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  1. Yes, that darkening is the nitro cellulose finish ( common on original and vintage style replica guitars ) reacting to sweat, sunlight or, as in the case of the neck discolouration, probably where it rested against the guitar stand. The rubber on some guitar stands cause a chemical reaction with the nitro.
  2. FS: RCA NOS 5881 tubes x 4

    OK, thanks.
  3. FS: RCA NOS 5881 tubes x 4

    @LuzArtHi, I could take a pair off your hands if that's OK. I could use them as a spare set for my super reverb. I live in Springwood so could pick them up. Cheers, Peter.
  4. FS: EML 45

    Hi, can't see the mesh. I guess they're on the other side of the valves? Cheers Peter.
  5. These are now sold pending payment.
  6. Oh brilliant , thanks Hensa.
  7. Item: 47 Labs speaker cable ( SOLD PENDING PAYMENT ) Location: Springwood NSW Price: $300 Item Condition: used Reason for selling: Had to buy longer cable Payment Method: Post or pickup. Cash or bank deposit Extra Info: Top of the line 47 Labs speaker cable ( 3m long ). Still current model. A flat cable it has, as is usual for such cables after a bit of use, a few minor kinks but nothing that is serious or impairs it's functionality. I have trimmed off the old ends so the sheathing needs to be cut back to expose the flat copper for connection. 47 Labs recommend bare wire termination. This is a very smooth sounding cable with great definition. Retails for well over $1000 at this length. Pictures: Alas my sixty year old brain can't figure out how to upload pictures. I tried but all I get is a message saying file is to big. I don't know how to resize the image. Sorry about that. The best I can do is provide a link to my Ebay listing. Hope that's OK. http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/111692530809?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649 Model 4719 Speaker Cable The conductor is a 12mm wide, 0.1mm thick OFC. When converted to a strand of wire, it corresponds to 0.62mm diameter in cross section and 7.64mm diameter in surface area. The surface of the wire was polished then covered with a very thin tubing. Comes with a pair of scissors to cut the end to fit to the connectors of your component. What you get is the speed and coherence of OTA cable plus extentions in both frequence extremes and even more harmonic richness.
  8. Well time for a mea culpa. Turns out the Battery dac is working just fine. What I mistook for battery failure and subsequent distortion turns out to have been a damaged voice coil in one of my speakers. The Dac is faultless and I heartily endorse it for it's musicality and warmth not to mention brilliant value for money.
  9. Cheers, will do. I did email him earlier and he said his preferred option, for listening anyway, was with both switches on. For extended listening sessions I use this method but I do feel battery power alone exhibits a minute but still discernible sonic improvement. Also thinking about what you said earlier about the level of attenuation, my speakers are only 84db, so I do tend to crank the volume to get a decent level so maybe that's the culprit. Anyway thanks for your reply. Cheers Calypso.
  10. Hi, thanks. Yes I understand you can run the dac with either or both switches engaged but I guess my question is when the unit is not in use but simply recharging do you still have both switches on or just the mains ? I had mine recharging in the latter mode for several days but still got only 1.5 hours of battery power. Anyway I put new batteries in today I'll see if that makes any improvement.
  11. Hi, I just got one of these dacs. Very good value for money, have it hooked up to an old Oppo 980H and it makes for a nice improvement ( a little bit smother and warmer ), but I'm having trouble getting much use out of the battery ( perhaps 1-1.5 hours max ). I'm using a 12 volt charger. Does anyone know if you leave both power switches ( mains and battery ) on when recharging or just the mains switch ? Cheers Peter.
  12. Hi, looking to buy a prima luna integrated amplifier. My funds would probably only extend to the " Prologue Classic " version but if someone has a " Dialogue " or " Premium " then, depending on price, I might entertain a purchase. Cheers Peter ( Blue Mountains, Sydney ). P.S Just as a rough guide Trevor Lees sells the prologue classic ( brand new ) for $1460 delivered so I'm looking at a price a bit south of that. Also, as an afterthought, I have a pair of very good Quad 57's ( listed in the For sale section ) that could be used in a part trade for one of the pricier Prima Lunas.
  13. Item: 47 Labs Flatfish transport and 47 Labs Gemini Dac with matching power supplies. ( Sorry about quality of pictures. Only have phone camera. Genuine potential buyers are free to inspect. ) Location: Springwood, Blue Mountains, NSW Price : $7500 ONO Item Condition: Excellent, like new. Age - approximately two years old. Reason for selling: Handing in audiophile membership. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Brilliant, supremely musical 47 Labs Flatfish Transport with 47 Labs top of the line Gemini Dac ( dual mono ). The Transport has it's own separate power supply ( Humpty ) while the Dac has two separate power supplies ( Dumpty's ) because it is dual mono. These were purchased direct from the Australian importer ( audio101 ) and are 240v compliant. These are the current models and my asking price is less than half retail. Also comes with all packaging and 47 labs interconnect.