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  1. Haha I almost agree. Richard Gere is the worst over-actor I can think of.
  2. Stevenvalve is well regarded as having an extensive collection of NOS vintage valves. His knowledge on valve selection would be hard to beat. He's also in NSW and well worth dropping him a pm.
  3. I actually enjoyed the movie. Good action and humour but was disappointed with the CGI.
  4. AFL 2017 - In memory of Nude

    I rate him very highly, but Koshy not so much, particularly more so after his disgraceful post match comments about the Port players.
  5. AFL 2017 - In memory of Nude

    It may be the two team town mentality but that's pretty much my sentiment towards Freo.
  6. AFL 2017 - In memory of Nude

    Actually you got it arse about. GWS are a gifted team of individuals who need to play much better as they capitulated against the Crows. Yes, ALL the pressure is on GWS. WC travel all the time and do okay at Spotless Stadium, despite being labelled too slow, too old, flat track bullies and mama's boys.
  7. AFL 2017 - In memory of Nude

    Actually no. ALL the pressure is on GWS as nobody really expects WC to win. GWS have under-performed in 2017 and will likely struggle to play in a GF this year. I think WC will push them all the way but may not have the cattle to get the job done. Having said that I tipped WC to beat Port and I may tip them again this week.
  8. John Wick 2.....

    They are what they are, and I really enjoyed them both.
  9. Yes I agree! Convenience yes indeed. The fixed cable on these and the LP12's are a PITA and installing an IEC it will have no impact on the sound. But for safety perhaps let a pro install it?
  10. Item: Linn Index standmount / bookshelf speakers Location: Perth WA Price: $255 Item Condition: Excellent Reason for selling: Too many speakers Payment Method: Pickup - Cash Only For sale is a rare set of Linn Index standmount speakers in excellent working condition with grills. I had these checked and tested by the authorised Linn service agent and they're all good. ***** Local pick up only. Cheers Pete
  11. Restoring Luxman plinth

    Its vinyl that's lifting and impossible to repair to a reasonable standard. I'd be inclined to cut the chipboard fascia off and replace it with solid timber and polish it.
  12. She looks very clean, well done.
  13. IME the SL1200 MKII could be the best value turntable you can buy. Excellent motor with legendary accuracy and killer overall build quality. These are a real joy to use because they're so well engineered and don't bounce around like a yo-yo! Generally snubbed by misguided audiophools as a DJ deck, but these have great bones and all they need is a decent arm and cartridge and they're ready to boogie! The SL1200 in this Gumtree ad is fitted with an after market top plate most likely to disguise its tough life. I wouldn't buy it.
  14. IME they're a POS, like most of the low to mid level Luxman turntables. These are a blingy version of a Rega 3, and were built by Rega for Luxman, but they suffer with poor motor mounting. Very unreliable and quite poorly built. Personally I'd keep the arm and bin the rest. The Grace 707 is a stella tonearm with excellent data retrieval and almost unbeatable for the price.
  15. Oh yeah me too. I really enjoy footy talkback on 882am in Perth.