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  1. With the NS1000s having sealed bass and dropping off from 50Hz, then it is only room gain that is delivering more bass. That would be a challenge to say it is controlled at the lower frequencies. NS5000 is ported and going lower. So, for any given room, the NS5000 has more bass. Hence, why I say the NS1000 should have a subwoofer. Any room makes a difference and I acknowledge that so it's great you have a room that suits your NS1000s
  2. I had the pleasure of listening to the NS-5000s today at Big Picture People Knox Ozone. Driven by the A-S3000 integrated delivering 150 watts per channel into 6 ohms, and a CD-S1000 CD/SACD player. I was very impressed! Having heard the NS-1000s not so long ago I can say that to me they are a lot better, especially with respect to bass. I listened to two tracks, Keith Jarret live and a track from the recent Ben Harper album. Great midrange and treble with excellent midbass punch and bottom end! I know it's not a cheap speaker but it definitely outperforms many speakers I have heard and does so without the need for a subwoofer (essential with the NS-1000). As well, they also look great! Ps. I understand that BPP Knox is the only place that has a demo pair in Victoria
  3. Sad to hear! I met him over a decade ago and he was a humble guy who only wanted to play drums. Could still play like a metronome for hours! Amazing to see. RIP
  4. Thanks Matt! The good news is there won't ever be a buzzing problem with this isolation transformer Meanwhile, let's get back to Anthony's mega build
  5. Yes, it's essential that it conforms to Australian Standards. The transformer does indeed conform. Safety first [emoji4]
  6. That's cool Matt. I welcome your expertise. It isn't set up as floating but instead will have its own earth .
  7. Yes, just under 50kg. Yes again, it uses a separate earth stake. You can run on a dedicated line if you like and feed everything off the transformer. The iso is balanced & uses +/- 5 volt steps .
  8. Just thought it would be good to add a pic. 5kW transformer is big, heavy and incredibly powerful
  9. Item: Refrigerator Kelvinator No Frost N210 (R) Location: Werribee Price: $100 Item Condition: Good Extra Info: Right hand hinge 210 Litre Frost Free 165 Litre Refrigerator compartment 47 Litre Freezer Dimensions - 138cm high, 51cm wide, 59cm deep Perfect as a bar fridge, for a get away cabin or an apartment
  10. Item: 2009 Mitsubishi Lancer ES Auto 2.0L MVTEC - White Location: Westside, Melbourne Price: $8500 with RWC. Item Condition: Cosmetic - good, but does have some scratches (see photos) which could be easily and pretty cheaply touched up. Mechanical - excellent. Reason for selling: Changed jobs so I now have a company car Payment Method: EFT, Cash on pickup Extra Info: A really great car and super reliable and practical. Its simplicity is a good thing and it has good pick up and economy (averaging 8L/100km in all sorts of traffic conditions). New tyres and breaks this year and service as well. Full log books and owner's manuals for the car. Two sets of keys, one with remote central locking, the other a manual key. Has reversing sensors which were an option at the time. It’s registered to June of 2017 and won’t need a service till about then. It’s done 107K, so average mileage is 15K per annum. Well looked after and good interior. Actually, the interior is in really good condition. It’s a perfect first car or a second car for running around town. Might even be a good third car! ;-) Viewings and test drives welcome.
  11. So, after many coats of paint and many sheets of sandpaper and a lot of sweat, the subs are finally painted. It's not the final stage of the journey as they need damping and obviously installing of the drivers. However, that will need to wait until I move into the new place at the end of January. What you are seeing are the subwoofer cabs for the FTW-21s, (600 x 600 x 600mm) and the equally sized cabs for the Maelstrom X 18s. Along for the ride are four cabinets (550 x 550 x 500mm) for the TD18Hs. In between the stacked TD18Hs will be my PSE-144s in a quasi MTM arrangement. All are sealed cabs so they will integrate well in room but obviously need more power and more EQ to get down low. The front baffle (54mm triple layer in all cases) is satin black and the sides and tops are stone guard textured paint. Thanks to Mal and all who provided help and support along the way. It's been fun and I look forward to getting them all in the new place and powering them up. (I just hope you don't live too close!!! )
  12. hi Brad What you need are some brass knife thread inserts. 6M is good Choose any bolt to suit (as long as they are not countersunk)
  13. Nice work Matt! I will give you a call on the next round of bass builds
  14. Hi Matt, thanks! Mal says hi Lots of work in the detail to get them to look good. Butt joins are always a challenge. Might end up using some textured paint to take one's eyes off any join lines that might form. Yes, there needs to be a new wall to fill up so I am working on that too Definitely need a good solid bench to build speakers. It's been really good that it's perforated so we can clamp things down when gluing.
  15. Actually going for satin black this time. Don't want them to "sparkle" too much when the movies are playing