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  1. Jazz: Currently Spinning

    Japanese repress of a '63 classic.
  2. I think I have to disagree with you here Andy. The mere fact that he record is spinning at 45 rpm means it runs through about 40% more lineal grove in the same amount of time. It a bit like saying you drive slow to make your tyres last longer. Longer yes, but the same distance. A 12" side is a 12" side.
  3. Your favourite SNA thread.

    You been lookin' over my shoulder?
  4. Jazz: Currently Spinning

    For those of you who like percussion.
  5. Jazz: Currently Spinning

    Allen Toussint - American Tunes I'm doin' Dixie 4 x 4 time here. And what a line up! Allan Toussaint=piano, Jay Bellerose=drums & percussion, Bill Frisell =electric guitar, Greg Leisz =Weissenborn, Charles Lloyd =tenor sax, David Pilch= upright bass, among a host of other guests. Great photography on the cover art too.
  6. Jazz: Currently Spinning

    A little avant-garde Australian jazz on the great Jazzhead lable.
  7. Jazz: Currently Spinning

    Re-release from Japan sounding good.
  8. Just listening to this one now. Really enjoying it.
  9. Jazz: Currently Spinning

    A little solo guitar work.
  10. Jazz: Currently Spinning

    Efrat Alony - Dismantling Dreams. Released as a co-production between Bavarian Radio and Enja records, Dismantling Dreams is a great representation of some of what is happening in modern Eurojazz where female vocals are the feature. Anyone who has a taste for the style of Beady Belle may enjoy this, not that there are any similarities in their voices, the lyrics and melodies do seem to come from a similar place though. Much of the music on this production is sparse and minimalist with a good touch of avant-garde and electronica. The electronics are always there, sometimes to the fore, but mostly as a backing seducing the listener and drawing them into the music. Very clever indeed. With further backing by a string quartet this makes for an interesting listen.
  11. Record Weights

    Until the warp is on an outer edge. When the deflection is down, the weight is fine. But if the deflection is up...