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  1. Douglas should have received theirs today.
  2. The product was only released in the market this week worldwide. Beta units shipped last month. There are a number of reviews from major mags in the wings. I'll be surprised if they're not glowing. The first few boxes we received sounded amazing.
  3. Interesting, these certainly aren't Soltanus. Although we have borrowed some of their amazing technology, our implementation is completely different. The vast majority of the speaker is designed by Lance Hewitt and Peter Foster at Halcro. Re marketing stuff, I don't really have anything to add to the information Marc has already covered in his above article. We are keeping most of it pretty close to our chests as we progress with the design. What I can say is - they sound phenomenal and the design and engineering is unique and has never been attempted before. We will have them ready for this years hifi show. Which just happens to be on my 50th birthday, so beers are on all of you
  4. Hello. We'll be launching these at the Australian Hifi show in November.
  5. Item: Lenehan Audio ML2 Reference Passive Loudspeakers Location: Adelaide Price: $8995 (plus shipping, contact us for a quote). $1500 RRP Stands are included for free, made by Lenehan Audio specifically for the ML2 loudspeakers Item Condition: Ex-Demo (Used once for demonstration at trade show), Excellent condition Payment Method: Credit Card, PayPal, Direct Deposit Extra Info: Cabinet Composite 18 to 36mm HDF laminated to 4mm sprung steel plate. Plus additional 4mm steel plate composite baffle. Differential Cancellation bracing utilising 25mm hardwood dowel, 13mm steel rod and 18mm Birch Plywood. Crossover construction: Full hardwire hand build, all joints are high Pressure low contact area cold weld sealed with Teflon amalgamated wrap. 12awg aircored inductors, low tension handwound double stabilised. Duelund VSF copper foil capacitors in low and high pass crossover filters. Duelund Carbon Phenolic 15 watt resistors throughout. Proprietary integration of enclosure substrate steel plate with Crossover network groundplanes. Tweeter 1 inch chambered textile dome Mid-bass driver 6.5 inch Nomex Diaphram Wiring Handmade 25mm and 13mm Copper Ribbon with proprietary dialectric Input connection Eichmann cablepods Frequency Response 35 – 25Khz +/- 1.5db (in room) Sensitivity 86.5dB @ 2.83V/m Impedance 8 ohms nominal Reccomended amplifier wattage 20 – 700W Cabinet dimensions (HxWxD) 420 x 215 x 400mm (16.5 x 8.4 x 15.7?) Weight (1 speaker) 27kg (60 lbs) Each pair of ML2 Reference are stringently tested, run in for 200 Hrs on music signal, then hand tuned and supplied with their own frequency, phase and impedance plots. The ML2 is the next generation of highend two way monitors from Lenehan Audio. Designed for absolute no compromise music systems. Construction is handbuilt and meticulous in every sense of the word. The composite enclosure panels are first handbuilt piece by piece starting with the 36mm HDF 4mm steel plate composite baffle. After all composite panels are individually constructed the enclosure is assembled using probably the worlds strongest epoxy adhesive. Steel rod, 25mm hardwood dowel and Birch Ply differential bracing are incorporated to produce an enclosure with phenomenally low energy storage. A single ML2 enclosure takes 6 hours of hand sanding before being painted. The finished Loudspeaker looks like it has been machined from a solid billet. In rooms of smaller to average size, ie 50cubic mtrs 1700CuFt to 120cubic mtrs an ML2 will produce authoritive bass down to 35hz and produce resolution smoothness and speed akin to the very best full range electrostatic transducers. When mounted to it’s own dedicated stand the ML2 will weigh approximately 65kg’s (143 lbs) each. Pictures:
  6. Item: SGR CX3B 3-way Active Loudspeakers Location: Adelaide Price: $4900 (plus shipping - stands are heavy - contact us for a quote) Item Condition: Second Hand, Excellent Condition Payment Method: Credit Card, PayPal, Direct Deposit Extra Info: Small and elegant form factor with high WAF 3-way design for optimal midrange performance Completely sealed enclosure with low bass response They say that necessity is the mother of invention. Or in other words ‘without the need for anything, nothing would have been invented’. We had so many requests for a product like the CX3B’s that it was quite obvious the market had the need. So why hadn’t it been fulfilled? The answer was simple, it wasn’t that easy! It took 3 purpose designed drivers combined with a highly engineered enclosure and specialised active circuitry to create one of the most linear and accurate bookshelf speakers currently available. Whilst they do get down low, we don’t claim they compare to a large powerful subwoofer. After all, they’re a 6? driver! But after listening you may be quite surprised at what we’ve been able achieve with this little speaker… Designed & manufactured in Australia. Features Drivers SGR designed and purpose built. 1? soft dome tweeter, linear extension out to 20Khz without the sharp peak normally associated with metal domes. 2? soft dome midrange, extremely smooth and linear response over the critical mid and upper voice band. Low distortion NEO magnet motor structure. 6? long-throw paper cone woofer in a cast aluminium frame. Low distortion NEO magnet motor structure. Enclosure 50mm thick front baffle. Diffraction minimised design covered in black leather. Choice of timber veneer or high-gloss paint finish. Veneer matched stand of timber and aluminium construction. Sand/garnet fill-able. Adjustable spikes on base of stand. Sorbothane isolation pucks between speaker and stand. Cable management channel incorporated into stand design. Amplifier SGR designed, built-in 3 channel amplifier. Class AB amplifier channels with all analog active crossover circuitry. Individual HI and MID level adjustment with centre detent. +/- 3dB adjustment. Selectable high pass crossover achieves an acoustically aligned 80Hz LR4 response for use with a subwoofer. Subwoofer output, 80Hz LR4 low-passed with level adjustment +/- 6dB Selectable room gain compensation helps tune the bass response to suit any room. RCA single ended & XLR balanced inputs Microprocessor controlled with auto signal detection and auto standby. No turn on delays, activation within milliseconds. Real time monitoring with clip detect and self protect mode. External power supply with custom low noise transformer. Specifications Acoustic Specifications Drivers: All custom designed and purpose built. 1 x soft dome tweeter, 1 x soft dome midrange, 1 x long throw paper cone bass driver. Enclosure alignment: Sealed box, critically damped. Frequency Response: 35Hz – 20Khz Distortion: TBA @ 1W/1m Electrical Specifications Amplifier Channels: 3 Input Impedance: 47K Bandwidth: 2Hz – 80Khz Amplifier Class: AB Amplifier Power Output: 100W RMS, 200W peak Power consumption: 5W operation with no signal, less than 1W standby. Adjustability HI Level: +/- 3dB MID Level: +/- 3dB High pass: 80Hz enable, Linkwitz-Riley 4th order alignment Room gain compensation: Bass shelf enable Sub output level: +/- 6dB Dimensions Product Dimensions: 230mm (W) x 380mm (D) x 400mm (H) (total height including stand = 1095mm) Shipping Dimensions: Stands: 490mm x 520mm x 730mm – 2 boxes Power Supplies & Cables: 410mm x 460mm x 270mm – 1 Box Speakers: 480mm x 630mm x 530mm – 1 box Shipping Weight: 24kg per stand + 17kg power supply + 30kg speakers (95kg total) Pictures:
  7. Item: PS Audio Perfect wave Transports (PWT) Location: Adelaide Price: PM Item Condition: excellent Payment Method: Extra Info: Pictures: We have a number of PS Audio Perfect Wave Memory Players for sale at excellent prices. These have been traded in against the new (amazing) DirectStream Memory players. PM me for details. Regards Mike
  8. Item: Rega Osiris Integrated amplifier Location: Adelaide Hills Price: $7500 Item Condition: mint Payment Method: Extra Info: Almost new, used a few times for demonstration. sve $5k on a new unit. Sold with Warrant. Contact us if you have any questions. Pictures:
  9. This won't happen. This has only ever happened with the P10 and the DSJ. The DSJ will be ongoing at the new price (as long a I buy enough of them from PS audio).
  10. Hello. You don't have to answer this; but we're really interested to know where you purchased that particular AU DMP?
  11. Thanks guys. I'm sure Tivoli or Carlton AV would be happy to do a home demo. Feel free to contact me direct bob, if you have any questions
  12. Sent from my Pixel using Tapatalk
  13. They'll need few hundred hours to run in. Raising and lowering them can make a big difference too. How does the room sound? If you clap your hands are you getting some slap echo?
  14. It looks great! I'll drop in and see you next time I'm up that way and we'll have a listen..... The Ruby obsession Supremes are very sexy [emoji4] Sent from my Pixel using Tapatalk
  15. Item: Zu Omen MKII (Ghost Black) (pair) Location: Adelaide Hills Price: $2500 Item Condition: Brand New latest model Payment Method: Cash, Visa, paypal Extra Info: We are selling these off at a discounted price to raise funds and awareness to support Mary Webb in her quest to record an audiophile quality CD, LP in Montana USA next January. More information about the speakers can be found here: More information about the recording can be found here..... Thanks for your support Contact Magenta Audio 08 8183 9000 email: [email protected] Pictures: