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  1. I've had a few AT95E carts mounted to several hi-end decks. On a good deck with a good arm and well installed its unbeatable for the price.
  2. Yepp this is on my list, loved the first one. Tonight I'm off to see King Arthur.
  3. Lindsay, These are great TT's and with this cart its well worth jumping on. If you didn't like it you'd lose nothing if you sold it.
  4. The motor may not be in the correct position causing it to vibrate on the plinth. Can you remove the motor and run it out of the turntable to confirm that its a motor issue? Although the the Linn LVV is not hi-end, its still a very decent arm and was made in an era with high quality control, something that Rega lost many years ago IMO.
  5. Apologies for the late reply but many thanks to Chanh for his enjoyable GTG. Its always good to catch up with the usual suspects with the added bonus of listening to a very impressive system. I enjoy Chanh's system very much. Unfortunately I missed the server Vs the Accuphase shootout, and more importantly we didn't get to hear vinyl on Chanh's system. Looks like we need another GTG when the TT has been repaired.
  6. Haha Lindsay, this is quite a fallacy regarding the LP12's and I'm not even a fan! I've owned 4 of them, and still have one lurking somewhere, but once properly set up nothing usually goes wrong with them. Surprisingly they are quite robust. Its unskilled people fiddling with them that's usually the problem IME.
  7. The old Rega 2 and 3 are pretty good performers if set up properly. The quality is much better than the new plastic fantastic Rega decks. Are you able to reinstall the original motor? Are you sure that the new motor is noisy, or has it been installed incorrectly? If mounted incorrectly, or if its moved it can certainly be an issue. Which arm is on your Rega?
  8. I've had the same problem with old speakers and the old chipboard disintegrating around the screws that hold the drivers in place. I drill the hole out with a 3/8" drill bit and glue in a piece of 3/8" dowel. It works a treat! The metal inserts may also struggle in the old chipboard as well. I'd remove them and use wooden dowel.
  9. How about a complete killer, near vintage system: Mint and fully refurbished set of Gale 401C speakers; Accuphase C200 pre-amplifier; Accuphase P300 power amplifier; and, Thorens TD160 Super, fully serviced with new belt and cartridge. TOTAL $5000 You'd have to spend your full 15K, and maybe then some, on new crap to come close to this system, and you can spend the other 10K on vinyl!
  10. Laminex is not only a fantastic and hard wearing product but actually provides significant dampening properties to the cabinets. I've done a few and they always sound better.
  11. @mjsdb If you don't want to post I'm happy to pick up? Cheers Pete
  12. Open to reasonable offers folks.
  13. Item: Custom heavy duty hifi / entertainment unit Location: Perth, WA Price: $125.00 Item Condition: Excellent Reason for selling: No longer required Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, For sale is a quality, custom stereo / home theatre entertainment unit.The unit is a very heavy and stable, and in excellent condition. This would easily support any heavy component you wished to put on it and would also be great for supporting a turntable due to its stability. The drawers (and metal runners) could be removed if you wanted more storage for components. Finished in hard wearing cherry melamine.The unit meausres 1050mm (L) x 525mm (D) x 545mm (H). Pickup only and requires two people to lift it!This a bargain!Cheers
  14. How many hours do you have on it Tasso? I've always preferred the use of a heavy disc stabiliser on my SP10. Haha, maybe a we should have a stabiliser shoot-out??