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  1. Superb use of Leon Theremin's Antenna based Musical Transducer Willco
  2. Hi, I've had sets of both types --under Tube and SS Amps, CD Drives /Dacs/TT's and Speakers/etc Whilst I found them to do some things fine and some not-- my overall impression was one of an overpriced option ( namely the newer )for the sonic benefits provided . The early Black conicals were less clinical than the later versions --which I found to give the Item supported a slightly aggressive trait. I feel there are other footers/etc that deliver better value for the $$. In my case I reverted back to some old favs--Harmonix, Mooks, and Marigos.! But the SP's may work for you --by all means evaluate them--only you can Judge Willco
  3. The Sonys were Fine in their day--I've owned two of them--the Achilles heel are the sled motors, if they cannot be repaired then BA's they are sadly. Sony ran out of those many moons ago The KSA180 lasers are still available but getting rarer by the day. Willco
  4. I too Like the Cessaro namely the Carmens I heard In AE Hkg far superior to the Avantgarde's which always seem to give me the impression I'm hearing the music emitting from the far end of a Tunnel! YVMV Willco
  5. They already have!--- Well maybe? https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/245727224/mag-lev-audio-the-first-levitating-turntable Willco
  6. The Rory Gallagher version of the Rufus Thomas Classic--seems more ballsy than the Stones Willco
  7. I just started to get the annoying box as well-- I have NO adblocker gizmo/setup employed! Grrrrrrr! Willco
  8. Good One SB--I like the measurement profiles you've posted--Kudos! await your report on the A T Sticks--I've used them for 4 years now-- I like them-MVMV though --ha! Willco
  9. Don't forget the Martin Kaisers Willco
  10. GLWTS Caf--- You have what is called a Dutch Auction Did your folks get damage Flooded /etc--my carpark was flooded but other wise OK --dodged a bullet! Presume a you Ok Floodwise there? Sounds as if once things started getting nasty down south--they sorta forget about the Poor devils on the Whitsunday Islands Willco
  11. Hi Owen, Well frankly my only usage is with the ones in the Website above posted-with the accompanying Software--I would say none of them however will suffice for usage determining lifespan/ retipping/etc accurately----- with emphasis on the Accuracy!. To ascertain the latter you need the Shure Microscope ( or Similar) for that. The DinoXcopes will do SRA with on file calibrated printouts no problems Good Luck, Willco
  12. Ah Yes the venerable darkroom--kudos for the drive--stick with it You can do your exposure tests with I sheet paper--just cover the full sheet with piece of Card before exposing allowing say 1/4 of the paper exposed first--5sec?--then careful not to move the a photo paper slide the card say to 1/2 expose --5 secs --Card then to 3/4 showing --5 secs--full Photo paper exposed--5 secs Can save paper. Burning with the Hole in card--good. Make a Dodger --to lighten /etc --coat hangar wire with small ball of Cotton wool in loop at end of the wire. When you feel competent (B+W) get some Potassium ferricyanide -diluted with highlight whites/bleach dirty backgrounds /etc Good Luck and Good onya! Willco
  13. The DinoXcope USB connects to your Computer USB input and live views the image on the screen for focus and calibration --the Dino-Lite software opens to show the degrees/etc and you can scribe(mouse) the angles and save them for later viewing. I'm not saying this is the only, nor best solution--others may chime in with their preferences. http://www.dino-lite.com W
  14. You need a Dino-Lite with this version for that DinoXcope Version 1.9.8 (145_2159 - Universal) Willco