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  1. And a lot of people are using much less than 320mp3 like 64,96, 128
  2. I'm not saying an iPod or iPhone is the best, just that it can sound quite good, in fact very good, while not as good as the better dedicated DACs I have had, but are you comparing low Rez iPhone MP3 recordings to your best DAC and CD setup? Have you got the iPhone and recordings set at its best. If so your conclusion is fine, if not see if you can get the iPhone settings right to make the most of what's in the pocket. If I compare a low Rez iPhone recording to a standard cd dac it will sound quite flat by comparison, whereas you set the iPhone correctly and you will be very surprised how much better, possibly about 2-3 x improvement. The majority of people dissing the iPod or iPhone are listening less than optimum and coming to less than fair comparisons. Also, if you tweek the iPhone it allows you portability in your pocket to take outside auditioning in hifi shops, other audiophiles places, car audio, jogging, hiking and travelling overseas for something everyday in your pocket that could be about 90% of all that 2 ch acreage depending on what system you have. As I've mentioned I spent 2 years in the past stuck on tweaking an iPod 5th gen and had numerous people who could not pic the difference until you told them and even then they had to strain their ears, which is pretty much a blind test in this digressed topic so far. My 2 ch system is fairly revealing with Yamaha NS1000 speakers and detailed amps. If one spends as much effort on the 2 ch system, as on tweaking the iPhone or similar like an even better Fiio device, it will naturally improve.
  3. Agree Whirlpool got nuthin on SNA, thats 84+3 and counting, still way short ... should i link the infamous silk vs metal dome tweeter sound discussion thread into this?
  4. Things have been a bit quiet on this forum recently so lets keep this going, still short of the required 150 replies to reach golden topic status for this week..... so far I think we have achieved concensus : * iPhone DACs rule * if you want tonal change buy a different DAC x 100 cost * competing with likes of Whirlpool * Some of the best off topic digression Recent Edit: * someone's ass is smoking, see way down below and we still haven't answered the OP completely...
  5. Could it be that although on measurement there is little or no differences among DACs but that people advocating DACs are hearing tonal and equipment matching differences and advantages that they perceive as better. I've played with half dozen DACs and can hear differences where I think some are better than others for the reasons above.
  6. Roumelio is correct, read the blog spot test article he linked testing the iPhone 6 and proving it is good. It will also depend on how you have iPhone settings recorded at their highest vs low Rez MP3 recordings. In my past 2 year love affair with my old iPod 5th gen classics I've had numerous people come to by gear and they couldn't tell the difference between the iPod and CD player until it was shown, all manner of excuses, prejudices and biases kicked in then.
  7. Excellent I enjoyed that link you posted testing the iPhone 4 with 6, thumbs up iPhone 6 sound quality. I've just acquired an iPhone 6 and will start comparing it to my old fav iPod 5th gen. For a 2 year period I was just using iPod 5th gen on my main 2ch system with headphone bypass LOD connector. It was about perhaps 10% down in subjective sound quality than my old Meridian CD but so easy to access 10,000 songs.
  8. The humble iPod can be quite good for something in the pocket. I was loaned the best sounding model Wolfson DAC old iPod 5th generation with 5000 songs recorded at 320 kps and surprised how good it can subjectively be. With a $200 set of good headphones it would probably keep up with a $2-3k 2channel system. If you bypass the headphone jack and use a direct LOD adaptor at the bottom it can get about 30% better.
  9. The Sanders would be a much better amp but the AVR would probably muddy up the sound a lot. The C1 seems to be an ultra good hifi speaker and deserves more detailed amps such as the Sanders. It depends whether you have the audio setup, hearing experience and skills to pick the sound difference, which is likely to be gain in clarity, imaging, detail etc.
  10. Yamaha HS 5 or 8 very crisp, punchy and detailed sound. The 8 will have more bass but 5 is very good for its size. The matching Yamaha subwoofer would be good.
  11. From what I understand the 2.8 x 2.8 room is not only small in cubic volume but is also a no-no in terms of avoiding the cubic ratios of spaces with equal dimensions where standing waves pile up resulting in mudiness. A year ago I introduced someone to tube preamps who was building a speaker amp system and had used top end headphones for most of his life, had great taste in high quality music and good ears, he owned about half dozen pairs of hi end headphones Senhheiser HD800 and Audio Technica 5000 ($10k rrp all total), good head phone amp and $20k rrp Krell CD player. He was using a good looking $2k rrp Vincent integrated amp and as soon as I dropped in my mid end tube preamps and power amps he was off and running and could immediately hear the difference and within 6 months his final setup was a nice used $15k rrp Conrad Johnson pre and matching used KT88 / 6550 tube power amp, in a smallish 3 x 4m room. It was very satisfying to see some one get there quickly and really enjoy it, although he had good ears to start with.
  12. I have a similar room 5 x 3.8 x 3m and array the speakers across the 5m length with enough space behind the speakers and head against the wall and satisfied with it. It's more a near fieldish sound with extra bass boost head near wall. Large panel speakers struggle in the room and medium to sub-large floorstanders work ok. A very large floorstander around 1.8m probably wouldn't do.
  13. Agreed, that was the reason behind my long winded previous post as you can throw a number of different amps in front of people and they all don't have enough experience of listening to tell the difference.
  14. What type of music do you listen to, room size and listening layout, what have you owned before?
  15. The first lot is very good deal, it's got everything you want and reasonable quality. The Marantz AVs get good reviews. Also, check online the AV amp specs and rear connections will suit what you need. HDMI connection was less common in the past, but there should adaptors or can get by on RCAs and old school connectors.