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  1. Thanks Mark, I' ll pm you.
  2. @Mark57 still ll available if you still want them cheers dave
  3. Whats the SACD replay like ?
  4. 22cm wide 24cm deep 37cm high @betocool
  5. I found that bit where he dragged vince Vaughan behind him on a stretchers while VV shot at the pursuing Japanese a bit dodgy. Why the the hell didn't the Japanese just cut that rope ladder down? DOSS did what he did over a period of 3 or 4 weeks not a single night and the battle portrayed in the movie was not his first battle either. i thought the movie was good and the actors did well. Etto
  6. Looks awesome, I wonder if esoteric are still supplying DCS with drives ?
  7. Good points Al, the new marantz sa10 and the luxmans would both be good alternatives
  8. Reliability, age, sound quality, worthwhile upgrade from my Yamaha or more a side step?
  9. Item: 2 x Bel Canto Ref1000m mono amps (Relisted) Location: Perth Morley area Price: $2950 Ono Item Condition: 9/10 Reason for selling: upgraded ? Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: I am the second of these which i bought last year (the after plinius disaster) they were first bought by another Perthie who like Focal speakers and classical music. . I have used them since june 2015 without issue. Leaving them permenantly also without issue. They have run my Dynaudio Confidence 5 speakers with ease and sounded also good with Karri Acoustic Koori speakers. They are Class D amps but to me in my system, they have never sounded harsh or glaring, nor have people who have heard them in my system commented on glare or harshness. They have had plenty of good reviews and measured well according to JA at Stereophile They ran fine with my W4S stp-se preamp using Ausrealis R1 balanced cables. Im selling them as i have recently bought a Bryston 4B amp from SNA. They are in great condition, which no scars, marks, dents etc. i will dust them before sale they have been replaced by the Ref600m which retail locally for $8000 a pair, you can still get some Ref1000m advertised new with dealers for $8800. i have the manuals plus a poster, power cables. I dont have original boxes but i can box them up for postage , they weight about 9kg each from memory, i think they can go by australia post, have to check tho. any questions feel to ask. Pictures:
  10. Item: Richter Merlin speakers $90 Ono Location: Perth Morley area Price: see above Item Condition: very good for age , see photos Reason for selling: NLR - tidy up. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: clearing out folks estate , stereo was dads who died in 2011 never used by mum who died in 2015, then passed to me. The Richter Merlins (pretty sure they are Merlins are marked ml495 are in very good condition, the boxes are intact,no dents or splitting of veneer. There is some white paint on the back or side of both boxes. The drivers are in very good condition with the rubbers/foam no yellowing or cracking. I have tested them on the music system and they sound pretty darn good. Good bass for their size (they are heavy) and like wise mid range and highs. I think a good starter speaker or second system. Can demo for interested parties - no boxes so local pickup only. Pictures:
  11. Spotted this one for sale on gumtree
  12. Interesting , I wonder what the performance of their 1.4 turbo compares the one in the vitara?
  13. Very said indeed, all those years of risking all in m/c racing to die in a bicycling accident
  14. Potential dumb question, but what would be the go with spare parts and servicing?
  15. Mills & Boon go to war