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  1. electric cars

    After 500km a 45 minute break is not tedious, it should be mandatory every 2 hours., even if your car is self driving. We are animals not machines. We need to get off out bums regularly. No wonder there is a obesity epidemic among automotive journalists. Even in Australia a 300 km range for a primary car is plenty for almost everyone. Current Tesla supercharging is also plenty fast enough. I also wonder about the impact on the grid to accomodate these cutting edge load shifts. Jumping from nothing to "1800km per hour" charging then back to nothing again when you unplug seems like a potentially difficult load to manage locally. Maybe if you had multiple cars hooked up and could smooth out the peaks and troughs. Others know more about this than me, so I could be wrong. It just seems like we are once again going for overkill because we can. Over consumption combined with our massive population is the problem we are trying to tackle when we are being " green". Over engineering the greener solution starts to rapidly look not so green. Oddly enough I think part if the joy many early adopters get out of new tech is the fact that it still has some rough edges. You have to be a thoughtful and engaged person to get the best out of it, and that provides its own pleasure. The mass market turns it into white goods or just ugly over consumption " because you can".
  2. Nissan Leaf 2018

    It would be nice to see the Leaf here by 2018 but I am not holding my breath. I told the Renault guy ( minding a Zoe at the French car day):that I would probably get a Leaf if they delayed the Zoe until 2020 as he was suggesting. His response was that Nissan got burnt last time ( remembering that it's the Renault/Nissan/Mitsubishi alliance). He implied that there could be similar delays with the Nissan. We have now seen an article claiming the Zoe will arrive here soon via an alternative business model. It seems like a lot of rumours and heresay so I am becoming more cautious. It may be that the Zoe will not be available to private motorists for example. I am keen to go electric because....well I'm a huge nerd basically...but I am keen to get the right car and definitely want to avoid being stuck with the wrong one. At this point the potential options in 2018 are interesting but this is how I see it, assuming all options are available. 2018 Leaf - likely to be $50k like the original Leaf. It may not have active battery management, which I would be very wary of. Nissan support is an unknown and I would be reliant on home charging. The car seems to be a heavy revision of the current one, meaning that it would still have a big partition when the back seats are down, making long loads awkward. I have long stuff like a bike, a sailboard etc. Likely to be a more substantial car which is appealing Zoe might be $42k with battery, or a lease only option. It's a small and simple car, which has appeal at the right price, and it mayhaveabetter range than a Leaf. I get the impression that Renault being more niche may support a niche product better than Nissan. It's hatchback is industry standard in practicality but it is smaller. A simpler car may be better for longevity. Tesla model 3 would be about $50k in a poverty pack. While not available until probably 2019ish it's perceived value and it's level of support is in another league. No hatch but folding seats and a boot may still be practical. At this point in time I think waiting for a Model 3 makes most sense. A second hand S in AU is gonna still be very exlensive and for me $50k is already a " one off" sort of purchase. My plan is to get a car that will last 20 Years plus, like my last one. It's odd to cross shop three very different cars but the electric drive train is the leveling factor. Finally, I briefly visited a few car yards last week. What really struck me was all the " monster trucks". Are EV cars even relevant in this market?We are a nation of redneck bogan tradie wannabes judging by the floor stock.
  3. Dr Who

    No precedent obviously..........
  4. Dr Who

    I thunk they would not do it because the "whoniverse" would not like it.......but then the 13 advert made me think...."maybe....but they will still go the easy route." They didn' t. i'll be watching for sure. Bill would be a problematic character now. Ha ha I hope they go straight (lets not take on everything at once) but more sciencey. Why? I am a huge fan of Dr Alice Roberts. The appeal ( beyond the fact that she is nice to look at) is that she fits the Dr Carl Sagan or David Attenborough mould of enthusisam for science and she shares that passion. I would not be surprised if our new Dr Who uses Alice as a part of her Doctor......or maybe that is just wishful thinking. Another positive is that they claim the new actors Dr audition " blew them away". Its a good time in history to have a bit more science and a bit less fantasy in our science fiction. Thats just me. Others would disagree strongly I am sure. I'm not talking about making Dr Who a documentary, but it could be a little bit more relevant. Isaac Asimov would approve i think. He pondered the human dilemmas that technology could bring. So yes, i am more of a nerd than a fantasist. PS.......edit ..oh ooh just found this one.
  5. Hyundai i30N GTI Beater ?

    ........or an electric motor on the rear axle and dump the one under the bonnet. Center driveshafts are so last century.
  6. electric cars

    Interesting alternative perspective rmpfyf. Thanks for your insights. Model 3 has been mass produced for a week now. Still haven't seen one in Queensland yet ...... saw my second X today. Still think X looks like a pregnant goldfish.
  7. Tour De France 2017-1st July-23rd July

    The other night was an interesting observation on the sleeping brain. I may have only been in a light sleep at the time but the second Porte was off his bike i was wide awake. I had no memory of the climb or descent immediately before the incident. Sadly neither would Richie now I imagine. This is so typical of me these days. Same happened last year. I blame it on the cool weather. You get warm so that you are comfortable, then it gets late, then .....zzzzzzzzzzzzz Its on descents like this that there is no substitute for a projector with a view ratio identical to the cinema ( I wear glasses so I have a comparative tool, home is almost identical to the good theatre seats) Even the cats siting on their pillow are leaning into the corners as you descend with the riders. On tyres as thin as that and roads that just drop off at the edges you have to have nerves of steel and absolute confidence in your ability. Add a margin for error and you are going to fall behind........... but then why would you take too many risks if you can make up the time at the bottom. I guess that is the point. You descend like a maniac if you know you will get taken on the foothills/ flat. Interesting that the point of the accident looked fairly tame. It was the other riders that were the danger. Too many things to avoid at the one moment.
  8. Your bet?

    Chord mojo and a decent pair of cans. Winner. that is on gut feel having only heard the Hugo.
  9. hugo 2?

    I was in the vicinity of Brisbane Hifi so dropped in hoping to hear a Hugo 2. Of course its pretty academic until you hear it at home. Anyway they only had a Mojo at the mo..............Joe :-) Regarding the hugo highs potentially being too much, that sounds to me like a highly system dependent comment. I.e. Your synergy is off. If your system is out it will be a problem. If your system is spot on it won't be a problem. Its been a few years since i thought in these sorts of terms, like etched highs and boomy bass....or maybe i just don't know how lucky I am.
  10. electric cars

    Now I was told the cost of ADR approval was the barrier only last Saturday. I thought the approval previously discussed was on paper only. Just as well I didn't put in that 3 preorder yet. Bigger than I need and not a hatch. The Zoe does look cooler inside in person than in photos. I wonder what options there are for in car audio. Not going Bose. No way. Might need to cost some solar panels while I am waiting for news. Going to avoid holding my breath on this news despite my initial reaction. I bet they only lease them based on a preorder. Never leased a car before. Other option is a direct internet sale like Tesla. At least they set a precedent for EV purchases. I would prefer to buy but would look at how a lease might work.
  11. Guys,......rant warning..... it's not hard if there is a real desire to do it. Lots of info out there, lots of easy solutions to the frankly non- issues you raise (to be blunt). - solar panels - grid stabilisation potential of car batteries - destination charging at work - being rolled out in EV markets now - light pole charging - 250 km range cars - we will see five plus affordable ones in the world market by 2018 ( not AU you bunch of hillbillies :-) ). Don't tell me they are not affordable as you drive around in a $70k Ford Ranger to buy your groceries. - bothing to recharge over night - how do you guys work a smart phone, shesh! -PHEV - plug in when you can, petrol other times. Look around. The wires are everywhere. Way more convenient than petrol. It's not remotely difficult if there is a will to do it. Ok, unnecessarily grumy tone. I should be cheery and informative, but someone will just come back and say " but it will be coal powered" to which I will say " only worst case and a little less so each day, how you gonna claim that in your smog mobile ". Now I'm off .....in a slightly smaller smog mobile. Stop making excuses and bring on the future already.
  12. Tesla model Trois (3)

    Horrible plan. for a start they ( model S) are still over a $100k from what i can see online. Secondly, i don't like large cars. Might be fine if i was a regional dweller and worker. There also does not seem to be many 60 s about, possibly because early adopters in Australia are contending with minimal infrastructure and went for the 85 which seem to be the most common 2014 cars at the moment. It always amazes me when some bloke on youtube in the US says " oh i picked up this basically demo i3 for 1/2 price". Ok, it was probably stolen or the guy is lying but i am still waiting for a few bargains to all into my lap ( that aren't stolen).
  13. Tesla model Trois (3)

    Model 3 week. First cars produced Friday. Starting to feel like a Tesla fan boy after all the negative news from the Renault/Nissan camp. interesting to hear that the 3s glass roof is for ease of manufacture so it appears to be a part of all cars, even the cheapys. Allows robots to install cabin bits through the hole in the top according to one report. Reduces people needed. less jobs for auto workers - might save a buck or two but who employs the superflous auto workers. After hearing 2020 from other brands this week i am thinking 2019 and model 3 would not be a bad solution to my EV plans. I wonder where I would be on the list if I ordered one say ....this month. I reckon August 2019. Likely to be a surge of interest once people start getting them. At the same price as a demo i3 for a new Tesla it would be a pretty good deal. Would probably have to flog my current car online. That could be a drag, although I have successfully sold cars online before ( Mazda = easy to sell).
  14. Renault Megane RS 265

    Yeah, that happened to me on my econo tyres on my non- Nissan French car ( Renault own Nissan and Mitsubishi, not the other way around). The replacement tyre was the same by name only as it has a different tread pattern. One has 3 and the other has 4 channel thingys or whatever the term is. Its on the back where it does less work so I am not going to worry about it and I drive 90% like a granny these days....unless I go anywhere near Mt Nebo and even then I am a gentle wanna be hoon at best.
  15. Dr Who

    Gees, there is no pleasing some people. Its a kids show that has been going since I was a kid and got excited because Tom Baker came to Brisbane and signed my autograph book.....first and only autograph as i lost interest in the concept after that. As a bit of a laugh for a Sunday night its fine. i just watch for the assistants mostly. Long held nerd tradition. No compliants with the last three, even if i am getting way to old to admit that in polite company. Didn't think I would like Bill but she grew on me. Episode one of her demise was quite effective. "I was well sucked in". Part 2 maybe not so, but i liked some of the ideas they tried. Once you are over 50 its all been done. Truely original ideas are pretty darn rare. Does not mean you u can't enjoy some escapism as you did when you were a kid.