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  1. Spend less on the CD and more on the speakers. Proac Tablette is renowned for being nice with valves. In your room a smaller speaker with sensitivity of about 88dB + will work fine, the above mentioned Heybrook also look ideal. I liked my previous standmount B&W CDM1's with a 20W valve amp - tamed the bright treble and detail in the midrange was excellent.. No low bass but in your room with your budget you have two choices: no bass or bad bass I know which I prefer. If your not concerned about brand names then a DIY single-driver speaker would also do a fine job. Sealed, bass reflex or back loaded horn. You see them come up for sale every so often, Earle may know of some.
  2. And now I've noticed that many items are "On Sale!" eg original price $3.28, crossed out and replaced, in red, with $33.55. Again in red, "YOU SAVE -1124% !!" I've never saved -1000% before. Should I go for it ??
  3. Which seems to point to being dodgy. Then you search for info on Scamadviser and find that it's far from squeaky clean itself - casting aspersions where none are warranted in order to undermine legit businesses. I'm very confused.
  4. Hi all, I've been browsing for a suitable aluminium enclosure for a pre-amp project. There's dozen's available on ebay and Aliexpress, the one I like most is available from a few sources at $150-200 landed in Oz. As you do I was searching by the part number for every possible seller and came across the same item on an sales site called rsknr "dot" xyz. The site calls itself a seller of fine luxury goods and whatever. The sellers name is the same as on eBay. The interesting thing is the item is WAY cheaper, like $50 included shipping according to the price calculator. it legit, dodgy or just some weirdo non-functional thing?
  5. Having alternative output transformer taps is all about having the best impedance match between valve and speaker. Because a speakers impedance can vary all over the place you can't predict which will be best. An 8 ohm speaker will probably work best on the 8 ohm tap but not necessarily. The compromise is between output power and distortion - eg. on one tap increased power but with increased distortion and vicky-versa on another. And who knows which compromise will appeal to you. If the speakers are suitable for the amp (eg don't use speakers that dip to 2 ohms on an amp that specifies minimum 8 ohms) then I don't believe you should be concerned about "stressing" the amp by changing taps.
  6. Back in the day valves were the peak of consumer electronics, with each company attempting to out- do the others. It was in their interest to continually develop their product and produce the best within price constraints, of course. The same as Sony, Samsung etc today. And valves did cost a lot more relatively back then. A KT88 was a substantial investment. Following the transistor revolution the majors dropped valves and the tooling was sold to Eastern Europe and later China. From then on the whole production model for consumer changed. No incentive to develop further. No funds to improve or even maintain the tooling. Crappy source materials. Reduced or non-existent QC. 1990's Sovtek 6SN7 anyone? Here I would separate the consumer valves from the Soviet military ones which are a whole different thing. It seems more recently things have greatly improved with valves like the Psvanes, Mullards and Tungsols being reliable and very good value. We can argue about the value of the boutique types but any valve produced in small quantities in non-3rd world conditions is gonna cost a lot.
  7. Another pair of DTQWT's? Seriously - I don't think any of the speakers mentioned will be significantly better. If they were from from a commercial manufacturer they'd be over $10K. The other side of the coin is that any commercial speaker with similar midrange/treble horn , to get the sound you like, will be even more expensive. Compromises, compromises!
  8. I'm half-guessing here, but I think the type of circuit used here (cascode) will be particularly sensitive to differences between each E88CC triode sections. Remember this is a "twin triode" with two identical triode sections. As the tube ages the characteristics may drift causing an increased imbalance between the sections. JJ also don't have the greatest reputation for build quality. So shuffling the tubes to find the best combination is a solution, but probably temporary. If you purchase new tubes what will be important is not just tube-to-tube matching but also "section matching" of each tube to ensure the two triode sections are similar. Any decent tube seller will be able to do this, for a fee.
  9. Made locally but using mainly Chinese parts for the expensive bits - transformers, casework. Earle Weston winds his own transformers and does his own casework. Hence the Mcchanson amps are less expensive. I have no direct experience but all the owners reports I've seen have been very positive. He seems to know his stuff and make a wide variety of designs. I would certainly choose one over a no-name Chinese amp.
  10. Soap opera effect? Here
  11. A quick web search shows Parts Connexion in Canada have the Sovteks at USD145 a pair. I've bought from them multiple times with no problems. The Tube Store, also Canadian, have the Russian 6C4C version at USD35 each along with some NOS, you would need to email them for details. In Australia Evatco list various NOS types but no prices.
  12. Allen Wright's FVP5A or the balanced version RTP3. Schematics are available on the VacuumState website Vacuum State
  13. Very nice job. Can you tell us about the Tamradio transformers? I've never heard of them. Are they from old gear?
  14. For these stereo all-in-ones with digital inputs what is the most likely way they will be connected to the source? Two separate SPDIF cables? Daisy chained? Wireless?
  15. I think this may be a thread where you have to apologize for being ON-topic, as much as there is a topic, but here goes... Experience can be a trouble-some thing. Once you've got it, you can't go back. So when you appreciate and then get used to all the good things a fine system gives, well, when somebody takes away those goodies you will notice it just won't be nearly as tasty.