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  1. Rob Do you still want to sell the Gigawatt as I'd like to do a deal with you for it. If not then I've another option available somewhere else potentially next week. Cheers John
  2. Rob Interested in your Gigawatt, sent you a PM
  3. PM sent, live in Ocean Reef (6027) so possible to do local pick-up
  4. The discount code I got only gave me a 10% discount, and that's the best I've seen. Think a couple of year's ago they had a Black Friday deal that had more of a discount, but don't see that happening again (didn't happen last year). I was unsure when I went for my lifetime membership due to the cost, but now have totally forgot about it and just enjoy using Roon and the new updates. Realise not everyone can afford the lifetime cost, but if upgrading prior to first year expiring can at least get that as a credit.
  5. Dan Normal Roon trial is only for 14 days, but Hans Beekhuyzen previously had an extended 2 month trial coupon when he did his Roon review Hans Beekhuyzen Roon Review - Code 'NL1601HBPROJECT', but this was due to expire 31st Dec 2016. You could give it a try, but may be no good now.
  6. Jeremy I found a 10% discount code on-line when I did my Lifetime membership back in June last year, so you may get some luck if you ask for a group discount, but as Qwertyqaz says they really don't promote it, and I may have just got lucky. Good luck with the group discount, and I've nooooooooooo regrets doing the Lifetime Roon.
  7. I'll grab it, can use for my Apple TV or Mac Mini (I think). Can do local pick-up also.
  8. Roon

    Demondes Unfortunately I'm the opposite I received my new DS about 6 weeks ago (4Tb HDD, with inbuilt SSD for Software), and now with the 165 build it's even slooooower than before. I have a list of favourites and before it would take between 3 to 5 seconds to load the next song. Now it takes anywhere between 5 to 10 seconds between songs. I've sent a few emails to Tony (Antipodes Support), but he says that sometimes Roon can be slow, and even seeming like it's a long time in my case it can just be that. My old Mac Mini (2012 with 3.5 spinning HDD) was about 3 to 4 times faster than the 'new beaut' DS. It get's that bad sometimes I wish I hadn't bothered spending all the money on the DS and just stuck with my trusting Mac Mini. Sorry for having a whinge on a 'Roon' thread, but this 165 build is actually sloooower for me (and as you mentioned Antipodes, couldn't help myself). Cheers John PS Roon is one of the best pieces of software I've got. Even though it costs a bloody fortune for the Lifetime membership (which I have), Roon has made me find so much more joy from my music, what with discovering old music I've forgotten about, or just reading through the info on Artists / Albums / Songs / etc.
  9. Chord Mojo

    Deano PM sent with offer
  10. sold

    Jeremy Sent a pm with a couple of questions on the Edition 8's Cheers John