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  1. They already have!--- Well maybe? https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/245727224/mag-lev-audio-the-first-levitating-turntable Willco
  2. The Rory Gallagher version of the Rufus Thomas Classic--seems more ballsy than the Stones Willco
  3. I just started to get the annoying box as well-- I have NO adblocker gizmo/setup employed! Grrrrrrr! Willco
  4. Good One SB--I like the measurement profiles you've posted--Kudos! await your report on the A T Sticks--I've used them for 4 years now-- I like them-MVMV though --ha! Willco
  5. Don't forget the Martin Kaisers Willco
  6. GLWTS Caf--- You have what is called a Dutch Auction Did your folks get damage Flooded /etc--my carpark was flooded but other wise OK --dodged a bullet! Presume a you Ok Floodwise there? Sounds as if once things started getting nasty down south--they sorta forget about the Poor devils on the Whitsunday Islands Willco
  7. Hi Owen, Well frankly my only usage is with the ones in the Website above posted-with the accompanying Software--I would say none of them however will suffice for usage determining lifespan/ retipping/etc accurately----- with emphasis on the Accuracy!. To ascertain the latter you need the Shure Microscope ( or Similar) for that. The DinoXcopes will do SRA with on file calibrated printouts no problems Good Luck, Willco
  8. Ah Yes the venerable darkroom--kudos for the drive--stick with it You can do your exposure tests with I sheet paper--just cover the full sheet with piece of Card before exposing allowing say 1/4 of the paper exposed first--5sec?--then careful not to move the a photo paper slide the card say to 1/2 expose --5 secs --Card then to 3/4 showing --5 secs--full Photo paper exposed--5 secs Can save paper. Burning with the Hole in card--good. Make a Dodger --to lighten /etc --coat hangar wire with small ball of Cotton wool in loop at end of the wire. When you feel competent (B+W) get some Potassium ferricyanide -diluted with highlight whites/bleach dirty backgrounds /etc Good Luck and Good onya! Willco
  9. The DinoXcope USB connects to your Computer USB input and live views the image on the screen for focus and calibration --the Dino-Lite software opens to show the degrees/etc and you can scribe(mouse) the angles and save them for later viewing. I'm not saying this is the only, nor best solution--others may chime in with their preferences. http://www.dino-lite.com W
  10. You need a Dino-Lite with this version for that DinoXcope Version 1.9.8 (145_2159 - Universal) Willco
  11. Really Thats sheep?--this is SHEEP! W PS Note the MINT Sauce--vital to the Plot!
  12. Unfortunately this is not the first time I've heard of AMR product failures/inability of Agents /Techs/etc to correct same in a reasonable timeframe --if indeed at all! I have good friend In NZ that had the same runaround --both from the local (there) Importer and factory- a dead in water unit for months with no solution. Also my Audio friend in the US who was an AMR reseller told me the Faulty units almost sent him broke!--he no longer sells the brand. Sad indeed as Thorsten is well regarded Tech in the industry. I hope the Poster here can find some fulfilment to the problem Good Luck Willco
  13. Andrew at AUDIOFIX 0754379790, and mob. 0418772434. Andy McLaren -he works above Mike Lenehan's setup [email protected] I've dealt with both --good guys Willco
  14. Aha!--great!--Don't forget Holyhead ferry trips to Dublin --if you haven't been, its a cultural experience-- once again I worked two years in the Republic -one of the most enjoyable times of my working life-- Where does on start-- the Pubs/ Castles/ Scenery/Folklore--and the finest coffee in the isles--Bewleys on Grafton--ha! Good times! Willco