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  1. Good looking stuff, good luck with the repairs. Cheers garm
  2. Bummer, back up if falls through. GLWTS
  3. Call John Laws, he needs a pair to go with his golden microphone.
  4. Welcome to Sna, always nice to see dedication. Wish you the best with your business. You live in a very beautiful part of the mountains. Cheers garm.
  5. Hi, could I please have numbers : 22 23 24 25 27 42 51 69 75 81 82 and 96 please. Cheers.
  6. If you have a GamuT amp it is Danish. Electrocompaniet is Norwegian. Cheers Garm.
  7. I know that this is a old post but! Volvo, safe and boring. Not this one absolutely not boring and I don't think it's safe either. Figures vary a bit but roughly 800 bhp and 1000Nm, now owned by Guy Martin in England, he calls it the fastest car in GB. Had one like it, just 730 hp less and boring.
  8. Hi, could I please have Tool, Dylan and Chris Isaak. Will be off line until tomorrow afternoon. Cheers Anders.
  9. Backup if that falls through.
  10. Or buy it now for $249.99 in his second ad.
  11. Hi, very intersted in the cables, would buy them today. Two problems, Will need shipping to Sydney 2153. Second is that I am on holiday, funnily enough in Vic, Kyneton. Will be home next Wednesday, so if not sold before, I can transfer money then. Cheers Anders.
  12. Hi, can I have these Bowie D. :Black Star, Cohen L.: At The Isle Of Wight. Costello E.: When I Was Cruel. Dylan B.: Love & Theft. GoBetweens.: Quiet Heart. Plus Costello E.: Brutal Youth. Thanks.
  13. GRRN, that hurts, could have done with another set. Such is life.
  14. @TOPSHELFHi, any more hints. Willing to travel. Cheers Garm.
  15. @robes Hi, where in Sydney are you, might be able to pick up. I'm in the Hills District. Cheers Anders.