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  1. I think you mean upwind.....
  2. We only have 3 species here is Tas - Tiger, Copperhead & White-lipped. All are venomous. Having said that, I don't expect to see any of these in my suburban garden..... I would absolutely soil my trousers if I did.....
  3. Gawd - you Troppos.... Not poisonous innit?
  4. Item: Pair Rogers Studio 5 Location: Hobart Price: $650 Item Condition: Excellent for age Reason for selling: Selling for Friend Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Offering these on Behalf of Owner - who purchased them new. These are in outstanding condition for their vintage - see pics. Disclosure:- the owner has supplied the following history:- Owing to many house-moves, these speakers have spent occasional periods in storage, with outings in between. When they were unpacked for use at one stage, one speaker had a rattle. Accordingly it was referred to Hobart’s leading speaker repair service (AFA) who diagnosed a loose wire. However, he also discovered some mould inside the speakers as a result of their storage and for this to be cleaned / neutralised, the drivers had to be dismantled. Accordingly, both mid/woofer units have had new surrounds / suspensions installed as part of the process. Other than the use of foam surrounds rather than the original rubberised material (the advice was that there would be no audible difference as both materials are very compliant), the drivers, crossovers, etc in the cabinets are original. I have had these in my home to check that everything is as it should be and can report that they are in good working order. Typical well-balanced, accurate, British sound, very neutral on vocals, excellent for all types of music (IMO). No honk, shout or brittle HF. Each measures 44H x 24W x 24D and weighs 8.3 kgs. They can be packed securely for interstate shipping. Examples of Studio 5 seem to be quite rare in the second-hand market generally – I’m not sure if this is because only a relatively few pairs were ever built or because owners hang onto them. There is also next to no information available online. Serial Numbers 0056A and 0056B. Can demo for locals. Pictures:
  5. Absolute cracking small speakers - heaps of character & a joy to listen to.
  6. Ha! That's what my wife thinks too! She can't stand him.
  7. Very much in the vein of 'Old Ideas' and 'Popular Problems', but absolutely! A credit to the man. I read that he was working from a wheelchair most of the time. We'll miss him.
  8. These look very similar to my Derek Brock 'Audiofurn' stands. Perfect for Brit-style, standard 2 cubic foot speakers such as Spendor BC1s, Harbeth, etc. Being higher than the squat traditional castored BC1 stands, the sound really opens up. Good buying I reckon.
  9. That's great. He's got a wry sense of humour. I quite like the tongue-in-cheekiness.
  10. Can't help myself:- are your A.C.T. speakers right next to some ATC speakers ....?
  11. Short sudden late arvo sunbeam lighting up the bridge on an otherwise cool grey day.
  12. Poor starlings & pigeons running the gauntlet every night when all they want is to go home, have a cuppa and a bit of kip .... Always on the spot Mick!
  13. Tell me the following isn't dodgy.... Friend sent me this link - site called '' re a pair of AN speakers for sale. This site is only 5 months old, everything tends to be a bit pricey, has a 'generic' feel, no info whatever about where the stuff is located, inquiries are forwarded to 'The Poster'. Out of curiosity I sent a query - and to my absolute delight & surprise, the seller is happy to accept the asking price of $850 in AUD, and to include international shipping in that figure...
  14. Gorgeous as always Mick!