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  1. Item: upgrade cable for hd650/600 Location:Sydney Price: 110$ shipped within Aus Item Condition: Mint Reason for selling:sold the headphones Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: built with high quality 20 awg up'occ copper wire. improved click in headphone connectors, carbon fibre wire splitter and neutrik 6.35mm plug. It opened the soundstage and meanwhile offered more details on my hd650/600 headphone system. Pictures:
  2. yeah mother company of stax headphones.
  3. np. they do 15% or even 20% off a few times through a year. can get some really good deals if patient enough.
  4. at the same page for paying on ebay there is an option for entering the promo code. type in what ever code you think is right and check if the total amount will be deducted accordingly.
  5. not yet it's very rare I guess.
  6. Will find out thanks for the info.
  7. Can I ask what devices you have I was never able to tell differences among usb cables.
  8. just saw this. np. "5coz" for the ebay promo code.
  9. neither did I
  10. at full rrp? Can you give an au seller's link?
  11. don't forget ebay 5% off promo code.
  12. hugo tt is not a balanced dac although it has balanced xlrs. it's rca out sound better than xlrs according to the designer. use the rca to xlr adaptor if you want(for hugo 2). that will take normal rca cables.
  13. tried the April cd player at hifi junction a few years back. was very impressive, smooth and engaging.