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  1. Plinius will drive them well. I previously owned a Plinius 9200, then a Plinius Tautoro/SA-201 combination. They were great. Vitus in another league though. Importantly, if Marten are being considered as speakers, Vitus and Marten are a very very good match in my experience (I own Marten Miles III - which incidentally, I may be selling soon to move further up the tree).
  2. Possibly haven't heard a good implementation of it then. It can be superb when done well. I'd never rule it out, and I've owned both system types.
  3. All good reasons to consider what functionality the OP really needs. The only down side to your argument, is if something goes wrong, you lose your phono, amp and DAC, all in one foul swoop. If I had the luxury for a second system - which was more family friendly and perhaps 'on show' in a living area - Devialet would be top of my list, no questions. However - it always comes down to opportunity. At the time I was looking for an amp, another forum member managed to pick up two D Premiers at an absolute screaming bargain; and I could only find one listed @ $8k. The extra dosh for me to get into Vitus territory was justifiable - but I was also taking a gamble on re-sale. I figured I would lose less if I moved on the Vitus compared to the Devialet. Judging by the second hand prices you're bandying around, I daresay I was right. To the OP - if we could have a firm idea of budget, music preferences, and also what the amp will be paired with (source/speakers), we could be much more helpful rather than debate ad naseum things like Class D topology or the like.... As Jones99 has thrown Gryphyon into the mix; the answer to the questions above may mean there are numerous other brands you should consider.
  4. Bit short sighted. There's duds in any brand. They have a manufacturing tolerance, but invariably something will go wrong with at least a few units off the production line. Sucks for the OP though. Hope it gets sorted.
  5. I'm sure a wise person once mused, if you're spending that amount of money (i.e. $15k) you can probably do your own research. Ring any bells?
  6. I'm not sure what you'd mean by the word lively. I own an RI-100 and my big brother, incidentally, owns the big brother ss-101. Dynamic, powerful, but also delicate. I think people need to ensure they don't confuse the physical size with adjectives about what it sounds like. Just because it can't physically disappear in the room, doesn't mean it can't in an audible sense. Which is really the more important aspect in my view (unless you're purchasing a Devialet for aesthetic and lifestyle reasons). I was also weighing up between Vitus & Devialet and found a better deal on a Vitus at the time. Certainly the flexibility of the Devialet appealed. I not for one second regret my purchase though!
  7. Personally I'd buy one of the EAT turntables on 30% off from CAV. Like the C-Sharp.
  8. possibly not previously thought of because most other people want their tyres to last longer than 3 seconds...
  9. Hi Trevor. I'm happy to bring this over for a trial. I think it's great. I've previously had a Graham Slee Gram Amp 2 SE & a nighthawk. http://recordclean.com.au/musical-surroundings-phonomena-ii-phono-stage.html If you like it - I know how to get you a substantially better price than the one listed above. C
  10. I'll take both (judging by the listing) - that makes me the preferred buyer?
  11. Where's pickup mate?
  12. Corporate triathlon. I didn't see it in time
  13. you should be using the pre outs under "front" not the 'ext amp'. Since the rotel is a power amp, that should work just fine. I have the exact same AVR; and have never had any issues using it. Obviously if you're speakers were previously bi-wired - reconnect the top and bottom speaker terminals on your speaker (it would be just plain embarrassing if that was your problem)...
  14. no ; you'd be out of touch if you were buying it... not approving the ad.