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  1. Hyundai i30N GTI Beater ?

    The polo gti runs the older 1.8 turbo motor.
  2. Hyundai i30N GTI Beater ?

    Interesting the new i30SR came third in Motor magazines best performance car under $50k. First was a SS ute second was aGolf polo GTI.
  3. Ghost in the shell

    Don't have uhd player yet be be nice if it came with the Ost on a bonus disc
  4. Ghost in the shell

    Looking forward to the blu Ray when it's comes out
  5. Star Wars: the last Jedi (8th instalment)

    Why even bother going to see it then?
  6. Won't be buying Plinius again.

    Lol I had that when I took my Yamaha sacd player to the nominated repairer, " did you bring a sacd so we can test it?
  7. Won't be buying Plinius again.

    They apparently werent that interested when my mine pop, but that was from the "repairers" over east
  8. Won't be buying Plinius again.

    I bought a s/h from a dealer a plinius amp (sa103) which lasted 5 CDs worth of playing , before it it bzzz smoke pop bzzzz smoke. Result 1 x dead amp and $1500 damage to dynaudio speaker kinda turned me off buying expensive s/h gear especially as I also stung here with a supposedly mint sa11s2 which stopped reading sacd within a few weeks and needed a new laser $570 later
  9. New VW POLO and GTI for 2018

    Interesting to note, all new Honda cars will now be coming with 5. Years warranties, must be crap
  10. careful who you photograph

    Living proof PETA are a bunch of clueless stiwkcuf , remember their b/s mulsei get campaign ?
  11. Hyundai i30N GTI Beater ?

    Nah too busy in VW workshops
  12. Electronic currently spinning

    The new album, what's like ??
  13. Hyundai i30N GTI Beater ?

    If they had auto ,it would be a sale
  14. Hyundai i30N GTI Beater ?

    But interested enough to add those words to the thread???