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  1. Give this one a spin Trev. It's a corker https://www.smwhisky.com.au/product/ancnoc-18-yr-old-single-malt-scotch-whisky/
  2. Friend. You don't always know what something tastes like before you buy it!
  3. Hope you like it - horrendously overpriced inmho and to be bottled at 40% abv is a crying shame... Sip it slowly! Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  4. Bought both the Edradour 10 and an AnCnoc 12 - $65 each.
  5. you must be a bloody good dancer.
  6. Have tried. will see!
  7. That'd be right. the day AFTER I do a JB order. unbelievable.
  8. whaddya mean? the specs list 250 into 8 and 500 into 4; not that this is 'per side'. Are you saying at 4 ohms, it's actually outputting 1kw? Seems unlikely..... You're right, it's very impressive (especially price considering).. It's just not 300W into 8 and 600 into 4.....
  9. 250 Watts? puhleaasse.....
  10. And you still think they'll be full? You must not of heard Rus's reputation....
  11. universal remote solves any issue you've cited there. and in instances where my power amp only had a rocker switch, I just left it on. in my experience, 'user friendliness' was neither increased or decreased by changing from integrated to pre/pro (or visa versa).
  12. how does seperates complicate set up? Apart from needing more space or a few extra cables, it's not a difficult swap (which is why in my time in the HiFi game I've had 2 integrated set ups, and 3 pre/power set ups). I'm sure there's an argument to pursue the integrated setup option due to non-sonic reasons; but that's never been a factor in my decision making process.
  13. My experience is limited to what I have owned. I have owned a Plinius Tautoro and Plinius SA-201 pre and power setup. I have owned an Audio Research REF110 and fully upgraded W4S STP-SE pre and power setup. I have owned (and still own) a Vitus RI100 integrated. The cost of these 3 setups were within $1k to $2k - both in terms of RRP and what I paid. The Vitus is in another league- sonically, build quality wise, and aesthetically. The bonus of reducing box count, cables (power/interconnects etc.) - was a nice bonus. I have not been convinced that any pre/power system of equivalent value offers any sonic benefit. Perhaps only 'bragging rights' for owning a 'fancier' pre/power system. That doesn't count for much in my mind (ymmv).
  14. Sure thing. Not sure what it'd cost. Gimme a postcode via PM and I'll suss it out.