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  1. Awesome, thats the spirit! LoL [emoji13] my kids would love to build that!
  2. There are people who do this, as bizarre as it sounds, myself included. I must be some kind of weirdo, but some of us ain't innit for the dough, y'know?
  3. My post was an attempt to add to the conversation, but you single it out for ridicule. Nothing you have said adds to this conversation, it only detracts. I have observed you to be an habitual detractor. Most unpleasant.
  4. Do you save all of your rude replies for me or did you get up off the wrong side of the bed this morning?
  5. Made To Break - Lacerba 2013 LP on Cleanfeed This was recorded live in Lisbon 2011, the sound is really good thanks in part to Bob Weston (Chicago Mastering Service, Shellac (band)). What a hot band. Vandermark is a, no the, firebrand of international forward/outward looking jazz. Love this album.
  6. There are sellers who harvest articles and posters, even ads! from old music mags and sell them on ebay at ridiculous prices. Been going on for years. If they had a real interest in the hobby then they would scan and share freely. Edit: the world is full of opportunists, always been so and always will. Nothing new Dave.
  7. I regret missing this one. Had a hunch it would be a cracker.
  8. Vinyl on the the way
  9. And K.D. Lang. Now that is a pairing that would work well.
  10. And Lana Del Rey [emoji14]
  11. You make an interesting point Chris. I have the early Bad Seeds albums which each have a couple of good tunes but overall i find pretty average. Perhaps I should spend some more time with his later stuff. But the thing is I normally prefer instrumental music. It does takes a special vocalist to turn my head, but maybe I need to mature some more before I can appreciate a broader range of singer/songwriters. Time will tell. Sent from my XT1580 using Tapatalk
  12. Totally agree with your closing assertion Chris, just that Cave doesn't do it for me as much as someone like Waits, and I think that has to do with his relative monotony which is a symptom of his weaker voice. Just my personal take at this point in time, however I am open to changing my opinion. Perhaps one day Nick will click, but I ain't holding my breath
  13. Tom Jones could do justice to Cave, but he comes from the generation that was not too proud to build a career singing the songs of others. Anyone else? Edit: or rather he had the talent to pull it off
  14. Yes, you're on to something there. Apply some lateral thinking to that thought. Put your disdain aside for a moment and just imagine if Farnesy had chosen some darker material to work with and worked on a more subtle low key delivery...... but alas that is not the current paradigm. The days of relationships between composers and performers of popular song is all but dead, destroyed by the industry. Very sad. And no, Cave is not a superb singer by any measure. He's a credible performer, sure, if you dig his shtick, no problems there, but he has no range and doesn't hold pitch well at all. That's the reality Shane, I have heard plenty thanks.