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  1. Used hifi speakers of lower mid hifi quality range such as these Krix usually sell for 30-50% of new value so price accordingly in relation to latest new value. You have a choice of selling all or separately depending on how much time you have. I would recommend you advertise both here and on gumtree in one advert and be flexible, sell them separately or all at once depending on the buyer. As to your future power amp needs post in another new topic under the correct section and be specific about what you want (prices, used vs new, matching with other gear etc) as none of us are any good at Vulcan mind melding around here, and across the net it don't work to well. Also check the net for similar questions and answers.
  2. My guess in answer to your vague question is will the rated max power output of 100 watts from that home theatre amp handle that from that 5.1 set of speakers that are rated at 100w. Probably yes, but the correct question probably should have been is there are enough or too much amp power for the speakers. Or perhaps you mean can more power handling speakers be used with the amp, to which the answer is yes. Any speaker can be damaged by playing too loud regardless of how many watts being played into it.
  3. Welcome, seems to be a clone of you in another post. Ex machina one of the best recent scifi movies filmed in the forests of Norway If you list your Krix and other gear with model numbers and pics it would help us to help you, otherwise you can list for sale in the classified section of the correct forum topic or in gumtree.
  4. I heard a $8k Yamaha s3000 intergrated amp through NS5000 speakers, see post at: and thought it was very good and brought out enough detail, dynamics, midrange, refined treble and deep bass that the large full range 3 way Yamaha NS5000 could do. I understand why you are looking for a potential upgrade as it is 9 year old design so modern amps may do better. I havnt heard the ATC amp but it looks like a serious high end unit at whatever price point it is and reviews are great. I would expect it to be quite hard to beat or about as good as many high end amps around its price point of perhaps around $6000 when new in 2008. However, among all hifi gear at whatever price points they are competing in there is always not so good and very good performance and sound quality. The issue of matching with speakers, room acoustics and your own tastes plays a great role and it may not be only that one amp is better than another one. Your Focal Diablos are a two way standmount and completely different speaker to the Yamaha NS5000 and that makes it difficult to compare in choosing amps. Compared to the NS5000 I would not expect the Diablos to have deep bass slam, as detailed midrange and even the tweeter may not be as crystal clear as the new Zylon units in the NS5000. Perhaps when relying more on reviews of amps pay attention to sound characteristics of one that fits with what you are hoping to achieve above that already in the ATC amp. This is still a very hit and miss approach and you really need to hear your future amp replacement on your speakers to be sure, particularly at this level of expense. It might be possible to ask the hifi shops to borrow the amps if you provide a credit card reference, otherwise take your speakers to the hifi shops or borrow some from any other audiophiles near you if possible.
  5. Depends what the final requirements are whether one wants a very neat, compact and new integrated amp with warranty etc for around $2k like the Arcam A29 and similar that will sound very nice, or if aesthetics and older or newish used gear is not a problem one could end up with separate pre and power amp combo vs new integrated amps looking like those below that are likely to sound a whole level above what an integrated amp could do. Example pics of Audio Research Ls7 tube preamp and possible match with Emotiva XPA 2 power amp and last 2 pics of something like the A29 all squeezed into one chassis. The physicality or perceived amp realestate may not mean everything in terms of the sound but can be a convincing line of argument. The separates usually win out most times in my experience. The preamp and amp combo can be found for about $700 & $600 although no remote but it would be interesting to use something like the NAD M51 dac preamp instead of the Ls7 and save even more $ or an even better dedicated power amp around $1500.
  6. Your budget of $2500 for DAC, cables and amp probably works out at a $1800 amp and in the used market depending how old amps you are prepared to accept (5-20+ yrs) there is a large number of suitable integrated amps and also separate pre amp and power amp combinations. A good used amp combo for say $1800 could be achieved for the equivalent of say $3000-5000 new gear. Personnally I'd be aiming for a tube preamp with a solid state power amp of around 100w or very gutsy 50+ watter. The tube preamp will create a lot of beautiful sweet treble, imaging separation, coherence and musicality to bring out the best of what the Ls50 can do and often integrated amps fail in and a gutsy power amp will drive it nicely. If you go this direction perhaps allocate $500-800 for the preamp and $500-1000 for the power amp. Used preamp brands like Conrad Johnson PV10, Audio Research Ls 7, Prima Luna and others would do. Used and older power amps like Bryston, various Musical Fidelity models, Naim 250 with matching Naim preamp, Audiolab 8000P, several ME models, Primare (also integrated versions) etc often seen in the classified in SNA or Gumtree are potential candidates. Older used Integrated amps to consider include Copland CSA14 currently for $650 in gumtree and Audiolab 8000A $500 and Roksan Caspian etc in addition to used very new latest models, if they can be found at all, like the Yamaha you mention. There should be archive discussions on suitable amps in this forum, which I recall people saying a higher powered amp of around 100W brings out the best from the LS50, which I agree in my experience with Ls50.
  7. Great looking speaker but F-35 reference is a bit silly. The F-35 has a lot of controversy surrounding it and may yet prove to be the biggest white elephant ever in military expenditure history. Stealth is proven but in every other aspect falls well below satisfactory - speed, range, manourvelabity, payload, radar etc.
  8. The guys on are discussing the design Magazine interview with Yamaha Japan Chief Engineer Koji Okazaki on the 2 year design decisions (cut and paste it):
  9. Perth audiophiles who havnt listened to these already shouldn't drag knuckles any longer as you may miss the opportunity to hear these. They may leave the shop and not return for a few years. Although when you purchase them they come direct from Yamaha not via the shop.
  10. A few months ago I heard the 803 D3 and it was good but no where near as good as the new Yamaha NS5000 at $20k. Given the last Yamaha NS1000 berylium domes designed in the mid 70s produced until the mid 90s selling several hundred thousand pairs, the new NS5000 zylon dome/cones will likely last for an equal amount of time into the future. So no need to keep producing an endless line of upgrades every several years trickle feeding customers with mostly (except for diamond versions) superficial upgrades to keep them coming back. They get it right the first time and only upgrade new models when there is significant new design or technology available worth the effort. Having said that I do like the higher end B&W speakers.
  11. Can also bi amp
  12. $3.5k speaker production cost can be around 10% of retail so the $30 drivers may fit into that equation. Other design issues like the crossover circuit matter also and $30 driver can be made and implemented to sound quite good. The Usher is raved here so your not alone
  13. A cheaper well matched system will always sound better than a more expensive less well matched system. The Usher speakers appear to be somewhat of a copy of the famous Proac 1sc using different tweeter and the drivers may be about as equal in material ability as priced up PMCs which in reality may have about equal material driver cost and ability. Looking at internet pics of the PMC the drivers don't appear that special, look similar to medium priced and grade Vifa treated paper cone woofer and fabric dome tweeter of some kind. If you remove the PMC drivers it may even have the driver labels on them and you may find there is a $30 tweeter and $50 woofer in there.
  15. I had success with this person at when another repairer was claiming the output transformers were gone, it turned out to be just some resistors and Zener diodes.