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  1. Gday Doug. From my understanding this is a transformer volume control with separate windings for each step. The steps, from my memory, are quite nicely spaced and dont exhibit any sudden jumps . Sent from my SM-G930F using Tapatalk
  2. I bought the recent Asgeir vinyl which came with 2 of those download cards. The second is for whomever is quickest. Visit www.dropcards.com/afterglow and use the code "D43D9Y7Q33"
  3. Another one from Adelaide

    That Pioneer gear seems very rare and fantastic. Where did you snag all that? Sent from my SM-G930F using Tapatalk
  4. And a brilliant performer. That arm can take some serious cartridges! Sent from my SM-G930F using Tapatalk
  5. Another one from Adelaide

    Welcome from another SA lad! Some fancy gear there too, some pics would be super......
  6. With some skilful internetting I have found a couple of places (both in Italy) that have worked on Vimak gear in the past so with luck one of them may have some useful information that they may be willing to share. Fingers crossed! A minor note on the sound- Every Wed night a good mate comes over to share new music and banter. We played this and some vinyl and noticed a distinct overlap in tone between the 2, something that has never before been apparent with other CD players.
  7. The LEDs seem to be labelled "AES LOCK" and "PLL LOCK". Ive taken pics of most of the larger chips. Cant see a PCM1702 marking on any. Certainly interested if any make sense to [email protected] Sent from my SM-G930F using Tapatalk
  8. Nothing at all? I have discovered that there are 3 status LEDs inside the unit. One seems to be for power and the other 2 for analogue output. If a digital output is engaged on the front panel, the 2 output LEDs go out. Strangely sometimes when the unit is powered up the output LEDs flicker rather than glow, and there is no analogue output. The old "switch it off and back on again" seems to eventually work, but obviously there is an issue to investigate somehow. Interestingly the channel imbalance seems to have rectified itself..... I like to think I am format agnostic, but this is the most engaging digital I've ever heard, in some ways out shining a PS Audio Direct Stream Jr. a couple of nights ago!
  9. Since beginning to arrange my first "House Concert" (see below) I have been approached by another artist keen on playing a show 2 weeks later. Of course I'd love to host both but have concerns about raising an adequate crowd of punters for both events. The new proposed gig is Sat October 14th and would be a double bill with a couple of female blues'n'roots style performers- http://www.littlewise.com.au https://www.rosieburgess.com Sophie has indicated a ticket price of $15-20 and would like to see 20 to make it viable. To do both Id be keen to get an indicator of potential punters so please, if you'd like to come to either please let me know so I can feel confident to take on arranging the second event. Every cent of the ticket sales will go to the artist. I'm on board because I love the concept- https://www.houseconcertsaustralia.com The aforementioned first gig is from Byron Bay- https://bartstenhouse.com More details here So please, if you love the idea of live acoustic and intimate music and want to experience either or both, let me know as soon as possible!!
  10. I can't imagine there would have been much change out of $6k to have that built. Looks fantastic!
  11. I recently took a punt on a Vimak DT800 in unknown operating condition. It has turned out to be a little bit of a win as it does play beautifully, though the output from the left channel seems to be at a lower level than the right. The only other real issue is a stripped drive gear for the tray which is a simple fix. I will be getting it looked over by someone smarter than I but would love to get hold of some schematics (assuming they will be invaluable to the tech), an owners manual and (long shot) a remote control. Anyone able to to offer any assistance at all in these regards?
  12. Not your average GTG

    Will be great to have you guys here if you can, but you know that already! Long weekend?! Double awesome!! I hope so too Rod, and all going well will endeavour to host a few. Pity you can't make it this time, I guess your lame excuse will have to do.....
  13. Not your average GTG

    We have a queen sized spare bed, you guys can spoon!!
  14. Not your average GTG

    I think so too! Excellent. Just ts to clarify, this really isn't a HiFi thing, just a music thing. So bring your wife/partner/son/mother/mate as well! Bart says that the golden number of punters to make the trip from Melb worthwhile is 20 so I'll aim to have that number confirmed soon, with extras being a nice bonus for him.
  15. Not your average GTG

    On October 1 Rachel And I plan to host a touring artist for a very small afternoon performance at our home. Very relaxed, outdoor and room for maybe 30. Details are being fleshed out right now however I am keen to gauge interest in such an idea. There will be a ticket charge ($20, the entire amount going to the artist) via House Concerts Australia which seems a brilliant idea to me. More info on the concept at www.houseconcertsaustralia.com The performer is www.bartstenhouse.com Im hoping we can pull a decent crowd and help support some grass roots music. Let me know if you're keen!! Attendees- elcamry TonyM +1 MattJTaylor +1 Possibles- FrankN Darthlaker +1 plus about 6 non SNA folk.