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  1. MOTOGP 2017

    oh yeah, the car is in the repair shop, it will be a close thing whether it is ready before Motegi, or not. If it is then I will try to get down to Tallangatta and the Bright pub.
  2. MOTOGP 2017

    IME, triples have the best power curve. Between the grunt of a twin and the increasing whooshka of a 4. I haven't ridden a triple in years, the above opinion was from 1978 when I rode a Duc 900ss, Lav 1000, and my Kwak Z1. The Laverda was v nice..... they were all nice. The Z1 benefitted a lot from frame mods that the Euros didn't need. I wouldn't think of mod'ing my 2004 Bazooki ...probably make it worse.
  3. MOTOGP 2017

    Another display of control by the MotoGP riders last night. Braking from >300kph into the final turn on gooey tyres. Marcie Marc has shown once more that he is a class above the rest of the field. His race management has grown with experience and he rides harder than everyone else. Hopefully he doesn't hurt himself in one of his many qualifying 'offs', and goes on to be the greatest rider of all time.
  4. I don't get it

    I get it, in fact I've got it ! Does anyone know how to get rid of it ?
  5. I don't get it

    Bose stuff is ok. I used to punish a set of 501s back in the late 70s and they just lapped it up. Neighbours knocking on the door, to ask "Could you turn it down a bit, my wife is gravely ill ?" - my response may have been "but this is Crime of the Century!"
  6. An interesting article.

    Yep I'm aware of the marketing "run-in for a 1000 hrs" or whatever, to take the purchaser passed warranty. Thanks for the write up too.
  7. An interesting article.

    @A9XBrett, is the change in T/S parms 100% attributable to the rubber in the surround? Seems unlikely the wire or the magnet will change spec over several months.
  8. Gong Ride 2017

    The minimum sponsorship is still voluntary. The entry fee is a donation.
  9. I don't get it

    I don't get what you don't get MC240. Something about soundstage and racks. I love racks and I like soundstages. A really nice rack is a thing to behold. I've been slapped in the face for beholding some.
  10. I don't get it

    I don't think there is enough heat in this thread. How can we take it up another notch ?
  11. Gong Ride 2017

    Just wondering if any NSW SNAers will be riding this year ? I'm going with 3 or 4 friends - not of the same pace, but we meet at the finish line, head up to the pub by the station, 2 beers then onto the train. Great day !
  12. @catman - sorry Felix- these cables to which you refer ... what are the impedance, inductance and capacitance specs ? How long are they ? and are they shielded ? There - everything will be explained with that data.
  13. Cable burn-in

    Except...that caps wear out. Some caps are supposed to self-repair or something, I don't know which ones or how long they can do that, but I suspect that most caps including those in very expensive equipment, go off-spec over time and probably fail completely given enough time. So "get better in time"?....only over the warm up time. I get the impression that caps in low voltage circuits can take hours/days to reach their optimal working temp. (I think this is what some people think is burn-in, but don't tell them)
  14. I don't get it

    haha well said. Not sure if MC240 has got enough FFlyer points up yet.
  15. I don't get it

    My big black fugly screen helps the music when I am watching Two Against Nature, or The Dance or Start Making Sense, David.