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  1. I think a few of you guys need to organise a road trip.
  2. ECM currently spinning

    Tonight's offerings are all courtesy of Casa del Campo. Thanks @Campo for making this collection of musical bliss available to me. Richard Bierach, Frank Tusa & Jeff Williams - EON Chick Corea & Steve Kujala - Voyage Chick Corea, Dave Holland & Barry Altschul - ARC I guess we could call this a piano night.
  3. So, how long does it take......

    My system is all SS and I warm it up for about as long as is takes me to shower. That is when I usually warm it up. I don't notice any appreciable difference after that. On the other hand, when my room is much under 18 degrees, my speakers SQ deteriorates. Playing them makes no difference, I have to warm the room.
  4. Doesn't actually look virgin anymore does it?
  5. We're all salivating around the treat like Pavlov's dogs. Mike, you've rung the bell, please feed us.
  6. The arm alone sells for most of the asking price on fleabay. A good buy for someone here!
  7. Looks impressive. Especially at that price.

    Both Chick Corea Lester Bowie - Hello Dolly Both Richard Bierach Both Art Ensemble Of Chicago Taku Sugimoto Don Pullen - Warriors VSOP Old and New Dreams 'Trane - Gold Coast. Post to 2580. Please PM payment details. Thanks.
  9. I sent you a PM yesterday with intention to buy. The message is delivered but not yet read.
  10. Is there a remote, and if not, are all functions available through the control buttons on the case? A lot of important questions raised here, but if they are fully functional, I'm interested.
  11. This is the most accurate statement here. But, if you want to use a regular lp, find something well produced that your friend knows well. Take his favourite 10 albums that he has played most regularly for the past year or two, and find which current pressings have the best production. But, taking the above quote into consideration... http://www.decibelhifi.com.au/artlp-the-ultimate-analogue-test-lp/
  12. I think this is the reason there has been a resurgence in physical media, connection. Records look good, CDs look good, and if they're well packaged, it's all a greater connection with the music. They all come together as the greater environment we exist in when listening. Yes, aesthetics are important, but I've never watched the Adams Family for aural pleasure. The photo with the windows behind the gear does it for me, warm, comfortable, homely and inviting. Regardless of what your tastes are, nobody would be uncomfortable in that room. Exept us vinyl nuts... If your going to turn everything on and take a record out of the rack, at least put it on the table and get the arm on it! And don't lean the cover against the vibrating speaker, it's a wood product and it WILL scratch the finish.
  13. ECM currently spinning

    Kicking off tonight's proceedings with this 2014 release. Interestingly, it was recorded in 2007.
  14. The first 2 photos in the first post have horns that look like something out of the Adams Family, or Mary Poppins' umbrella, just plain ugy. The third photo has an overdone industrial look, but worse than that, how much dust will collect in that place? Dust + electronics = disaster. As for placing electronics between the speakers, IMO that's fine, as long as it is also behind the speakers.