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  1. Open to reasonable offers folks.
  2. Item: Custom heavy duty hifi / entertainment unit Location: Perth, WA Price: $125.00 Item Condition: Excellent Reason for selling: No longer required Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, For sale is a quality, custom stereo / home theatre entertainment unit.The unit is a very heavy and stable, and in excellent condition. This would easily support any heavy component you wished to put on it and would also be great for supporting a turntable due to its stability. The drawers (and metal runners) could be removed if you wanted more storage for components. Finished in hard wearing cherry melamine.The unit meausres 1050mm (L) x 525mm (D) x 545mm (H). Pickup only and requires two people to lift it!This a bargain!Cheers
  3. How many hours do you have on it Tasso? I've always preferred the use of a heavy disc stabiliser on my SP10. Haha, maybe a we should have a stabiliser shoot-out??
  4. Bummer I have family stuff on Sunday.
  5. @Chanh I'd be interested in a GTG.
  6. Thanks for some of the interesting pm's folks but now sold pending payment.
  7. Still available folks.
  8. Absolutely.
  9. Thanks for the feedback Matt. Open to offers guys.
  10. Item: Rooted ME 550 Power Amplifier Location: Perth WA Price: $200 Item Condition: Good physical condition but dead as a post! Reason for selling: Lost interest Payment Method: Reference to local pickup but will consider shipping Hi Guys I purchased this some time ago in its current state with the intention of having repaired. With the passage of time and heading in a different direction I have no use for it and no intentions of getting it repaired. I've attached lots of pics to provide as much information as possible for potential buyers. The unit appears to be complete although there are some loose wires. I have no idea what the problem is but I'm sure an ME agent could repair it quite easily. I'm seeking it what it cost me, however, if its overpriced in this current market or dare say under priced, please feel free to politely guide me. Cheers Pete
  11. @aertex Hi Alan I've had both the P500 and P700 at the same time. The P700 was all over the P500, particularly in the bass and bottom end control. The P500 is a very nice CDT, but I considered the P700 is the best stock CDT I've heard. Perhaps upgrading the caps and the clock in a P500 would be worthwhile, but then if you go down that path I think I'd rather perform those mods on a Marantz CD94. Cheers Pete
  12. @Ken I forgot all about this! I did end up 'winning' one on one of the links you provided. Unfortunately the seller misquoted the postage and tried to hit me up another 50% to post and in the end the transaction was cancelled. Still looking for one of these, hopefully in Australia.
  13. Item: EPI MT1 Microtower Speakers Location: Perth WA Price: $195.00 Item Condition: Excellent Reason for selling: Surplus and need the space Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, For sale is a very rare set of 1974 EPI M-75 Microtower Speakers in excellent working condition.Each cabinet contains 2 x drivers, one on the front and the other on the rear baffle.The drivers are very highly regarded for studio use and were used in the famous Auratone 5C cube studio monitors. These are very efficient and ideally would suit valve amps could sound very good with a suitable subwoofer. The grills were upgraded as the originals restricted the sound and after 40 years were disintegrating. Binding posts upgraded the inadequate original spring loaded posts.These really are quite amazing for the money! Cheers Pete