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  1. Best ripping & tagging software for Mac?

    I moved from XLD to dbpoweramp and found it a more user friendly interface.
  2. Best ripping & tagging software for Mac?

    I use dbpoweramp on Mac for ripping. Works very well.
  3. Fantastic amps if had not just purchased a preamp I would be all over these!
  4. ECM currently spinning

    A great album, especially on vinyl.
  5. Australian Hifi & AV Show Sydney 2017

    I will go tomorrow morning to check the show out. Looking forward to hearing the Kii Speaker that Warwick is showing form Sonic Purity.
  6. No takers? This needs to go by Sunday!
  7. ECM currently spinning

    A great lineup, I think I need to buy this one. Thanks for posting!
  8. ECM currently spinning

    Purchased this today on vinyl. Absolutely sublime music, highly recommended.
  9. Item: IKEA KALLAX Record Storage Location: 2050 Camperdown Price: FREE but a donation to SNA would be greatly appreciated. Item Condition: Excellent Reason for selling: Building new bespoke unit Payment Method: Pickup Extra Info: Free Ikea Kallax Record storage 4 X 4 cubes. Only six months old with timber battens screwed in each cube for vinyl storage. You will not be able to collapse the unit as it was also glued when assembling. This will need to be pickup by the weekend. PLEASE NOTE THAT THE RECORDS ARE NOT INCLUDED!!! Pictures:
  10. ECM currently spinning

    Yes it's one worth searching out for!
  11. ECM currently spinning

    This is a very interesting album by Harald Weiss - Trommelgefluster. A solo album entirely percussion based - fantastic.
  12. ECM currently spinning

    Another album by Keith Jarrett along with the great Jan Garbarek.
  13. ECM currently spinning

    Keith Jarrett - Standards, Vol.1.
  14. ECM currently spinning

    A Keith Jarrett afternoon - Standards Live.
  15. Jazz: Currently Spinning

    Coleman Hawkins - Soul, over lunch today. What a great album!