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  1. Eli Keszler - Cold Pin 2011 LP on PAN http://www.elikeszler.com/cold-pin/ Compelling listening. Excellent pressing
  2. Nice pins qwerter [emoji6]
  3. Eli Keszler - Oxtirn LP on ESP-DISK, 50/300 Eli Keszler - Drums and various objects/instruments Ashley Paul - clarinet (side a) Andrew Fenlon - trumpet, tuba, french horn, trombone (side a) Sakiko Mori - prepared piano (side b)
  4. Eli Keszler & Steve Pyne - Red Horse LP on Type Recordings Not really jazz, but noise. Glorious improvised noise. I'm starting to collect some more of Keszler's work. Mindblowing stuff IMO.
  5. Sons of Kemet - Lest We Forget What We Came Here To Do LP on naimJazz Shabaka Hutchings - tenor sax and bass clarinet Theon Cross - tuba Tom Skinner - drums Sebastian Rochford - drums
  6. vinyl records

    Thomas Dolby Flat Earth please edit: and Bryan Ferry Bete Noire
  7. After a break I decided to bring things down several notches. No less intense in its own way, just some blissful dronage))) Sunn O))) & Ulver - Terrestrials LP on Southern Lord
  8. The Mark of Cain - Songs of the Third and Fifth LP on The Feel Presents Precision hardcore like this is hard to beat. I might have to spin some Dillinger Escape Plan next to step it up a tad.....
  9. Monolithic! I would love these if you were in Sinny ps might be worth adding the top plate dims
  10. Oren Ambarchi - Hubris LP on Editions Mego Stunning piece of work on a primo piece of wax.
  11. And a typically speedy reply from Norman: "Hey David Well 100 would cost 30 quid if you ordered through the site. We'd do 'em for 27 quid if you wanted 100 though. if you want to do that let me know and I'll ping over a 3 quid voucher so you can order 'em. Cheers Phil" So that's now a little dearer than covers33 for 100, but I'm going to add these to a current order anyway. I like dealing with Norman and their shipping is very reasonable. These are black paper btw.
  12. Norman records in the UK sell the poly lined paper sleeves, and they seem a bit cheaper a low quantities than covers33. I am asking what they would sell a larger quantity for. Will report back.
  13. Haha I'll cop that I probably heard about them via one of the online sellers newsletters I'm signed up to, ANOST and/or Norman, but I ended up pre-ordering them from CCmusic with a 25% off code
  14. Bohren & der Club of Gore - Sunset Mission 2LP reissue on Play It Again Sam. First time on vinyl! Great pressing, this and Black Earth too. Looking forward to the Geisterfaust 2LP