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  1. I think that you've been too kind in your comments about Melbourne City's performance
  2. Valkanis' record while he was our Head Coach (15 Matches): We beat: WSW(H), CCM(H), Phoenix(A), CCM(A), Newcastle(H), Adelaide(H). We drew with: Brisbane(H) We lost to: Adelaide(A), Newcastle(A), Victory(A), Sydney(H), WSW(A), Sydney(A), Perth(A), Perth(H). Highlighted teams finished below us on the table.
  3. City were no more or less tactically inept that they've been since Aloisi took over from JVS. The JVS that returned was not the tactical experimenter that started with Heart and had only become more bizarre and inflexible with time. Valkanis continued the trend. football is a weakest link game and the coach has always been by far the weakest link at City. The mens team will continue to do nothing and stagnate unless CFG appoint someone with brains and good man management skills.
  4. City set up to really help Perth win the game, the team tactics further assessed Perth. City really only started playing in the last 20 minutes after the game was lost, it was all so predictable for any City fan - I didn't even bother to go to this game. I think that this flattered Perth somewhat, they also struggle with consistency and I can see them struggling against Sydney. Roar will suffer from their ACL game so I think that its another Sydney - victory final with no surprises. The big issue for City remains the coaching position and from it the team playing culture
  5. Ad approved but please reformat using the standard FS template
  6. NBN have placed a tower in Myrtleford 18km away and this will supply Myrtleford township. It looks like the rest of the valley is left to fend for itself on satellite despite there being existing phone towers with power that would be suitable to supply the whole valley. I'm sure that this has been repeated all over rural Australia, if you aren't in a major rural town then you get satellite. My biggest gripe is that there's no upgrade path and no sign that people will have more that these pitiful limits over the life of the satellites. It isn't even clear if any additional satellite would increase data limits for users. Ironically it seems likely from the NBN Nbn also admit in the document that they will install fixed wireless in any case irrespective of whether makeup on SkyMuster is high or low, why not just do it and give people who are truly remote an equitable service? They also seem to indicate that SkyMuster is operating at higher data bandwidth and limits that other satellites indicating that there's little ability to 'turn it up', the satellite is already operating at maximum capacity and offering a second class service from the outset. They won't even allow users to buy 2 accounts and bond the ports to double the data limit, nor do they offer a higher data limit at any cost. Of course the 30 SD movies a month they refer to would be in lieu of any email or web browsing or music streaming!
  7. The data limits are only for those 'lucky' enough to be served by the SkyMuster satellite, if you have FTTH, FTTN or wireless broadband there will be large data limits or unlimited plans. It'll likely never happen for those on satellite NBN. Its almost the worst case scenario because the only upgrade paths are: pay for your very own wireless NBN tower - hundreds of thousands of dollars move put up with it indefinitely hope that the Government will launch more satellites at $hundreds of millions
  8. ADSL is only superior in one respect - data limits. It's just that with the increasing importance of streaming, increasing size od software upgrades etc., its only become a bigger problem. ADSL will never be as fast as even satellite But the combination of high bandwidth and low data limits iOS like having a F1 car with a 1 litre fuel tank
  9. I also have FTTH to my inner city apartment, it highlights my fortune and the misfortune of those who don't live inner city
  10. I'm not being political, I don't care who's plan it was/is but it's condemning large parts of Australia to future exclusion as the data limits will become increasingly significant. even if we get back on topic, in this small area as DVDs and BR's disappear because those with unlimited downloads can download UHD content in the future, this content and the alternatives (physical media) will not be available to those marooned on satellite (incidentally deemed 'sufficient' by those who have access to unlimited downloads). This isn't affecting 'only a few' Australians, rather hundreds of thousands, imagine if the same logic was applied to providing electricity, schools or roads to the same people?
  11. Because satellite has limited data throughput. Ironically it'll likely only change if satellite takeup is low, then NBN will build extra wireless towers and increase the data limits for existing satellite users. The alternative is to launch a third satellite but that is expensive so it's unlikely. If there's enough satellite uptake then most of the Australian landmass internet users will have those data limits (or even lower if there's significant population growth) for the next 20 years. One of the original philosophies behind NBN was to provide equal internet services to all Australians, clearly that's no longer a priority
  12. Its actually a downgrade for us as I can stream 200GB of HD Netflix through ADSL at the moment and the data restrictions make Netflix too expensive as there's only capacity for a movie or two a month, even at HD quality. Of course DVD/BluRay shops aren't handy either so the alternative is also inconvenient. We'll be sticking with ADSL until they disconnect it, hopefully by then there'll be SpaceX satellites of realistic 4G data limits
  13. Here's a typical satellite plan, pricing and speed and download limits should be the same irrespective of technology. It isn't.
  14. No I was careless with words, of course I can stream, I can even stream UHD quality but around 1 movie a month so it's of little value to me, currently I'm using around 30GB a week streaming HD Netflix and Foxtel. The problem with satellite is that there are no plans at any price (and the prices are higher) that give me an option of 200GB a month. I'd rather stick with ADSL but will eventually lose that option when the ISP decides that it's not a viable service for them. Of course I'd rather get wireless, there's even a phone tower within 300m with good site lines down the valley that would offer wireless NBN to the whole valley but of course it's much cheaper not to bother as you say. How is it equitable that people on satellite plans get maybe 1/10th the data allowance of someone that lives 500m away and can't even choose to pay more? perhaps NBN will launch a 3rd satellite but why spend the money when you can say that you are providing a service to satellite users even if it's of reduced utility? The whole idea of the NBN originally was not to disadvantage people because of their location, ir was to remove that disadvantage. There's been a political decision to change that and provide a bare bones service that overall is of no savings to the taxpayers.
  15. I'll wait for the SpaceX satellites are launched, it'll probably happen before SkyMuster becomes useable - $50 p/m gives you 30GB (up & down) + an additional 40GB between 1am and 7am, in other words 30GB a month or a bit less when you remove uploads from that total. Unable to stream anything and it isn't the 'remote' option, it's the option where NBNCo can't be bothered offering wireless internet