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  1. Room treatment WOW

    Try adding some plastic strips across the face of the 'traps' to increase mid/treble reflection - can use anything like Ali kitchen foils maybe 3" wide with 3" gap between, heavy black plastic from construction sites, etc, etc - sometimes, just a bit can make quite surprising differences With a 'stud-finder', locate the ceiling joists and with some innovation, make up an Ali frame from same extrusion used to hang ceiling panels in offices, etc - you can then use a minimum number of screws thru the plaster into the wood and this can be easily repaired when moving - simply attach the ceiling panels (skyline diffusers work better here) to the frame - can simply use clear fishing line to 'hang' them
  2. This thread is an excellent collection of information - should have a link on the 'Room Acoustics' header
  3. Ah, yes, damnit! - stupid me - already got sucked with one of those questionaire 'things' and still having to cancel all the bloody spam - looks like I'll have to go through it all again - Got a good offer and will let you know - thanks again
  4. I would like to purchase your cable if it's still for sale - I just bought the Darkvoice 336e to matchup with my AKG k701s and the Senn 650s I live in Mt Waverley so could possibly call in to pick it up? My home number is 9806 0151 or [email protected] ... James
  5. Ah, is THAT his name?!
  6. a PM's on the way ...
  7. Room acoustic help needed in Perth

    Hi Adrian, With the listening position hard against the side/rear wall, the Vicoustic panels 'save the day' and the open door nearest this end (in the photo, that is) and the louvres (windows) on the far wall will reduce the bass energy buildup to a certain extent but you'd really benefit from obtaining a room measurement to avoid purchasing unnecessary bass traps, or the incorrect operating range ones like the Vicoustic 'Varitraps' for example I'm pretty sure this room measuring service is available in Perth and should be in the vicinity of $300 -500 which may seem expensive but room acoustics quickly adds up in cost, especially with mistakes and knowing exactly what areas need attention, actually saves money and effort There is, or was, a recent group buy in Perth for that same 100mm Polymax, not sure what colour - check the threads here a couple weeks ago The 4" thick Polymax is relatively easy to use - you can simply wrap it in a choice fabric if positioned in/across a corner but support frames can be quite lightweight and simple to build - suggest you lookup the mentions about partly covering the front surface with reflective material to avoid too much midrange absorbtion - the 4" polymax operating range across a corner with an 800mm polymax front surface width (floor to ceiling) is about 200Hz upwards and, unfortunately, the frequencies below this are often the 'more problematic' and hence the suggestion to get a room measurement first I'm guessing a bit but I think each 2400 x 1200mm sheet of 100mm thich Poly XHD will cost well over A$100 ea - the idea of a Group Buy is that you have to buy a pack that has a minimum number of sheets/pieces (I think it's 3 off for the 100mm ones) so you could share a pack Another 'thought' is to maybe see if you can lift those panels further off the wall - maybe another 100mm or more, or at least at the bottom edge even tho it may look weird - you might be able to simply add a spacer under the bottom edge and see if it makes a difference to the sound at the listening position - they're actually rather effective units and it's worth 'playing around' with them a bit
  8. I hesitate to mention an 8" FR driver but the Wild Burro Betsy/BetsyK drivers from the US are an incredible 'bang-for-the-buck' driver - the Betsy is designed for OB and will serve quite well for a ceiling mounted driver and fairly efficient - with [postage from the US, they'll be about A$250, I think If you really want to go 'high performance' and simple installation, I'd suggest one of the AudioNirvana FR drivers - they're very low distortion, high efficiency drivers but about twice the price of the Wild Burro drivers Quite a few of the FR drivers will provide good results as a ceiling mounted speaker if some care is taken to ensure they're not overdriven and low freq response is reduced/filtered, particularly the ones designed for OB use One consideration to keep in mind is the extra length of speaker wire to those rear speakers - even with some good quality wire, some amps just don't like long cable runs/loads - I've just recently tried some of the new Deulund stranded tinned copper stranded wire with the impregnated sleeve (see the "Jeff's Place" blog about it) with good results but at about A$10/metre/conductor, it isn't exactly cheap over a long distance and the #16 is more expensive to that I think - I got some from theHiFi Collective so no discounts, but maybe Parts Conn are cheaper There are a lot of other very good wires that cost a lot less, mind you ...
  9. My Room acoustic measurements

    Hey Mark, You guys up north are really into 'real room' acoustics - down here, it's still pretty much an unknown language. I think the standard REW contains a good program for doing a 'waterfall' - not sure of the correct name - it's good to illustrate the energy storage/resonances in the room - when measuring with just a few microphone positions, it's not generally a complete picture of what the room is actually doing with music, rather than test signals so your rather remarkable freq response can still be hiding some faults and the reason for trying diffusion rather than absorbtion for to correct dips is that most dips are created by interference either from the boundary effect or standing wave cancelations and the diffusion helps 'spread the sound' and that tends to reduce the dips - sorry for repeating things well known to you It's a bit strange but I've never managed to master the computer 'thing' and testing rooms is still something I get a mate to do for me ( I'll have to get onto this sooner or later, I know) - it's a really useful way of 'seeing your room' from the point of view of how the energy that you push into the room decays over a set period, especially the low freq area - there are more sophisticated programs available nowadays but the basic ones are much simpler to 'read' and show why 'getting the bass right' is so beneficial - IMO, anyway!
  10. My Room acoustic measurements

    You might find that dip between the 60 - 80 will respond to a specific bass traps designed for just this narrow band, rather than attempting to use equalisation - not sure if that Variable trap from Vicoustic is this precise and might need a resonance trap (pro-audio Helmholz type) Apart from that, your response graph is remarkable linear - I'd be quite happy with that as long as the mix between direct and reflected sound males it easy to listen too for the whole day - you might ask if Bilbo has used all the diffusers he had cut and if not, maybe borrow a couple to play with - a little goes a long way, surprisingly enough. Lastly, I wouldn't get fanatical about the room having a flat freq response - in the studios, it's obviously necessary, but at home I don't like a flat response at all - It seems a popular 'thing' these days to use up all the facilities of those dsp units to smooth out all the wrinkles in room response and that tends to suck the life out of the music, as if you'd line cut it - our hearing is quite good at adjusting to non-resonant variations of freq response If you can manage it, a waterfall plot?
  11. Reacting or responding

    I'm waiting for my new server to program itself (or whatever these things do!) so I'll respond to your missive ... A lot of us that are just interesting in different subjects that are posted up, perhaps curious would be a better word, and just click the interest button to stay connected to the particular thread - I do this a bit and sometimes I actually have something to contribute, apart from the support, and I then will post up my thoughts - quite possibly I could be a bit more pro-active, as you mention, and contribute more directly to the threads I must say that the overall 'tone' of the whole SNA is really very well mannered in the most part - I've been a regular on diyAudio for years and there's a definite move towards the negative in many of the threads - 'snake-oil' is bantered around far too often and castigating other members happens quite a lot these days, unfortunately, and creates an instant loss of interest, enthusiasm and tends to promote arguments rather than discussions - there's a term for this but can't put my fingers on it ... We seem to be quite free of that sort of attitude here and even tho the diy section here isn't a major part of the whole site, it's great that there's such support from the accomplished tech guys and knowledgeable people and that room acoustics is showing such wide interest What's the connection to Lou Reed?
  12. I spent a considerable time trying to figure out the significance of the slanted edges but gave up in the end - they do look neat with the speckeled (?) finish Frank, I your top photo as my facepage until I finally figured out what those traps were - it's great to have confirmation about a hifi application of these products I got about 3 off 8' x 4' sheets of 50mm Polymax (XHD, I think) and a smaller one in 100mm, and made up a couple of 'bass traps' for the corners and front wall but need a lot thicker to get down to below 150Hz to mate up with either the Acoustic Fields BDA or maybe the Limp Mass traps, so I just bought an 8 off set of those 600 x 600mm traps/diffusers (ply, not clear) from Sound Acoustic for about $500 delivered, or about $60 ea - couldn't make them myself for this much - It's interesting that these acoustical products are coming down in price and they are starting to appear in both hifi rooms and in some of the demo rooms at Audio Shows - maybe more this year Filipo, I hope this is of some use for you ...
  13. I have a definite 'thing' about that bit of real estate called the front wall between the speakers - it's generally the most sensitive place for effecting speaker sound even tho there's other boundaries that might produce more significant peaks/dips like ceiling, sidewalls, etc Unfortunately, planar speakers aren't exempt from this despite their reduced side radiation effects so your response will still be effected by what is essentially a big piece of reflective glass (well, not quite but ...) and the cabinet/stand also contributed too So, yes, any diffusion panels behind the speakers will obviously have some direct effect on the sound in the room and, as you've possibly seen on some other setups, using some more absorber panels like you've got on the rear wall, where that big screen now rests will dampen some of the reflection peaks/dips of that front wall - I don't know how much of this is actually possible but perhaps you might ask 'bilbo' who also has some similar panels (big maggies) and is going thru some setup cures using diffusers/ absorbers - the Visoustics are pretty good value in comparison to most other pro-audio based solutions altho the people from Lithiania where I got my Schroeder foam cut diffusers also make similar ones to your photo, generally known as 'Skylines' The advantage to buying locally is that if they 'don't work' for you, you can usually return them for refund/exchange and still benefit from their experience with the units - you do need a fairly large area for them to work well, perhaps 2 - 3 sq. metres - I would suggest you look at the 1D diffusers (like 'bilbo' had cut from foam) rather than the Skyline type from Vicoustic company behind your speakers - the best benefits of the Skylines (Vicoustic ones) is on the ceilings, would you believe - not sure how you 'make them invisible' there as youcan't put a cloth cover in front of that irregular surface, - very effective for 'ordinary, non-planar' speakers but not sure how they'd effect the sound with those speakers of yours There's a mob down here that's developed a newer type of absorber panel that's worth a good look - they add a piece of clear Perspex in front of the foam panel - 'the "Sound Acoustic" company, and they offer 8 pieces of 600mm x 600mm for $440 that's a pretty good offer - you can also get these cut from a similar type of acoustic foam and use a nicely finished 'plywood' instead of the clear Perspex for a more aesthetic finish - his name is also 'James' so he must be a good guy!! I'll try to add some photos from their site - quite instructive, particularly if you're thinking about more diy projects - there's a variation of the familiar 'bass traps' that caught my eye - it's a bit chunkie about 7" thick but colours are mentioned and using a plywood insert panel makes them more acceptable for a lounge room Don't seem to be able to add the photos but look at their 'Sound acoustic' site - the bass traps are HAB600/150 and diffusers are HA600-75 Hybrid Acoustic Absorber/Diffuser - I should ask for a commission, eh!
  14. ... now, if you could somehow manage to space them a couple of inches off the wall (the more the better) without them 'looking daggie', even with temporary spacers, I think you'll be pleasantly surprised at the benefits - might find another home for the coffee table when listening .... The printing certainly made them look very neat and suits the decor - very nicely done indeed.
  15. You can pay an obscene amount of $s for those wall ornaments from Germany but they are quite effective diffusers - they were quite common some years ago in studios and other pro-audio areas but these days, many people have the mikes and programs to measure the acoustics in the rooms and use a combination of specific diffusers and absorbtion - we've gone past the idea of just the frequency response and the tools are so much easier to manage to get rather good control of some of those troublesome bass notes/resonances I've used a number of these weird gadgets/widgets and quite surprising how many work very well if you persevere a bit - there's still a lot of people that scoff at some of the unconventional ideas but some of them just can't hear differences that seem quite obvious to others All the best ....