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  1. Daley forgot his history lessons. No way NSW can defend a paltry 10 point lead at half time against QLD. Just silly. The ref did look to be leaning for QLD in the end, but there were dirty tactics employed by both teams in back play, and to use ref bias/error as an excuse for the result is pretty lame anyway. NSW simply stopped competing in the second half, and the loss and is all on them. Third game will be another ball-tearer [emoji16]
  2. Excellent selection
  3. New arrivals today The Comet is Coming - Channel the Spirits 2016 LP on The Leaf Label. I bought two copies, one for me one for a friend. Nice sounding but one copy is scratched! Sun Ra - The Magic City 2017 repress on Pan Am.180gram, solid pressing of this out classic Ju Meets Moster 2014 LP on Rare Noise Recs. Mixed by Uncle Bill Laswell! A little noisy by pretty nice overall. Konstrukt - Molto Bene 2016 LP on Holidays Recs. This is a good copy but beware Holidays Recs use scratchy cardboard inners..... Bill Dixon Orchestra - Intents and Purposes 2016 repress on Superior Viaduct. N.B. side A is pressed off-centre! Expect all in this edition to be likewise :-( Otherwise very good.
  4. Fascinating, I did not know that. "Adolf Hitler: VWs Part in His Downfall" lol
  5. They made cars for Nazis?
  6. Listening to the CD now. Not a bad way to wind up an evening. Yes but only the tracks that feature a bass The upper-lows & lower-mids are quite full otherwise Probably intentional as bass is only featured on a few tracks. An artifact perhaps of the mastering process.
  7. Tell 'im 'e's dreamin'
  8. Hamza El Din - A Wish Just a CD of some Nubian folk music, played on oud, tar, riq (El Din), ney (A. Cyr), doumbek, clay drums (H. Naser), handclaps (El Din & S Owens) and voices (El Din & S. Ohtaka). Oh, a cello (J. Jeanrenaud) and a piano (W.A. Mathieu) make an appearance on the title track. Quite captivating. Gorgeous recordings.
  9. This ad looks to be making a beeline for the nearest black hole, but it's been a fun ride down up big dipper!
  10. Too much info! [emoji44]
  11. Sh!t a brick Daz, you don't do things by halves! Glws mate and the rest of your plans.
  12. Quality label. I need to get this LP.
  13. Michiyo Yagi, Joe McPhee, Paal Nilssen-Love & Lasse Marhaug - Soul Stream Streaming on Bandcamp Catalytic Sound is a cooperative of like-minded improvising musicians, which has just launched a new website to promote and distribute their music as a collective group. To celebrate the new site, they are offering 15% off all purchases until the end of June when you use the promotional code: "newsite". Hint; you need to apply the code to each item individually Michiyo Yagi's improvised Koto is a revelation! I might have to grab this one.
  14. Schlenkerla rauchbier and a Juan Lopez Seleccion no 1 down by the fire
  15. Keiji Haino, Jozef Domoulin & Teun Verbruggen - The Miracles of Only One Thing 2017 LP on Sub Rosa Another noisy one, pressing is a little noisy too, being translucent "speckled bronze" in appearance. Recording is good though; a fascinating and wide ranging improvised interplay of guitar, (bastardised) fender rhodes and drums. Power trio!