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  1. Aurum Cantus F620 speakers

    My father is "minding" my AC speakers for me long term. Mine are only stand mounters but they are about the nicest little speakers I have heard. And the finish...
  2. I use iPhone SE and Onkyo HF in my car when not listening to the radio. No more CDs
  3. I have a Mac/CA/NHT home theatre system in my lounge room for any offline media I have still saved away in CD books or iTunes. The new source I am looking for since the demise of my PC is for my music only system and so, will only be streaming. The Bluesound Node 2 and Auralic Aries Mini have been shortlisted as they rate well and are relatively affordable. However, the Moon MiND looks perfect if I can stretch my budget as it is purely a computer based streamer - no DAC, no amplifiers, no etc, and again, rates very highly in reviews. All these options allow control of Tidal via my phone and they all (Aries mini maybe not, I'd have to check) offer asynchronous coaxial digital output to allow direct connection to my DAC instead of my current reliance on a PUC2 to convert USB audio to SPDIF.
  4. Orrrrrr, I could use a Bluesound Node 2. Yep, been reading tonight and learning. This connects directly to my wifi router and is controlled by an iOS app on my phone. It has coaxial out so I can flick my Yellowtec PUC2 converter to simplify the signal path into my Theta DAC/Pre. Then, I think if I want to really make a go of it, there are other units from Naim, etc that are even better than any PC or Mac could ever hope to be. Hotdiggitty, there's a whole bunch of products that will render/stream from Tidal wirelessly that use an iOS app for control - Moon, Auralic, Naim, Linn, and so on and so on. I'm also thinking of having an additional phone line put into the house and using an ethernet connection to whatever new streamer I choose. Penny has dropped!
  5. It seems that all solutions so far involve having a computer which works. I'm after something to completely replace any pc or mac that will stream Tidal hi-if from my router via wifi. I don't mind using my iPhone to control it via matching app but the trouble is, most affordable options don't appear to do Tidal. So far, a used mac or, a NUC connected to my router and my monitor seems the simplest option while still performing well. Am I missing something?
  6. Yes, I did the whole process of elimination with multiple cables and computers and it's definitely the pc at fault. While another mini is an option, I definitely have not dismissed the other's suggestions.
  7. I agree and this is why I had thought a second mini would be fine. I don't like complexity. Stuff should just be easy to use. The PC boots up ok. It just has no video output. It might be cheap to fix but it's 10 years old and I have a feeling newer products may be superior. I saw it as an opportunity to "upgrade" perhaps.
  8. Thanks guys. These little streaming computers like the SoTM or NUC or Raspberry Pi and a quality LPS seem like a viable option. If I could remove the PUC by gaining SPDIF coax out, that would be a bonus perhaps. This will be dedicated to streaming and it wouldn't be used for anything else. Do they connect with wifi from my router? My router is two rooms away. I've tried Kodi but didn't like the GUI at all. Will stick with the Tidal app for now. Control is via wireless keyboard and touch pad
  9. but, it does reinforce my original intention regardless so, is appreciated. Thanks.
  10. Hi everyone. Yes, my Dell Windows 10 desk-top PC has died and I'm looking for something to replace it. I am considering a used Mac Mini because the new one we have in our lounge/media room sounds great through the system there and I like its small form factor. But, are there other options I should consider for my music room streaming? I have a Tidal Hi-fi subscription and stream only so I don't need any storage at all. I would like to continue using my 19" monitor for display of content and my mini keyboard for control. Very open to suggestions and will consider other options I may not even be aware of. Many thanks
  11. Tapatalk v slow

    Glad I could help.
  12. Tapatalk v slow

    My iOS on new iPhone SE is super quick (sorry)
  13. Sorry to hear of your son's diagnosis mate. I hope all works out for you and him. If it's any help to potential buyers, I have a pair of the model under this (same enclosures/drivers but without the Van Den Hul cable). In the time I have had these, I have completely changed three home systems but had no desire whatsoever to change IEMs for my porta-fi - they are amazing. This is a great opportunity to pick up the superior Truth version for only a few $ over the standard version.
  14. 2nd in line please. I'm in Brisbane.
  15. I recently replaced some surrounds on some NHT Classic Fours I found left on the nature strip up the road in the lead up to our Council's inorganic rubbish collection. All looked good at first but removing the grills revealed; So, I measured the factory surrounds up and shopped Ebay for some new ones of the same dimensions - less than AU$2ea. Drivers out, surrounds trimmed neatly off the cones and new surrounds glued into place - to frame first, dry for 24hrs, then to cone, making sure it was centred by pushing gently on the cone and adjusting the surround a little while the glue was still soft as required. The glue I used - quick drying, black, bonds anything to anything and dries semi-flexible (like a hardish silicone adhesive); Up and running; All easy to do and just requires patience. Beats paying $100+/driver for someone else to do.