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  1. Hi from WA

    Greetings enjoy the site
  2. Recycled newby.

    Greetings glad to have you back
  3. Post some pics thread...

    You poison turkey with the vile sparkling plonk before pot roasting it in the remains of the cask
  4. Post some pics thread...

    Those turkeys make good eating I hear
  5. Ooh lovely tone armS why do you have 2?
  6. Long time no see

    Greetings sorry but "My gear won't work in the new house love have to replace it all" just won't wash think of comething more original
  7. New ol guy...

    Leak 20 el 84 a great amp i have a clone built in Melb (Brunswick ?) circa 1965
  8. New ol guy...

    Greetings The other way round I bow in awe what's the Tt and its components?
  9. LP12 Grounding

    @Point source might care to comment be is currently running my ( loaner) Strathclyde. . neither he nor @jamesg11 who used it for a year had issues . The switch between peons seems a likely cause of the problem @VanArn might have a suggestion
  10. Good Morning

    Greeting Mick enjoy the site and the music preferably in the reverse order
  11. Lachlan greetings lebjoy the site and the music
  12. Greeting from Sydney

    Greetings those early Rega 2 TTs are excellent value When properly set up they sing
  13. Hi from Melbourne

    Greetings enjoy the music firstThe gear should always come second ^^^do as I say not as I do