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  1. True .... I'm not being overwhelmed with offers
  2. @dwbasement that's ok just rub in my mistake in not buying one here for $90 ish
  3. @ophool yes still gently kicking self for hesitating on a used AT mono that appeared on sna 6 months back. Will watch a while I have a few items on my wish list: true ribbons for Maggies amp to power same at 2 ohm #9 speed controller? new motor(S) for TT extra rubber band for second motor< I can afford this one now motor (s)
  4. I've a good mind to report you both for white anting my ..WTB thread. Dont know how but.... never s mod around when you need one ohh it's still daylight in WA .... @wolster
  5. mono cartridge Price Range:? Affordable/cheap but not nasty something 5 X better than @caddisgeek would purchase Item Condition: Used Extra Info: listening to the Coleman Hawkins Quartet live intermixed with war bonds ads from London Room in Chicago circa -1942 feel a need for better definition Please don't forget to report your post as FOUND when possible. (You can now delete this text). Why would I remove it I might offend a mod or three @:) al @joz @Marc
  6. You are correct it will be a different cartridge wed need much better photos to determine what cart is in use now. As Ian said it's simpler to move to a new cart I have not checked compliance but an audio technica 95 E costs only $45 delivered from the UK and performs well in MOST arms check eBay if you stretch to $100 sound will be even better. Before you collapse. There are carts available at well over $10K heard a lovely shelter cart costing $7.5 K recently
  7. @jamesg11 the dac we mentioned at Mahommads^^^
  8. These get good reviews < @ericd> pick up Melbourne
  9. @andyr know anything about these? NO! I don't need rear speakers!
  10. Bet this sounds delightful @Decky is a highly skilled tech
  11. Agree the brio isn't up to much. It won't drive the 21s well
  12. Greetings sell yes but stay for the discussion