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  1. Really Thats sheep?--this is SHEEP! W PS Note the MINT Sauce--vital to the Plot!
  2. Unfortunately this is not the first time I've heard of AMR product failures/inability of Agents /Techs/etc to correct same in a reasonable timeframe --if indeed at all! I have good friend In NZ that had the same runaround --both from the local (there) Importer and factory- a dead in water unit for months with no solution. Also my Audio friend in the US who was an AMR reseller told me the Faulty units almost sent him broke!--he no longer sells the brand. Sad indeed as Thorsten is well regarded Tech in the industry. I hope the Poster here can find some fulfilment to the problem Good Luck Willco
  3. Andrew at AUDIOFIX 0754379790, and mob. 0418772434. Andy McLaren -he works above Mike Lenehan's setup [email protected] I've dealt with both --good guys Willco
  4. Aha!--great!--Don't forget Holyhead ferry trips to Dublin --if you haven't been, its a cultural experience-- once again I worked two years in the Republic -one of the most enjoyable times of my working life-- Where does on start-- the Pubs/ Castles/ Scenery/Folklore--and the finest coffee in the isles--Bewleys on Grafton--ha! Good times! Willco
  5. Yes chaps all should go to see the venerable master at work!--I have not seen the cartridge making demos--but attended couple of his cabling seminars at Euro shows few years back--very entertaining Gentleman and one of the stalwarts of the Industry Miranda Hi FI --does Elle MacPherson's Pop still own it I wonder? Willco
  6. Wow Mondie--GLWTS!--moving to Llandudno !--I know that area well having spent 4 UK summer stints up there--Pwellheli/PortMeiron--you must visit the PM village( Location for the Bergman/ Donat Inn of the Sixth Happiness Movie)--wonderful-- they also shot the Cult TVseries The Prisoner #6 with Patrick McGoohan there ----the Choo Choo up the mountain--the Elvers migrating up the Rivers--the scenery --enjoy! Indeed The Adams are superb speaker --good luck again Willco
  7. Lordy--the heavens opened up!--yes fellas--I bought one of the early versions of this contraption --with the pouch Firstly the instructions are get out jail basic--- the timing is unreliable and I guess depending on wall V's(?) ( i.e how quick does toast burn at 2AM compared to 7AM workday-get my drift ?) so overheating CAN and will damage Vinyl--I got about 3/4 with reasonable success - half hearted warps not fully removed-- but when attempted the Max recommended heat with the necessary cautions observed--the thing fried my LP All in the Pouch--correct leading warmup and cool down procedure. Frankly guys go ahead knock yourselves out-- but take plenty of Valium if you risk our Fav LPs in the thing --not on my watch the only redeeming factor was I bought it in the US--and sold it here for small profit Case closed ----oh I agree YVMV and those above with the latest versions the dude may have got the teething troubles sorted--I guess I may have been one of the early buyer Bunnies--beta testers Willco
  8. Anything!--as long as its not that Flaky Pastry Vinyl Flat thingy --- certified Record Wrecker --Danger Will Robinson! Sorry carry on chaps Willco
  9. Indeed up in Nth Qld my wall can output 251V regularly --and the frequency upswings/etc were validating serious hum --especially in PSU's--and some Tube based Modules. I have the PurePower Regenerators set for 230V plus the frequency adjust to allow wind back on the hum that was prevalent especially my worst offender!--the NAIM CD555PSU direct from the wall--it is now perfectly quiet and left on full-time. Te latest PurePower Models are Microprocessor controlled for this operation--recommended. Sorry I'm not sure of this feature is on/in other brands sold here--you would have to ask the Agents/etc--but I would not own anything similar without this adjustment in our current situations. One of those times when only an in house install so you can evaluate and establish if the solution you require is successful without wasting unnecessary dosh! Good Luck Willco
  10. Interesting comments --yes well Harbeth's always seem to conjure up the Pipe & S similarity --ha!--but nevertheless a fine all around speaker that fits most apps pretty well--I've only owned the LS3/5A versions but hey, were oh so sublime. I've heard the SL's and the 30/40/s--smooth pure and yes very British-but I agree if Music is your #1 priority then the H's should be a definite on your list. I asked Alan Shaw a few years back at a Demo show, what Amps he used for Voicing These--the DNM's--maybe worth a listen? If it was me in todays world I'd tend to go for something that may "enliven" the slightly laid back presentation of the Harbeth "House Sound"--maybe an Vitus Integrated or similar Anyway Good hunting! Willco
  11. Caf, Pop me a PM with your "new" address down there and I'll send you the Cardas/Ricker Burn in /Demag/etc CD to keep--you can see/hear for yourself at your leisure. Enjoy your posts--keep up the good work Hey as an aside did you see they may reopen Collinsville ? Willco
  12. Thanks for the put down A to M--it is never my intention to mislead anyone here--merely state a method or two for the folks to try and experiment The files I posted were not to relate to any print method --but since you mentioned --yes CMYK even Soy Ink/and the latest Arkron Profiles etc will not cope fully ( But will be bl++dy close!) with the Blue intensity I fully concur However Fuji Archive print on the Oce Lightjet with Meyer profiles--will be exactly as I have shown Horses for courses I'm outa here Wilco
  13. Hmm-- Built in ND's-- could be license to over manipulate-!--- Good Field shot there Al-- you can of course do 2 or more exposures in RAW output and layer afterwards --that shot would work --nice clean line for blending /etc Maybe accentuate the God's Rays in your Pic? Here is fun easy way to try on a file--- Willco
  14. While I do agree with Ken's Posting re the filters mentioned yes they do have significant places still in Digital capture--- I'm sure you are aware of couple of simple ways to commit in Post after all we all can be caught up in the moment and "wish" we had the filters available at the time-- so I'd like to share with others here how I would suffice when outputting such files i.E The ND use --say Sky/etc If Photoshop --Quick mask> hold shift key>gradient from top of File to say 2/3rds down>PressQ to select TOP of tile( If Inverted select shift com I) Go to Layers Dialog Box at Bottom of the Palette click on the "fish float"( 4th item from the right side) and select curves layer--adjust to taste and save--note the Blend mode changes if you wish to alter /etc Normal is OK though--but you can judge other modes asI have posted > Original File -no Filter as shot>Softlight Grad> Normal Grad Flatten and save as-- keeping the original layers file for any changes later Good Shooting! Willco
  15. Hmm Interesting-- The fellow from Sweden--origins or an agent? I've chatted to Joe Reynolds and I've always thought the Company is US owned and based. Anyway the Nordost Demos are pretty slick--Lars and Roy G were a capable combo--as are their successors --but I've not heard the new gentleman mentioned in the Perth upcoming. Yes based on previous I'd say a must for WA Audiophiles-- Willco