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  1. http://www.abc.net.au/news/2017-09-16/harry-dean-stanton-dies-aged-91/8952142 What a way to be reminded of one of the coolest and most fun films around at the time I was discovering alternative cinema. Thank heavens for alternative film makers. I have to watch this one again.
  2. electric cars

    Just read the headline about the upcoming onslaught of VW GTIs coming to Australia. I like sporty hatchbacks. Then I saw GTE in the title. Oooooh. Goodie, let's read some more...........oh dear, really. They say.........The other piece in the puzzle – though there’ll no doubt be other special edition Golf GTI and R models eventually – is the plug-in hybrid Golf GTE, due here in the second half of 2018 priced around $53,000. HOW MUCH! Ok ok, I'm over reacting for effect, but sorry, that's Tesla Model 3 money. If you live somewhere without a power point its a poor cousin maybe solution ( it still needs a plug after all), but anywhere else and the Tesla model3 "gives a right spanking" in every regard. Goes to show how far behind VW are. The GTE would have been a decent stop gap about 2010 when the Nissan Leaf first turned up. In late 2018 it will be kind of pointless and hugely over priced against the sub 6 second, RWD, 350km model 3. Yes, the lack of a hatch is a bit of a pain for some purposes, but there are ways around these things. I have already worked through all my scenarios and it's really not a significant problem for bikes and windsurfing gear.
  3. Tesla fatal crash using autopilot

    Re no pilot planes, the solution will be remote emergency pilots. They already do that with medical emergencies. A team of doctors in the US manage all medical emergencies remotely. If a future plane gets into trouble they will have 5 crack teams in simulators testing the scenarios to see which one to apply to the live crisis. Re autopilot, have you met most drivers? I was in a car driven by my sister a few weeks back. In 60km I twice wished for autopilot intervention. Scary.
  4. electric cars

    Sooo, i5 was not dropped. I am looking pretty hard and this is not a drawing. Impressed and not cynically so. Note, if that 600km is NEDC it's more like 400km, plus if you went with standard non aero wheels you knock of another 30 to 60 km on the autobahn. " my" model 3 would keep the aeros for sure. Hooray for Australian battery plants. Have them run on wind/ solar with storage so the red neck petrol heads can't claim "lectrics ain' t green" or "my Ranger makes less CO2 when i' m coal Rollin a Prius".
  5. electric cars

    http://www.abc.net.au/news/2017-09-12/chinas-move-to-ban-sale-of-non-electric-cars-a-tipping-point/8894746 interesting story. potential for Australian manufacturing in particular. I don't know how realistic that might be, but if 2% of our GDP is still in cars next year as this suggests we would have some manufacturing base to build on. Innovate or die Australia. Everyone else does it, so must we. .......and we are a major player in lithium mining. Maybe we need a giga-factory here to value add and supply a hungry worlds demand for batteries. Why on earth aren't the coalition getting excited about that. Oh, that's right, Pop didn't drive and electric car did he.
  6. Porsche 911R or ...........

    Sacrebleu! :-). If you are a car guy you will like this. I don't think it's so much about two cars, or David vs Goliath, its more about mucking about in cars and enjoying them for what they are regardless of budget. It certainly makes me feel fine that I can't afford a 911R. You might like one, love one even, but clearly you don't need one.
  7. New Renault Megan RS

    With modern aerodynamics I guess panel gaps are more of an issue, but it never worried my 306 which was not great in that regard. Everything opened and shut just fine for 2 decades. The 308s panels are fine......but I have a new rear axle on order thanks most likely to too much cost cutting on the initial design ( problem is all over the forums, apparently in the Korean market they are replacing it as part of a service, just like a recall, elsewhere, like here, they wait for you to complain. I once test drove a little red 205gti and at 35,000 km it had a similar rear end noise.....which may be partly why I ended up with a new and more substantial 306). Reliability and and quality are one thing, but god please deliver us from boring cars. Better a fussy valve amp than a trouble free anonymous Bose dull-o-magic device.
  8. electric cars

    It looks like the cars I drew as a child. I was always doodling cars, and they were frankly better looking than this ( no hard ). Honestly, look at it closely. They should be embarrassed This is annoying vapourware hurriedly patched together on Microsoft paint. Hondas recent EV attempts have been awful and this is just to keep in the headlines while Nissan et al put out actual cars. At least in some markets they will. i think the real question now is who will be the first to release a new EV in Australia. - new Leaf - Renault Zoe - Hyundai Ioniq - Tesla Model 3 I am not sure if private buyers will see any options before 2019. It may happen, but I suspect options will be far less than I have been hoping for.
  9. New Renault Megan RS

    I prefer the Tonic orange.
  10. BMW hots up the i3...

    That actually looks fairly ok............but, then you consider the opposition which costs a fraction of the price ( base trim, non- standard colour) and is a better and more practical sporty car in virtually every metric, at least in the eyes of this potential purchaser. Sorry BMW, I like the carbon fibre, but after that there is not a lot on offer that betters the competition.
  11. Speaker Cable Recommendations (or Can of worms!)

    Let me think of an analogy here........ Yup, that's the one. Would you not be better off getting some bass traps. Did wonders for my bottom end and midrange clarity.
  12. High End prices....why so expensive?

    Is this thread in the wrong spot. Are we talking Manchester United, Bentley or Naim Statement?
  13. Nissan Leaf 2018

    Rmpfyf, the reviews say Peugeot 308 CD dropped from .29 to .28 with the T9 model. Without a wind tunnel I will never know for sure. Hyundai ioniq with a longer tear drop shape claims .24 if I recall correctly. I do pay attention to these things, but of course reliable information is not always easily found.
  14. Nissan Leaf 2018

    I say it doesn't because I consume every EV blog and article out there. You have to read between the lines alot as there is heaps wrong in the mainstream press. The EV and eco ones are better. Every owners vlog pretty much says expect 2 or three bars loss on a Leaf, where as youtubes James Cooke ( for example) has 100,000 plus KM on his admittedly larger battery Tesla with lots of supercharges under its belt and it has 3% loss. All the EV publications are saying Leaf needs active management to get the battery life optimised. I actually prefer 40kwh as I believe in saving resources, but I also want to get max life out of the pack. Current model evidence to date indicates a Leaf could lose 2 bars in sunny SEQ in two years. That would render the car virtually useless for my family day trip this weekend unless there is a decent accessible charger.
  15. Nissan Leaf 2018

    Darn it, can't seem to find that article that said the fully new one would be out in 2019 and called this is a "stop gap". That's not to say it was correct but it rang true for me as the old and new cars are so similar. Squint and all the old proportions are there, but with a longer back and front. Anyway, I checked again and it seems the Versa / leaf shared platform thing is a common misconception, and I fell for it. I was expecting much more aero design. It's gone from .29 to .28. The model 3 is .24 -ishand the Hyundai is similar. My current model Pug hatch is .28. Not saying it's a bad car. If I trusted the battery to have reliable range long term it would be a more interesting proposition. If it lost 10 percent my semi regular trip to see family would need a charging stop. Fine, only no chargers. A 300km car would be fine with some loss....and I would forever wonder about the Tesla. Here is a current owner and EV commentator doing a summary. Analogue speedo. Yuck.