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  1. I know all there is to know, since I was service manager at Marantz Australia throughout the mid-late 1970s. Ask any questions you like and I will attempt to answer. I will respond with more specific information a little later.
  2. Australian HI Fi and Stereophile publish excellent objective tests with their reviews. There are others, but those two are amongst the best.
  3. That should not matter. They import a product, they need to provide adequate spare parts support. I found their support less than stellar. OTOH, the response from Un Zud was superb.
  4. I said that earlier. Backup from Un Zud is excellent. Not so much from their Australian distributors. YMMV.
  5. Yep. One of a VERY, VERY tiny number of amps that are claimed to be 100 Watts Class A, that actually delivers on the promise. 70-odd kgs, as I recall. I serviced a couple a few years back. Very nicely built and with enough heat sinking to sustain a full 100 Watts Class A per channel.
  6. No reputable tech would do this job for you. If I did it and something went wrong down the track, my insurance company would sue me into oblivion. I suggest you seek out another way. Why do you think you need a power conditioner anyway? Australia has, generally, excellent mains power. Parts of WA can be bad, but that's about it. The correct place to put filters is on the appliance that is causing the problem.
  7. $650.00 is a fair price. There is a good chance it will require work on the cuing mech. It's about the only thing that goes wrong. I sold lots of these things back in the 1980s. Fabulous turntable.
  8. Not at 1100 Bucks! I used to sell them new for a whole lot less. It is a nice turntable though. That money would easily buy a nice DP59L.
  9. I suspect you are correct. I don't regard the non-functioning heat sinks on the front of a Rotel amp as "silly". This: Is what I refer to as silly. Horizontally aligned heat sinks are a very foolish design choice, as very little convection cooling can be achieved with such a system. Convection cooling is the second most efficient system available.
  10. Sure, but that is unimportant. Rotel chose that as a cosmetic decision (I assume you meant Rotel).
  11. Rotel built a lot of amps like that. HOWEVER, in all those Rotel amps, there were large holes in the base of the amp, adequate ventilation slots in the top cover and, most importantly, the heat sinks were vertically oriented, thus facilitating reasonable cooling.
  12. I've serviced a few Plinius products over the years. Plinius in NZ are excellent to deal with. I won't try to deal with the local representatives again.
  13. Whilst I do not, specifically, place a value on a particular DAC, my present DAC cost more than $2,000.00 some 15 years ago. It stacks up quite well today against DACs costing a least as much. Make no mistake: I am quite well known around here as very much a measurements guy, who will ALWAYS question any of the 'snake oil' products promulgated. Filters, power boards, power cables, etc. MY speaker cables cost $4.00/Metre. DACs, OTOH, can make a substantial difference to a system. A good, multibit DAC can easily surpass a Sigma/Delta DAC and the difference is readily audible (all other things being equal). Measurements will generally reveal only small differences between the two types of DACs, but the ear reveals more.
  14. I guess that depends on what you define as 'expensive'. Compared to a high end speaker system, room treaments can be very cheap indeed. Well, if you just whacked them up, without first measuring and establishing the problem you are trying to solve, then that is not altogether surprising. Room treatments may be cheap, but learning the right way to use those room treatments may be considerably more expensive. Well, that much is true.
  15. No. You'll need to buy a new plug. OR, you could just keep your child away from the plug. It is not illegal to use the old plugs, but it is illegal to sell them with new product.