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  1. Thanks ex brickie - would prefer local pick up, but will keep you in mind
  2. Item: Stevie Wonder LPs bundle Location: Marrickville NSW Price: $40 Item Condition: Used - see below Reason for selling: Not Needed - duplicates Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Some classic Stevie Wonder Vinyl: 1) Hotter than July, Aust Press, Cover G, Vinyl G 2) Talking Book, early 2000s re-issue, Cover Ex, Vinyl Ex 3) Innerversions, early 2000s re-issue, Cover Ex, Vinyl Ex I have been conservative with my grading. None of these have been cleaned and would clean up well. TalkingBook and Innerversions I bought about 15 years ago new and played very sparingly with either a 12 inch tone arm or on a linear tracking turntable at 1.5g. Pick up only in Marrickville NSW Pictures:
  3. Item: Bruce Springsteen Vinyl - Instant collection Location: Marrickville NSW Price: $70 Item Condition: As below Reason for selling: Not Needed Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Great instant collection of classic Springsteen: 1) Greetings from Ashbury Park NJ. Aust Press - Cover Ex, Vinyl Ex 2) The Wild, The Innocent and the E Street Shuffle. Aust Press - Cover Poor - Good , Vinyl VG 3) Darkness on the Edge of Town, Aust Press - Cover VG, Vinyl VG 4) Nebraska, USA Press, Cover - Ex, Vinyl - Ex 5) The River, Aust Press, PROMO COPY, Cover VG, Vinyl VG 6) Born in The USA, Aust Press, Cover VG, Vinyl VG 7) Tunnel of Love, Aust Press, Cover VG, Vinyl Ex I have been conservative with grading. None of these have been cleaned - I imagine they will all clean up well. Pick up Only in Marrickville NSW Pictures:
  4. Item: Mastodon, The JayHawks, Jeff Buckley, Feist, Smashing Pumpkins Vinyl Pick Up Only Location: Marrickville NSW Price: As priced below. Item Condition: Near new or New Reason for selling: Not playing them Payment Method: Pickup Only Extra Info: All this vinyl has either never been played, or played once by me on a Thorens TD124 with SME 3012 tonearm, Audio Technica AT32E MC tracking at 1.6grams. Please note PICK UP ONLY in Marrickville NSW. 1) Mastodon Package - $90. Includes Remission (Never Played - NM); Leviathan (Played Once - Ex); and Blood Mountain (Played Once - Ex). All sleeves Ex or better - a couple of minor scuffs. 2) The Jayhawks Package - $70. Includes Tomorrow the Green Grass (Never Played - Sealed); and Hollywood Town Hall(Never Played - Sealed). 3) Jeff Buckley Grace (Legacy Press) - $25. (Played Once - Ex) 4) Smashing Pumpkins Gish - $25 (Played Once - Ex) 5) Feist Metals - $20 (Played Once - Ex)
  5. Item: Fostex T50RP mk1 Location: Marrickville, NSW Price: $90 Item Condition: Near New - boxed with instructions and packaging - no mods Reason for selling: Not Needed Payment Method: Pickup preferred. Postage for additional cost. Extra Info: I bought these from Addicted to Audio Newtown earlier in the year out of curiosity. I used them for about 3 hours tops. I liked the sound and could really understand why people would modify these - such a smooth natural sound. But alas I don't need another pair of headphones. Suit new buyer. Pictures:
  6. Focal Utopia vs Sennheiser HD800S

    And I wonder if such an expensive pair of headphones could really have such a short warranty under Australian Consumer Law: https://www.choice.com.au/shopping/consumer-rights-and-advice/your-rights/articles/consumer-law-and-extended-warranties
  7. Best MC Cart under $1000 ?

    Nice to see someone else who loves old Vince Jones records!
  8. SACD Players

    I would second this. I use a DVP-S9000ES. It is an amazing component with SACD, and substantially built - I bought mine in mint condition here on the SNA forums for $500 with a fresh laser installed. Note, I also have a Sony BDP-S380 - the S9000ES is substantially better. The S9000ES players have a reputation for having weak lasers, however the lasers are still readily available on ebay (I bought a stock pile). Read around on the net about their relationship to the original Sony SACD players, such as the SCD-1. I also had a Marantz SA7001 here for a while - I was very surprised by how good that sounded. Certainly, better than the BDP-S380, although not as good as the S9000ES. But I would really take on board all the advice being offered here to consider an Oppo or similar. There seem to be countless stories on the web of older SACD players failing to read the SACD layers of disks, and some of these players seem risky once you factor having to possibly chase non-existent spares. And SACD is already an expensive medium to get into when you consider the price of the disks.
  9. Vintage head phones

    Listening to these right now - Rotel RH-930 electrets - a rebadged Toshiba "back electret" design. I also use a pair of Sony MDR SA3000s, which were the "cheap" version of the flagship SA5000s, with identical drivers. Both are excellent at retrieving detail, but in completely different ways.
  10. Vintage HiFi

    Ha! a life time supply. Enjoy.
  11. Sadly no post on these! Currently on hold pending payment.