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  1. Item: upgrade cable for hd650/600(2.3m)Location:SydneyPrice: 95$ shipped within AusItem Condition: MintReason for selling:sold the headphonesPayment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD OnlyExtra Info: built with high quality 20 awg up'occ copper wire. improved click in headphone connectors, carbon fibre wire splitter and neutrik 6.35mm plug. It opened the soundstage and meanwhile offered more details on my hd650/600 headphone syste Pictures:
  2. making the boxes are the most time cost part but has a lot of fun. did you buy the enclosure from somewhere or build them yourself?
  3. my system bottlehead crack and muffsy phono stage drive hd600s with diy cables
  4. I listen to hd650s. I prefer them over hd800s.
  5. wow. price for gryphon amp is crazy here in au. for au 10000$ you get a newer version of diablo overseas.
  6. hugo2 is no use to me as I don't listen any classics at all.
  7. always like that. dave is set high at crazy 17900$ :(.
  8. I owned both. 2qute is very nice dac best buy for the price imo.They are very close. 2qute could be a little aggresive while hugo tt is better controled with darker sound signiture. but first thing first the rest of the system needs to be "good enough" so can tell.head amp on tt is no joke and beats many of stand alone head amps below 1000$. xlr outs on tt are not fully balanced, just there as an option.
  9. japanese have trouble with their teeth
  10. I prefer this amp to Lehmans.perfect with hd600s trcabled with gotham wires.
  11. sorry I was thinking taking one.
  12. my 2 years old sent 850$ for chord indigo on ebay this afternoon.:( I'd rather get this pair.