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  1. YouTube Spinning

    This is rather awesome
  2. Australian hifi magazine gave these a really good reviews glwts
  3. Soundtracks: Currently Spinning

    @Crazy Mike Great looking turntable Here's my OST for the day
  4. Currently Spinning

    Picked this up the other day, one of my fav PG albums , also have It on SACD ( think it was the first album I ever bought on SACD ) pressing seems really good , quiet n dynamic.
  5. Electronic currently spinning

    Karl Barton - off the record really good , a poppier kraftwerk while you wait for kraftwerk to actually release a new record. Comes with a cd copy as well. @metal beat
  6. Ghost in the shell

    Inspired by Al , I picked GITS and Rogue one on blu ray for $25 each from Big W tonight 😎
  7. Based on their other products, should be good and well priced
  8. Hi from WA

    Greeting and welcome, not quite Perthie, but close enuff
  9. Electronic currently spinning

    Next purchase for me , the new China crisis super deluxe albums
  10. Electronic currently spinning

    @metal beat i have the cd. It's rather good https://www.amazon.co.uk/exec/obidos/ASIN/B072HTPMC9/metamatic-21