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  1. Greetings Josh we like opinions Take care where you post cables is a current hot spot
  2. Greetings glad you found us
  3. @eman I will get to MY IKEA within a few days will let you know what I can find. "floor stander a meter high" is very low more exact details would assist
  4. @Misterioso called Harte $20 i might wander over to IKEA this afternoon uni vac sees you,posting more often
  5. @Hensa was it you looked at TT lights st ikea ? $20 bucks !! will be near mine tomorrow worth the buying? could take it to @buddyev to let him test IF THERES ADRINK IN IT AND NOT THST MUCK HE CALLS COFFEE
  6. Play nice you two I've had it at least 10 years but then one year is much like another now I look back
  7. Found it!! PE 2040 Perpetuum Ember 2040L has small but excited band of German fan boys See original listing
  8. Deceased estate auction cam attached to an idler drive TT Dual before Dual was Dual need advice on cleaning the solid hard as rock grease off its innards
  9. I've got an amp made by peak somewhere here. mid 60s vintage
  10. @Telecine won't do what I need but thanks for the D notice
  11. @andyr I haven't trimmed my TT mat to she off the gold sub platter bearing the way s o m e ppl have . or is that an appropriate ergonomic adjustment like removing a tone arm lift making a damaged cart/stylus more likely
  12. A bit strong @andyr the TTs you design and build are highly functional There are no adornments frill or fringes. many ppl would consider them ugly.
  13. 1976 Asylum records gatefold sounds OK ... on my simple system to my aged cloth ears
  14. It would be remiss of me to NOT point out that my 1 and only copy of H C in any format is Vinyl and was a gift from .... TDD dont know which of the above versions it is