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  1. Original Aussie pressing. Noisy and hard panned stereo, but oh so good.
  2. Konstrukt & Joe McPhee - Babylon LP on Roaritorio
  3. You can't go past Ella and Louis. Universally loved i would imagine.
  4. Amazon US but listed as oos so fingers crossed they can still get it. Its available from discogs but mostly US seller with high shipping costs.
  5. And ordered, along with a Rob Mazurek/Jeff Parker LP "Some Jellyfish Live Forever"
  6. Just sampling the title track now. Wow, jaw dropping musical interplay abounds. I need this.
  7. x2 worth a listen guys. https://tangents.bandcamp.com/album/stateless I see there is a vinyl edition listed on discogs but dunno where else it can be bought.
  8. Nice. Live jazz is where its at.
  9. More Turkish free jazz
  10. Konstrukt, samples from their discog. All star cast I like what I hear. Free da jazz
  11. Inspired me to pull out my 2014 reissue on Saturn Research. Not sure that Art Yard will be the first official reissue,.... in any case it's a great album. Sound quality isn't the greatest, so it could be interesting to hear the latest.
  12. I remember reading somewhere that Quorthon kind of regretted that album, saying he was often drunk during sessions and fired a band member or two. In spite of the mess and unevenness of it I think there are some flashes of brilliance on it. The Rites of Darkness is definitely a standout track, quite forward looking, and he definitely had the album sounding like they were playing down in hell, the way it sounds really like it's coming from beneath the floor..... A lot of the tunes come over like really dirty heavy punk rock..... I like that about it. Overall imo Bathorys first four albums we're pretty consistently good. A definite classic.
  13. @rantan how many hours on the cart, is it broken in yet? Also, I second the suggestion that the platter is over damped. I have always shied away from doing that for fear of un-balancing the platter, which would be quite easy to do if the damping is not cut and/or applied *very* precisely.
  14. Seconded Edit: this recording is such a mess, but sounds so evil. Very nasty.