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  1. Two excellent covers albums. Imagined Soundtrack based on songs used in the excellent Amazon Prime series, "Man In The High Castle". Early 60s songs re-recorded by contemporary singers, fairly faithful to the originals and overall an excellent covers album and available on double LP too And also a covers album, Jane Birkin covers Serge's songs with full orchestral arrangements. She's not the strongest singer but overall a great contemporary Gainsbourg album that isn't only for the completist like me. Also a double LP
  2. I like MC Solaar too
  3. I've finally found a pristine copy of this on vinyl. French pressing via Discogs. Along with Eve, one of the best female hip-hoppers
  4. Fake news! It wasn't the Russians We're gonna make StereoNet great again the other sites are gonna be jealous, so jealous you'd better believe it... ...did I read that right Vladimir?
  5. Yes I know, the typical range is nominal anyway
  6. There are already phone apps that display the car speed, you don't need that info from the car as you can use GPS. Speed is displayed on the large centre screen in the pre-production models, I don't think that its a big issue and people who have sat in the Model 3 report that its clearly in your line of sight when looking at the road. It's possible that the information on the screen will dynamically change depending on the situation anyway. We'll all know for sure in a few weeks
  7. Real world data shows that Tesla batteries are holding up very well. There's a consistent 4-5% initial degradation and then (so far) almost no further degradation. My 85kWhr battery has actually gained 3km of nominal rated range over the last 50,000km
  8. It's not National Geographic but it gives a good idea of how things work
  9. Here's a good primer on EVs for anyone who wants t understand the basics, at least for Tesla's
  10. First In Any Tip
  11. The Ben Mason cover album is worth a listen
  12. So unfortunately they are now competing standards
  13. To an extent that is exactly what will happen as there are competing standards for charging as well. It is somewhat mitigated by the ability to use adapters although you may be carrying a boot full of adaptors with you.
  14. It puts the Y in S3XY