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  1. Hobart GTG late september EOI

    Hi Linc; Reckon I should be able to look in - be good to catch up with some of the audiophools. And to see how you've adapted to the Hobart cool..... Cheers; Robin
  2. Item: Naim SuperUniti Location: Hobart Price: $4500 Item Condition: Near Mint Boxed, 14 months old Reason for selling: Downshifting Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Purchased in June 2016 - so just over a year old. Near mint condition, consistent with it's age & light usage. Might have some dust, handling smears, etc.Happy to ship:- The original factory boxes, packing materials and documentation has been kept.Serial number 406057 - Paid $7200 brand new - purchased from Australian agent, but I had to wait 3 weeks after ordering for it to arrive from the UK. Comes with the Naim original speaker plugs. Offers Spotify, Tidal and Bluetooth.Reason For Selling Now:- Basically this hi-end gear is wasted on me. Too many amps and I'm not utilising its hi-tech digital streaming / internet capability sufficiently. Am a tad old-fashioned, like simple, and am moving back to more modest vintage gear.[Note: This was offered here in Sept 2016 without success. At the time I needed funds - other arrangements were made.] Can demo for locals. Pictures:
  3. Post some pics thread...

    A single Noctilucent cloud then? Although there's usually more than one. I bet your lens fogged up when you first went out!
  4. Post some pics thread...

    Maybe a fading contrail? There aren't many that pass more or less directly over Hobart, but I spotted a high-altitude daytime jet contrail over Hobart two days ago that looked to be from SE to NW. When I got home & went onto 'Flightradar' and it was a flight from Auckland to Doha; in fact it turned out to be more ESE to WNW, but no idea why it swung so far South on its way to the Middle East..
  5. eBay Listings that make you go "Umm?"

    Why wouldn't he just spend the (alleged) $18 and replace the laser before selling it?
  6. Post some pics thread...

    Couple iPic snaps from this morning's muttwalk. About 5 deg C. Hobart's "Bridgewater Jerry" - a frequent winter fogbank that makes it's way down the Derwent and dissipates in the harbour. Taken from Mt Stuart - two looking NE over Northern suburbs; one towards the City.
  7. Panels vs Dynamic (cone) Speakers

    Agree 100% with this. EG: Much as I like Maggie MMGs (which are probably the best value 'audiophile' entry-level speakers on the market) they are more or less audio HF searchlights. I found if I lifted my head more than about 20cms - all the treble disappeared! Whereas I've heard cone speakers which exhibit huge sweet-spots.
  8. Panels vs Dynamic (cone) Speakers

    Some like red, some like blue..... I have a retired musician friend who's ears and opinions I greatly respect, and who has heard more seriously hi-end stereo gear (he once took home an Ongaku) than I can dream of. He's never liked ribbons or stats of any ilk. In his opinion, they never get the tone or spirit of the instruments (primarily strings as he was/is a violinist) quite right. He reckons all panels impart what he once descibed to me as a slight 'chocolate box wrapper' overtone/timbre, and that he had only ever heard the 'right' tonal reproduction from certain cone speakers. While readily conceding that they may not be fantastically resolving, or fast, or accurate - they better convey what he considers to be the musical essence. Whereas...... I lean towards the clarity and air of panels. Of all the speakers I've tried, the only ones I ever regreted selling - seemed like the right thing to do at the time - were Martin Logan Ascents. As a non-musician, they sounded just fine to my ears.
  9. Panels vs Dynamic (cone) Speakers

    That pretty much sums up my feelings too. I don't often want a full orchestra or band in my living room - too tiring; I just want it to sound nice..... Pipe and slippers, me. I'm sorry to have opened up old wounds on this never-ending subject (apologies to Bud) , but couldn't find any reference to Rod's mini-essay on SNA (I only hunted for 15 minutes....) In terms of opinions being like A***holes & everybody having one, I just felt it might be useful to show one from a person who may, perhaps, know a tad more about the subject than most mug hifi punters such as meself? Yes/no?
  10. Interesting article here from the website of Aussie company Legend Acoustics. The perennial debate.... I've met Legend's founder Rod Crawford - very nice bloke & and passionate about what he does. In particular his high-end Big Red or Tikandi - DEQX combination is most impressive. Loudspeakers.PDF
  11. Post some pics thread...

    Dolphins in the Derwent. Sorry for rubbish iPhone zoomed video quality, but not something I see every day... Dolphins July 1st, 2017
  12. Post some pics thread...

    They do look a tad frostbitten. Otherwise, Hallelujah bro.....
  13. Post some pics thread...

    I think you mean upwind.....
  14. Post some pics thread...

    We only have 3 species here is Tas - Tiger, Copperhead & White-lipped. All are venomous. Having said that, I don't expect to see any of these in my suburban garden..... I would absolutely soil my trousers if I did.....
  15. Post some pics thread...

    Gawd - you Troppos.... Not poisonous innit?