is a boon for consistent sonics from the System and with the added bonus of being able to wind out any Transformer Hum in your Amps /etc with the front Trimpot-- The PP's do NOT squash dynamics nor soften bass--I've run big Amps and high orchestral levels with ho loss of any impact/etc with the Music portrayed. You can plug every thing and anything into it it delivers in Spades! The unit is damn heavy at 36KGs Packed and is on small Pallet and must be freighted. Offered as Pictured for $2400 Incl freight Aust wide--they were $4/5K AUS when new Please feel fret ask any Questions .Thank you. https://www.purepoweraps.com/APSreviews.htm https://www.purepoweraps.com/plusspecs-int.htm https://www.purepoweraps.com/pdf/old 2000 tech specs.pdf https://www.purepoweraps.com/regen.htm Pictures:
  3. Item: Really Right Stuff Pano Elements package + Camera Plate Ex Con Location: Nth Qld Price: $250 Inc Free Shipping Item Condition: Ex Little usage see Pics Reason for selling: NLR Payment Method: bank to Bank TT Extra Info: This is the RRS Pano set for Digital cameras which can deliver the correct spacing and overlap for perfect Pano Photos--this set enables the Nodal point to be aligned over the lens --NOT the Camera body and therefore correct blending of the shots can be obtained. A must for any serious landscape snapper. Peter Lik uses this. There is plain Camera bottom plate included that will fit most cameras--this slots into the Pano Base shown. With no Aust Resellers the item must be purchased direct from Really Right Stuff in the US the package as described here with shipping to Australia currently on their website for $415USD with shipping est at $49USD this equates to $525 AUD. Thank you. Pictures:
  4. Item: Really Right Stuff Canon 5D2 power Pack L Bracket as new Location: Nth Qld Price: $60 incl Shipping Item Condition: As new--spare Reason for selling: NLR Payment Method: Bank to Bank TT Extra Info: This is the RRS Canon BGE6 L Plate for 5DII BGE6 Grip RRP US + ship to Aust $230 USD No Reseller in Aust must be purchased from RRS Direct. Thank you. Pictures:
  5. Item: Set of useful Vinyl accessories Sell as set shown Location: Nth Qld Price: $50 with Free Ship Item Condition: Used Reason for selling: NLR Payment Method: Bank to Bank TT Extra Info: Cleaning out the Locker found these items maybe of use to a Vinylphile--couple items not cheap in Aust! Anyway have look at the pics --most identifiable to Lp owners --I may mention the Magnifier--it is the rear element of a Canon lens that got wet(my bad!) and optically excellent for closeup of Styli /etc. All shown for $50 with free ship. Thank you Pictures:
  6. Item: 7 X LPS as Pictured Location: Nth Qld Price: $70 lot with Free Shipping Aust wide Item Condition: As Described below Reason for selling: Digitised last of the Favourites Payment Method: Bank to Bank TT Extra Info: A rather odd Mixture maybe but all have a something quality --hence the last set of my collection Condition as described all cleaned on my VPI Typhoon and resleeved. Holly Cole Temptation--Import Double LP --as new played twice Anna Netrebko-- Import Double LP--Verdi--New Sealed -had two copies Mary Chapin Carpenter--Import The Thing that we are made of New-- Played once Peter Gabriel/ Kate Bush--Import SH-- Don't Give Up--Ex con 45RPM Single LP Scott Walker 3 VG Condition---Import SH--this is the Canadian Smash Pressing that contains " the Light of Cincinnati " which is a classic of his and NOT on any other version hence the rarity. Starland Vocal Band-- Import SH VG Con--terrific version of "Boulder to Birmingham" and "American Tune"--worth the admission alone! Ry Cooder BS3059--Import SH VG Condition--Demo White label Pressing Live 1977 issued as Showtime includes 6.30 min version of "Dark end of the Street"( the Commitments anyone?) Anyway selling all as one Lot-- free ship-- for &70 Please ask any Questions Thank you. Pictures:
  7. Yes Peter, I have a CDX2,2 as well--if you have some Fav CDs then the X2 is a superb player--if you ever get a windfall treat yourself--add a 555PSU--end game! Sorry Kento for the Transgression--back to the plaudits for your State of the Art Combo for sale I would own this Willco
  8. Indeed This combo for sale is near top of the heap--I have the CD555/PSU and the CDS3/XPSDR here is oh so close at less than a Quarter of the price of the former . A sonic bargain for near state of the Art Redbook CD playback. GLWTS Willco
  9. Indeed based ( Seconded?)on the driver board of the highly touted Electro Research A75 Amp --Marketed by David Tan of Hwee Seng Group Singapore whom had Jon Iverson of ER under Mfg Contracts in the early 80s after ER moved from Orange County CA to Singapore. This Amp is a Formidable little beastie and a bargain for the $$$'s Willco
  10. Superb Cables --I use Chris's Master References from Sources to Speakers in my system. I started with the 600IIs as here--funnily they replaced Nordost Valhallas with me as well. Absolute sonic bargain here Willco
  11. Kimber D60

    A serious giantkiller of a Digital cable this and Chris Sommovigo's other design the Orchid still outperform today many overpriced over hyped doozies. I've run these cables with AN Dac 5 Special ,4.1x BAL and Jadis JS2--they are that good. Sonic bargain GLWTS Willco
  12. Your Pano is only 640K at 72Px hence the 100% size posted is correct as viewed.If a pic for the web is at 72Px it will post at 100% full size. You will need to go to the original File--as posted Pano-- and make another version at say 70 cm W ( approx 1900Px's) at 72 Px's and that should be fine save as Jpg. Willco
  13. Nice Pics--I've seen couple of them before -- Good Sale Willco