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  1. He's a good man that @scumbag
  2. This listing is over a year old. I would cancel this ad and relist it to be more visible.
  3. Taste just went out the window, sorry. I think they look vulgar, don't care how they "sound". I am having a general engineer custom make some stands for my Spendor BC1s with 25mm square bar. IMO less is more when it comes to styling stands.
  4. Rob Mazurek & Emmett Kelly - Alien Flower Sutra 2016 LP on International Anthem Finally got a physical copy of this. Album of 2016? Possibly, but I don't enter into pissing contests. Certainly a unique recording in Mazurek's unfolding oeuvre, or anyone elses for that matter. A bizarre and compelling blend of folk, jazz, modern classical and cyberpunk... all filtered through "an animate palette of electronic treatments". Prepare to be challenged on what you believe to be good/bad music. Once you have acclimatised, you will see the beauty. The more I listen the better I can see it. Incredible. https://intlanthem.bandcamp.com/album/alien-flower-sutra
  5. Hospital pass @caddisgeek
  6. Gears need lubrication periodically, but vinyls ain't vinyls.
  7. I wouldn't have if I was interested [emoji14]
  8. [VIC] Spendor 2/3 http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/172528069479
  9. Love that. Makes Lenny sound elitist.
  10. Stunning. What was the veneer?
  11. Still available from The Neck's webstore for $28 + p&p
  12. Yeah but music is why most of us are here Lee, albeit indirectly. It should always be foremost in our minds imo, otherwise what's the point of all the gear. Gear for gears sake is just pure wank (commerce). And it shows.....
  13. Yeah great interview that. Could spend days going though Mats' collection. I wish they had a look at his system but that's not the point. I think it's right to emphasise the music over the system. That's how I see it anyway and I think all you jazz cats would agree.