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  1. Something to do with headphones blocking reflected sounds that naturally would reach the ear in normal life that creates a different type of sound. Some people it doesn't matter but others find something off with the sound with headphones. These reflections in real life supposedly gives us depth and placement to the sounds.
  2. I was filling in the payment for my purchase and was entering my paypal password and it refreshed and I lost my discount. I think it was 8.01pm here when it no longer worked. The purchase wasnt anything exiting for me but surprised that it showed the discount on my ebay Invoice as I was paying but lost it as I was typing my paypal password.
  3. The ebay offer of 18% discount has now just finished. Do not buy anything and think it will work anymore.
  4. "PARTY18" when you check out
  5. I don't see it when I log into Ebay. Never mind I scrolled the specials and there it is!
  6. Anyone have CCleaner on their puter?

    I agree on the 3rd party registry cleaners for sure. I only use CCleaner for the cleaning part, which is does a super job.
  7. Anyone have CCleaner on their puter?

    You mean you do not install any other software. eg. AV, Jriver, Roon or any other not related to operating system? I have been using CCleaner for over 10 years and its been one of my go to tools for any setup. I am sure we are going to see many more programs hacked in the future too. Unfortunately its just the times we live in now.
  8. Anyone have CCleaner on their puter?

    Thanks for the heads up. My CCleaner did its first inline update a week ago instead of having to download it each time. I have uninstalled it now and reinstalled from your link. If you use "keep cookies", best to run CCleaner once. Uninstall version. Reinstall new one and then before running the cleaning part on the new one, go to options and recheck all your cookies you want to keep again as it will will be lost from the uninstall.
  9. RMC-1 Emotiva's New 16ch Processor

    I think that converts to $9999 AU, if previous prices are anything to go on.
  10. Do you have to a Windows PC, that you could try for a while to see if it still happens. Even borrow one or lend your dac to a friend to try on his computer for a bit to see if it happens. This at least might narrow the problem down to being the iMac or the Dac.
  11. Correct fuse for my amp

    Just looked online at a pic and it looks like if you on 120V (eg. USA) at the mains then you use 5 Amp. If you are connecting to 230V (Aust) then you use a 4 Amp fuse.
  12. FS: Emotiva XSP-1

    This one for sale is Gen 1. Supposedly it was mainly a cosmetic change to match their new look and Gen2 had black buttons, black volume dial and black side pieces. Sound wise I think they would be the same. I owned the XSP-1 Gen 1 for some time and it was excellent. Very hard to match the value you get with this Preamp and at Soundguy's price it is a bargain. GLWTS.
  13. I would buy these if you could freight them. They are a bargain here for someone.
  14. Vinyl v Digital

    Maybe Digital playback is like a Super Super Super high gloss paintjob and vinyl is like a satin finish. The vinyl will hide little imperfections better (recording mastering) and is more relaxing to be around, while digital shows every little problem. When they finally give us great mastering with every album, then digital may be the way to go?