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  1. Apparently Lisa gerrard is on this tour ?
  2. I have seen kraftwerk live at global dance here in Perth, but to have seen them at the opera house would have been awesome
  3. All goods and another thing that concerns with expensive 1. Box designs is obsolescence. I can see the favour of buying a good transport and being about to buy new design dacs as they become available. The sa10 may be a lovely machine but for $9k I want to hear some serious upgrades in sounds.
  4. To those who liked Toy, make sure you have a listen to Boris Blank and Malia album Convergence, similar production with excellent dynamics and her voice is very good allied to the electronic banking makes for a great listen. One of my fav albums and a turn to for checking out new gear
  5. Aargh yeah, but how hot is Charlize Theron
  6. Hi Al, hmm fair enough didn't realise the 203 were having all those issues, I had a 83se and that was similarly fine. I was tempted to get a 105 when they came out, but. It seemed for audio purposes there was minimal point. Agreed On the Yamaha cds issues. I'm on my third one under warrantry. The new marantz with its own transport does concern, will there be parts, will it be a disaster like that Phillips transport that nearly sent Micromega bust or all those Sony SACD and Krell players that are paperweights because of a lack of parts. Not sure, but I thought Luxman were using their own transports , but it might be a model to model thing?
  7. Lol I was wondering that when neither of them have actually been reviewed or heard. My oppo 95 bought in 2011 is still going strong and had every cd, sacd, DVD, Bluray feed to it. In comparison the marantz sa11s3 which I bought from another sna'er as picky about the discs it would play and within a few weeks of owning it the laser needed replacing $570 despite the seller saying g it was perfect.
  8. Sa10 versus Oppo 205?
  9. I haven't seen the vinyl for sale any where in Perth, should have bought it when i was in Singapore last year
  10. Interesting , I saw Saltimbanco years ago, and then Totem in 2014 and Kooza this year. I wonder der how performers they have, then musicians, then support staff, then hot dog, fairy floss, t-shirts , cd's and DVD sellers they have. At totem, the guy who made my coffee was from Portland, at Kooza the girl who showed us our seats had a definate French accented English.
  11. Whilst not exactly a whose touring post, gotta say the live band that played at Kooza last night was pretty darn good. CDS does seem to employ a live band rather than than tapes in the now 3 shows, I've seen. 2 female vocalist were very. Good and the music complimented the show with tradition rock/pop , world music and ambient stuff. Show was was good and I enjoyed, but have seen a few reviews saying either seen it before or seen better by CDS. Perhaps not far off the mark, but still a good show.
  12. Doh didn't realise you meant at Frank Prowse - usually there is always decent music being played there, last coupleof time sit was DCD and Agnes Obel.
  13. Bugger just spotted your Frank Prowse , didn't realise, fair few of my goodies over the years have come from there, including the old glyde. street shop
  14. Heard this being played on the new Naim streamer here in Perth at Surround sounds. Found out what is was and picked up a SACD copy. Nice recording and music - don't much about classical recordings, did they suffer from the loudness wars and dubious recording qualities?
  15. At diabolik , good shop, usually a better selection than urban records ?