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  1. I find his music typical of the dumbed down popular (top 40) trash we've been invaded by for the last 10 years or so. I think this is a prime example of why there has been a massive surge in the popularity of country rock in recent years, I don't subscribe to it either, but at least it sounds like it's aimed at adults. The days of good songwriters being prominent on commercial radio and charts is long gone I'm afraid.
  2. I used to own some Westminsters, I threw them out because they chimed every 15 minutes. (The older folk will get that). In all seriousness, speakers of that type need a large room, most likely in a large house. The budget involved is beyond most and I suspect that many items of this price bracket, audio or otherwise, are bought by people who are part of the self made wealthy demographic, and this is merely a way of showing their success. They aren't audiophiles, they just see this as "sophistication". The profiteers in marketing identify this and take advantage of it to maximise their profits. Those with the best ears, both genetically and trained, are usually full-time mastering engineers. For them equipment choice is purely financially motivated, they need the best to allow them to master to their best ability, at a price that is fair for the level of equipment. For amps and speakers, I don't think you would do yourself any harm to look at what the professional mastering studios use. It may not have the architectural flair some prefer, but it is the equipment that produced the sound that you are trying to reproduce at home.
  3. INFINITY Vintage Speakers Kappa 8, twin emit. Melton, Vic. http://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/melton/speakers/infinity-vintage-speakers-kappa-8/1149019549?
  4. Alex Creville used to do it all the time as well. Back OT... Camron, did you receive my PMs?
  5. Thes stickers must look good through night vision goggles.
  6. The only debate would be whether you have any control over that slippery slope. I suspect not. I like it that way.
  7. I use them as Viagra patches, doesn't matter where I stick them, they still work.
  8. You won't like it, best sell it to me.
  9. Hi all, I'm currently chasing suggestions as to which cartridges I should be considering, hopefully some of the experience of members here can help me out. The turntable is an Acoustic Signature Final Tool fitted with an Alphason HR 100S MCS arm. The lightweight arm, along with only having the standard counterweight, is limiting any choices I have with regard to compliance. Being the later foam filled version, the arm has an effective mass of 13gm. The manual suggests a cart weight of 3-8gm when using the standard weight, with an absolute maximum weight of 15gm. The manual also states cart compliance up to 35 cu, but doesn't specify ranges for the different size counterweights. For the time being I will be using the stage in the Classé pre until an upgrade decision is made. I'm leaning toward a LOMC cart and would prefer to get something in line with the table/arm combo rather than a succession of upgrades (yes I know, wishful thinking). So far my considerations have been in the Koetsu/Lyra/XYZ/Phasemation range. The music I listen to is so varied everything has to be taken into consideration, jazz, rock, fusion, world, electronica, and while I don't listen to a lot of classical, there are certainly a lot of classical and acoustic elements in my prefered listenings. I do have a second table with an AT 09CIII cart which can be used to take up part of the range of my listening. Any suggestions are appreciated.
  10. Yep, that's him. Local sales only. One has to wonder whether he has financial/medical problems or similar. A lot of stuff going at cheap prices.
  11. Is this the same guy that won't sell out of state?
  12. Item: Teeter 960 Inversion Table Price Range: Less than a new one hopefully Item Condition: New or Used Extra Info: The combination of scoliosis and psorotic rheumatism is getting the better of me. On advice from medics this would help alleviate some of the day to day pain and discomfort. I see a couple for sale on the net but all too far from me and not near my usual travels. Any help appreciated.
  13. Hmmm... Might be a good idea to remove your contact details from the post and send via PM. Spam is a wonderful thing in a Monty Python sketch, not so on every means of communication you have. Just sayin'...
  14. Pm sent.
  15. Like I said, if you don't, I will. I don't think you'll be upset with this acquisition.