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  1. LOL! [emoji13] [emoji16] [emoji15] [emoji6]
  2. Ha! There you are. Totally missed this thread, others too it seems. I would have caught it were it posted in the currently purchasing thread
  3. Heads up next time please Cliff
  4. AMR gear seems to come up for sale on the second hand market not infrequently..... temptation now removed. Sorry for your pain[mention=105765]Grimmie[/mention] but yours is a story worth sharing, thank you. I had a similar experience with a Primare DVD player several years ago. I cut my losses and moved on.
  5. Brotzmann/Van Hove/Bennink/Mangelsdorf - The End, Couscouss de la Mauresque & Elements Streaming from my pc (see below) There's a lot of music you can't try before you buy, unless you "steal" it or you're lucky enough that someone gives you a sample. Stuff it, I am not sorry.
  6. I think we have a chorum, Crown = piss. I have heard conjecture that Crown is the same brew as Foster's, and it figures.
  7. Streaming Threnody - At the Gates on Bandcamp. It bit hard to get into at first, very out there and the recording is not the greatest, but getting towards the end I think my brain has burned into it now. Helluva combo in Martin Kuchen, Steve Noble and Johan Berthling.
  8. Spinning some Coltrane from the Atlantic mono box set. Plays the Blues and The Avant-Garde. I hear a fair amount of clipping distortion of the piano on Plays the Blues and there's a hint of it on Cherry's muted trumpet on "The Blessing" on The Avante-Garde. Has anyone else noticed this? I'm guessing it's part of the recordings.
  9. Will do mate, thanks for the tip. I was going through my Giger books last night, Necronomicon etc. Fantastic. Today I pulled some old tapes. Just got a Nakamichi deck to roll them on but needs servicing. Soon my precious, soon.
  10. I had to search for [email protected] keep it alive brother!
  11. You would think that "smart" devices would have this worked out for us. Lovely speakers btw. Hope they find a good home.
  12. I'm spinning Fire - She Sleeps She Sleeps LP round midnight as a come down from Slayer. Seems to be working. Been a few months since I've spun this. It is aging well.
  13. Been a long time between spins. I've had this for nearly 30 years. Must be due for a clean lol still sounds great, bass is MIA though. Classic Slayer.
  14. Sleepytime Gorilla Museum.....The Grand Opening and Closing! Finally on vinyl, their three albums done by Finnish reissue label Blood Music. The mastering and pressings are so good that flaws in the recording are fairly obvious, but overall very well done. The albums have gained a lot more dynamics and punch and much more tonal and ambient info is shining through. Highly recommended albeit the first disc of this is cupped and sports a couple of small scratches. I'll get a replacement. The triumvirate, fitting in nicely next to Slayer \m/ Get in the pick up truck, we're goin for a ride Come on man it's a downhill slide Remember the Dead Boys Crawl in the back we're goin downtown Come on bro we can both fall down Remember the Dead Boys Got a big old cheap plastic bottle of gin Nasty but it'll do you in Got to keep talkin so you don't come to What the hell what the fcuk is wrong with you Midnight ride 1997 one two three Motherfcuker you're going down tonight We're taking you in, we're taking you out Midnight ride one two the come on! Tonight we're gonna party like it's 1997
  15. The lockout is a #firstworldproblem lol but the results gleaned from the search function have improved greatly since the last upgrade. [email protected]