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  1. I enjoyed it even though I found the ending disappointing. At least my wife enjoyed it after dragging her to see John Wick II, which she hated and I really enjoyed.
  2. Is that a $1000 turntable mounted to $6500USD plinth?
  3. What about a hi-end manufacturer like Accuphase, who are renowned for their R&D and over engineered build quality, including power supply, making their own devices for clean power supply?
  4. Nice! I've owned one of these with the ZETA and loved it. Its a lot of TT for the money IMO and shouldn't last long.
  5. Haha, you could pretty much say that about most speakers Steve!
  6. My tipping this year has been tragic.
  7. My tipping this year has been tragic.
  8. As it turns out I require a later version Valhalla PS.
  9. And it always happens when a player defects to another club. Booing is generally part of the game, just ask the umpires.
  10. Dave, There's three ingredients to speakers: They must suit the room They must suit your type of music YOU must match them with a suitable amplifier. Sometimes you have to spend as much, if not more on a suitable amplifier(s) to drive the speakers. This fact is MOST often overlooked. Pete
  11. I've heard the S5 and S7 so I'd use those as my reference.
  12. Very cool! When's the GTG??
  13. My vote goes to the MK3 also, but just to upset the locals things have progressed and IMO the Shure M97xE is a better cart.
  14. Yeah there's not much to think about but I l still enjoyed it. King Arthur was a bit the same but enjoyed that too.
  15. Thanks for the info. Did you compare the reissue to other pressings? I've been quite disappointed with a few reissues lately.