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  1. Sigh, if only you were in Melbourne!
  2. Lots of Saber rattlers but nothing firm yet. Have an awesome new gift to your self for xmas!
  3. Item: Shure SE846 iems Location: Melbourne, 3149 Price: $675 Item Condition: Mint Reason for selling: Going Custom Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: I'm putting my Shure SE846 for sale, these were bought approx 18 mths ago in Singapore and are the Asian box set, which come with the compact case and polishing cloth. Set is complete and in mint condition, including all tuning tubes and a brand new spare cable. Only 1 set of the silicon tips have been used. Pictures:
  4. OOo... so tempting, please let me know if you do decide to split the ether Cs?
  5. is it safe without paypal

    Hi All, I agree with taking the cautious approach! If a seller that I have not dealt with or has low/no feedback on the site I will generally ask for a photo with license with goods, communications via official work email etc. Just for a a "real life" link should things go south, and for them to know that I'm a genuine buyer as well. Anyone that doesn't want to engage at that level should stick to face to face deals to build up their feedback.
  6. Headphone amp for Audeze LCD3

    Lol Cryptik, your gearlist needs to include a pair of closed cans, I'm not allowed to use my open ones anymore since they annoy the mrs and wake the kids and I'm sure you'll be along that point soon! On that note qwerter, the v200 wouldn't be something I'd consider as IMO its best suited for high impedance dynamics. if you can wait, I'd give Cryptik's LC a good solid listen.
  7. Headphone amp for Audeze LCD3

    If you can find a Cavalli Liquid carbon (gen 1 or 2 doesn't matter) I found it paired very well with the Audeze sound
  8. nice! are you open to offers?
  9. all good, Headphones are now also on hold pending payment. I'll inform all backups if anything comes back on market
  10. PM Received, package is On hold pending payment from CryptiK, with a backup offer for the x-sabre and cavalli from Julzd, there's a few uncommitted offers on the LCD's so if it comes to it I'll let you know which one of you are backups.
  11. Guys, lots of interst and offers are flowing in via PM so I'm anticipating closing soon. First in best dressed so sharpen those pencils and put your last offers in. I'll make a call on it soon.
  12. bit early to lower the price Qwerty, noted but pretty firm on the price given these are still $2899 at A2A. https://www.addictedtoaudio.com.au/product/audeze-lcd-xc-closed-back-reference-headphones
  13. Hi All, I'm selling my end game headphone setup to fund an acquisition in an even more expensive hobby. Auditions are welcome in 3149 in the later parts of weekday evenings. Group Purchase offers: Buy the liquid carbon & the Matrix X-Sabre together and I'll throw in custom built balanced cables (neutrik heads, Canare core) which cost me $100 Buy all 3 together, you'll get it for a special package price of $2900 delivered anywhere in Aust. along with the headphone holders and the cables & an extra longer set of xlr cables! What we have: Item 1: Audeze LCD-XC w leather Pads & omega headphone stand (headphone stand only for pickup buyers)Location: Melbourne 3149Price: $1300Item Condition: As new - 2 years oldReason for selling: Funding a new purchasePayment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD OnlyExtra Info: Hands down the best closed headphones EVER! mine are approx 2 years old bought from Audio Ref in New Zealand, comes with its hard travel case, both stock balanced and SE Cables. Pictures: Item 2: Matrix X-Sabre 32bit 384 khz DSD DXD Dac Location: Melbourne 3149Price: $800Item Condition: As new - 7mths old purchased from NoisymotelReason for selling: Funding a new purchasePayment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD OnlyExtra Info: This is a serious bit of gear and well deserving of the flagship title, very well reviewed from many sources, and IMO one of the best bang for buck Dacs around. Has the detailed nature of the ES9018 DAC but with a touch of warmth and openess. And the build quality is amazing, it is literally hawn out of a solid block of aluminium! Mine is the silver version (don't mind the black stickers I have on them to dim the LEDs when I use it by the bedside. Purchased from Noisymotel in Feb (still goes for $1300 there!) Pictures: See below Item 2: Cavalli Liquid Carbon Headphone Amp Location: Melbourne 3149Price: $700Item Condition: As new - ~1 year old - with lifetime warranty!Reason for selling: Funding a new purchasePayment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD OnlyExtra Info: Born out of a community project for headfi from boutique and very high end amp maker Alex Cavalli (who's cheapest amp besides this is 2k USD), a limited 2 runs of 1 thousand pieces each of an "affordable and transportable" amp that was fully discrete and could show case his amp design philosophy. and what a philosophy it is! It is an amazing sounding bit of gear and blows away gear more than double or triple its price. The first run was $599USD and sold out very very quickly, the 2nd run was $799USD and is also completely sold out. This one is #372 of the first batch and comes with a lifetime warranty that can be transferred between owners. Pictures: