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  1. Thanks for the info, Thats exactly what i needed to make up my mind :). I think i will repair it and keep it for a few more years till 4k and led / laser is affordable and content of that is out there on foxtel / streaming etc. They reckon they will also perform a clean and service to bring it back to new... well as new as can be.
  2. Should i go ahead with the repair or do people feel its not worth it for this projector?
  3. WOW!!! Tecworks (seven Hills) just got back to me with the quote to fix it. 730$ to repair the ballast problem.... I paid 132$ already for the to look at it, so i guess its another 600$ on top to fix it... Ouch, I think that might be the cost of the projector on the second hand market? Or close to at least. They said that involves a complete clean etc but wow these guys really make a lot of money on repairs. The parts are apparently 350$.
  4. haha yeah, sad part is i have bought so many projectors (all second hand) and it had to be the this one that had the issues as it was my best one of the bunch. I guess thats what happens when i keep upgrading quite often. I think each projector i ever bought, i only ended up using like for a couple of hundred or a few hundred hours before upgrading again. So maybe i was just lucky and never used it long enough for it to have issues. Even this one, I believe i have only used it for a few hundred hours but i did have it for a few years now, I am not sure also if the previous owner did anything dodgy with it.
  5. Sadly, Even though i am in IT, when it comes to multimeters and electrical engineering stuff, I am not very confident. Projectors also seem like they are quite tricky / sensitive products, i guess i need to be careful with dust etc if i open it up? I did get JVC to tell me another company that seems to charge 130$ initial fee, so lets see how they go. I guess i am going to be out like 400-500$? Yeah, i have read quite a few people with JVC issues, strange as they seemed to always be rated so well ..i guess its due to their picture quality.
  6. I emailled westview and JVC yesterday evening, Westview have got back to me with a initial quote price of 198$ and said it may be more than that depending on what the issue is but the minimum price i will have to pay is that amount.
  7. Just replaced the lamps and still the same issue. So I guess it's some other problem. Sucks now have to figure out where to take it
  8. Cool,thanks, thats not too far from me at least....Close to the in-laws.....shudder...
  9. If I do need to get it repaired, what are the options in Sydney? Any near Epping or Strathfield areas?
  10. I cleaned the filter but only after the issue happened, I had completely forgotten about it before. The filter was dusty, but didnt seem terrible although i could be wrong. What i do know is it was in a dustier environment before i moved it to the new place so besides not being used for a couple of years, before that while it was being used it was in a bit of a dusty environment due to the carpet etc. I can see dust inside the vents in the front / rear of the projector and i tried the vacuum but it wasnt strong enough to collect the dust.
  11. bugger, I was also worried it might be the ballast as the lamp seemed to look ok although i am not sure if you can tell by looking at a lamp to see if its gone or not. If it is another problem then i am buying a lamp module for no reason.
  12. I didnt smell or see any smoke, The projector still starts initially as normal with the green LED but no light from the projector and then after about 10 seconds or so, it goes back to the warning LEDs. So hopefully its just the lamp as i did also come across some threads that seemed to hint at the lamp. I have ordered a replacement lamp and am probably picking it up today. Couldnt decide where to order myprojectorlamps, justprojectorlamps or ozlamps. In the end Ozlamps seemed the cheapest. They all seem to have the option of original lamp in a generic housing which is the option i went with.
  13. I hadn't used it for like 2 years and then started to use it again when I had set up my room and that was only like 2 months ago. Also since I had started using it again I did notice a couple of times while watching it that it would go blank or for a second or so then the picture would come back. Does that sound like the lamp was going? I hope it's just the lamp and not anything else.
  14. My jvc x30 just stopped working. Standby and warning lights are solid red and the lamp light flashes orange twice at a time. Is it just a lamp replacement or is it something worse. Worried it might be something worse as I don't have my spare jvc hd550 anymore as a replacement