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  1. No not at all similar to anEar 843P! The Ear underwhelmed me the few times I've heard one. i do not think I have heard a better valve phono stage than @lovetube Duc makes.
  2. I think the Cornet 3 might still be available from Hagerman !? it was a later revised version and available at a considerably lower price than 1 or 2. Failing that eBay or a a want to buy in our classifieds < I'm amazed by what ppl have stashed away. Horders unlike @andyr
  3. This is a valve phono stage. Hagerman has 3 versions . I am not quite sure if ours are version 1 or 2. I think the valves are: 2-12AX7, 1-12AU7 and 1-5Y3GT rectifier. "ours" well it's a long story. Three or four years back after I noticed an ad in our classifieds "make an offer for 2 nearly completed Cornet phono stages starting at $250". I bought them of these stages for $251. It is only very recently that I was told the kits were priced around $2k each. Well you won't be surprised to hear that in the first instance they weren't quite the bargain they appeared to be. Both builds were seriously botched. "ours" well I gave 1 to @andyr as a thank you for allowing me to maintain his second system at my place. Andy isn't a valve man so he didn't get his up and running and sent it to Duc @lovetube. Who after communication with Jim Hsggerman started pretty much from scratch and got it working. There it rested for a year or so while I prevaricated. Andy proposed to sell his but offered it to me as a template for a tech to rebuild mine first. The sting from his cattle prod got me to find a tech and deliver unto him the phonos. This week they returned both work perfectly. Andy's had a small hum issue which the tech has eliminated. So it's not going to be for sale . Great sound eminating from my system at the moment it's attached to a Magnapan arm with a Stanton WS 100 cart. A month or two back we played Andys against the Cornet 3 and the 3 out performed the 2. We need to repeat the process I'm thinking a blind test might reverse that outcome.
  4. "Sleep with anything".... "climax" its Sunday morning nonogenerian s can't cope
  5. @Happy don't like the (pompous over blown ) style 1.5 orchestras don't impress s chamber music devotee. I leave politics to my work week
  6. Not a system but ear but rather decision
  7. Mahler and Tchovsky are safe in your hands you will not find me competing to purchase them
  8. @Happy Chandos SQ is superb went foe Donigines seven disc box of all his quartets plus a few like composed pieces. Will post here after they arrive from Sydney
  9. @Monty will ORGANIZE by weeks end! i assuming the originals arrive here first! this invôlves getting spindle of CDs coopting James to copy them he drinks quite a lot then sending them to you will tgr Indonesian gun boat let them through.
  10. My observations: 1 over time is that ppl here who buy the most basic entry level Project/Rega/Stanton /AT decks upgrade within a year. Buy a step higher you won't regret it and it will sell more easily too. 2 at this level only worry about pitch if you hear perfect pitch
  11. @Monty thank you cd arrived your making this quite a costly exercise< high maintenance i enjoyed it sooo much I went to eBay and bought the complete string quartets by Schubert by the Diogenes quartet 7 cd set do you want me to send you copies to Timor or wait until you return?
  12. "I'm sure I'll get there eventually " <<< why none of us have found the holy grail.
  13. Greetings enjoy the site
  14. It looks great it bears NO resemblance to the original Perpetuum Ebner which was a rim wheel drive by Dual before they became Dual.