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  1. Item: Mastodon, The JayHawks, Jeff Buckley, Feist, Smashing Pumpkins Vinyl Pick Up Only Location: Marrickville NSW Price: As priced below. Item Condition: Near new or New Reason for selling: Not playing them Payment Method: Pickup Only Extra Info: All this vinyl has either never been played, or played once by me on a Thorens TD124 with SME 3012 tonearm, Audio Technica AT32E MC tracking at 1.6grams. Please note PICK UP ONLY in Marrickville NSW. 1) Mastodon Package - $90. Includes Remission (Never Played - NM); Leviathan (Played Once - Ex); and Blood Mountain (Played Once - Ex). All sleeves Ex or better - a couple of minor scuffs. 2) The Jayhawks Package - $70. Includes Tomorrow the Green Grass (Never Played - Sealed); and Hollywood Town Hall (Never Played - Sealed). 3) Jeff Buckley Grace (Legacy Press) - $25. (Played Once - Ex) 4) Smashing Pumpkins Gish - $25 (Played Once - Ex) 5) Feist Metals - $20 (Played Once - Ex)
  2. I had a pair of these - loved them. Very sweet and detailed. GLWTS.
  3. This is killing me...why is this still for sale? Real bargain here. GLWTS
  4. If this is still available am happy to take it. I am in the inner west and can collect.
  5. I have lots of Aussie 12au7s - Mullard, AWV Super Radiotron and Miniwatt labelled. All of them are great in my opinion - not terribly different from the US and UK 12au7s I have in terms of quality. I am sure you will enjoy them.
  6. Gosh I love this old thread.
  7. I will take this if still available. Happy to collect. Will pm
  8. These were my first real speakers -20 years ago - and I still miss them. Beautiful treble and controlled bass. Wish I had the space. GLWTS
  9. If available could i get the two monster cables?
  10. +1 for old Australian made AWV / Miniwatt preamp tubes - i have been impressed by how they sound. Even have a few Australian made Mullard labelled tubes :-)
  11. Interesting stuff - I didn't know much about the history of the Orsonics. You have eagle eyes - yes an AV-1b. I can't really comment on how my Orsonic compares to many other headshells, except that it was noticeably better than the standard SME 3009/ 3012 headshell that it replaced, which of course was not hard to improve on. It seemed a nice match too with the AT cartridge. And of course the design gives it a degree of adjustability which is useful.
  12. I thought so too. BTW I use an Orsonic - as pictured a couple of weeks ago :-). I didn't know about the Arche design.
  13. Would have been a bargain at $499!