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  1. Sold - off site. I may have a brand new black one I can supply also....
  2. Hi guys I'm still trying to work out what we have and some are still on test bench. I wasn't in the office today, but will have a good look at it all in the morning.
  3. Item:Perpetuum Ebner PE 4040 Turntable Location: Adelaide Hills Price: SOLD Item Condition: new - played twice. Here is another stupid deal for a lucky person. We were offered this brand of Turntables from Germany ( Perpetuum Ebner) with view to distribute them into retailers. After some thought we decided to pass on the distribution, but i have this one Turntable I'm prepared to sell at a silly price. They really are superb! Here's a link to a listing on our website. First in first served. A true bargain!! I have a number of different cartridges in stock we could mount for customer, at any budget.
  4. Thanks Brian, Please call me on 08 83901673 and we'll process that one today.
  5. Nope, still sorting through them. Have you emailed me your details Point Source? Best regards Mike
  6. Please email me your details to [email protected] I will know on Monday how many we have to sell. Kind regards Mike
  7. We have a warehouse full of new old stock..... slowly working our way through it. Will know how many EC-800's we have available on Monday.
  8. That's a $500 process in itself.... (painting) Really? $500 used on Ebay? Please show me the link..... note, these are brand new - just unfinished... I think we sold through this lot now..... took a few hours Will see if we can find some more in the hidden corners of the factory.
  9. Hello. Yes they are fully functional.
  10. They are around 5 years old and are a DVD player as well. All factory checked..... Looking at the PM's I think they are almost all gone already...... ooops.... I guess they were too cheap.
  11. I think we do have some remotes. Will dig them up. All functions work through front panel.
  12. They used a proprietary Swiss made Transport. Shipping to WA would be around $40
  13. Item: Halcro EC800 CD/ SACD Location: Adelaide Hills Price: $500 Item Condition: like new - We have found a few of these in the Halcro factory. They are EC -800 Universal disc players (CD, SACD, DVD). They are in perfect working order, but were never quite finished at the manufacturing stage. The cases are still bare brushed steel, which actually looks quite cool. These players were over $7000 new. We are selling these for $500 each - first in - first served. Be quick and grab a bargain. They are a superb sounding CD/ SACD player. Fell free to contact us if you have any questions. Halcro EC-800 Audiophile SACD, DVD, CD Player - Limited numbers at this staggeringly low price! 12 month Warranty. Original RRP $6999.00 This is a great sounding CD/ SACD/ DVD player in its own right! reviews: BLACK OR SILVER (see variations) FEATURES HDMI,12 bit video processor Component video Integral 720p/1080i scaler 24 bit/192khz audio Frequency response 20 to 100khz (SACD) Halcro proprietary Super Definition analogue audio circuitry MPEG4 CD rewritable all formats DVD rewritable all formats Built in DTS and AC3 decoder RS 232, Ethernet, wired trigger, IR control and IR trigger Metal faced slim aesthetic remote commander ROHS, WEEE, CE, CB, C Tick, FCC compliant
  14. Just thought I'd share this, from one happy camper.... What about this Huron.............? I just can't believe how incredibly musical my system now is ! It has changed completely and it hasn't cost me a penny..?! It's the total lack of aggression through the high-frequencies - allowing the top end to stretch out towards the heavens - the opposite end of the spectrum going much lower, and flowing more tunefully than ever before... The mid range is just so opened out, detailed, velvety smooth, incredibly natural and imbued with effortlessly musical realism.... The complete depth of sound top to bottom is simply staggering .. The lack of dirt and gunge, which I wasn't aware of with Torreys, but now freed of said nasty's - Huron is the closest to "the best of analogue" regards to ease and with its sheer naturalness.. Zero fatigue even at far loud levels !! Doesn't sound remotely digital.. Redbook cds sound unbelievable - with most of them much closer to SACDs... Nothing gets in the way of the performance so, there is no intellectual analysis required - it is about getting immersed / lost in the music, feeling ghosts crawling over your soul..................! Unique.........! How does some re-coding by Ted build a brand-new Dac, a much better Dac ?? For ""FREE"" !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  15. Tidal now stream MQA via their master series..... the new Bridge firmware due next week (also free) will decode MQA.