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  1. mine started with intermittent issues; and then progressed to it being absolutely dead.
  2. Dreaded no sound, no networking issue. What year was yours manufactured? I would've thought it was covered. Who's your contact person at Amber? Locally purchased? Happy to help if I can
  3. Sorry for the thread zombie all. Happy to report that this is still being honored in Australia. My trusty 818 crapped itself last month, and Ambertech have been brilliant in connecting me with an authorised repairer to confirm that my unit has suffered this particular problem (which I have no doubt about). Pretty decent customer service for a product I bought in 2012 (didn't realise I'd bought it that long ago!).
  4. @Cafad - good buying.
  5. Bonus, it's NBN ready if you ever change.
  6. I can discuss individual prices if I have two genuinely interested parties.
  7. Oh... so no upgrade in 2016?.... Dark times.....
  8. ironic - given the ol' handbrake is likely to be the reason many can't purchase these to begin with....
  9. Item: Marten Mile 3 Speakers & Vitus RI-100 amplifier Location: Melbourne (northern burbs) Price: $16k (Original RRP for speakers $18k, original RRP for amplifier $18k). Item Condition: Excellent. All boxes, manuals, accessories etc. Reason for selling: Downsizing home. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Excellent pair - voiced wonderfully together. Will only consider split if both sell. Now, after looking at a LOT of secondhand equipment on the market, I feel this is an important point (especially at these prices, which despite being excellent value, I know is not 'cheap'). When purchasing equipment, I have always shown extreme prejudice in making decisions around the condition of equipment. My HiFi philosophy is simple, buy superb gear in superb condition, for an excellent price. People who purchase from me, can benefit from this fastidiousness. Pictures: To come. Other: I am likely to be listing Purist Audio Museaus (Praesto) cables (interconnects both RCA/XLR and speaker cables) - an excellent match with these. Can work out a package deal.
  10. Which is high praise for the Devialet. I was intending to have a dig. C
  11. Never heard that! it tightens against spindle to hold
  12. gotta live, gotta gotta live, in $hit town...
  13. yes I have elaborated on which one it is - it's the one I linked to. I don't know about HEVC - all I can say is all the files I've downloaded including mkvs (which I understand, is only a container) work. I can also confirm that the Netflix and Spotify subscription services also work perfectly. The exact model number is WDBGXT0000NBK-AESN
  14. Something from Devialet? Was the last reason I saw cited for selling a Chinook!
  15. Ta mate. I figure given the capacity I'd probably get quite a few sessions out of it before it ran flat given I only listen for about 2 hours top per time. I think I'm gonna pull the trigger! C