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  1. Owen I agree. I'm not into 'better' unless we are talking about live music. I liked the Onyx, I liked the Decca more, just a preference.
  2. Warren I'd second your experience with the Decca Gold, I preferred mine to my Koetsu Onyx
  3. Tesla model Trois (3)

    The S and X now come with a centre console, its a backwards step in a lot of ways although it provides phone charging and private storage. I appreciate the extra space in the S and it looks more spacious, especially as there's no centre tunnel. The Model Y will be a hatchback
  4. Tesla model Trois (3)

    It's easier to use than a touch-screen because all the virtual buttons and writing are bigger. I quickly learned to stabilise my hand by anchoring a finger off the edge of the screen, I don't even think about it now. You can also adjust the air vents with the steering wheel control wheels. The on-screen adjuster is the same as the fader/balance control for the music app. It's not the interior that fazes me, it's the lack of a hatchback and the presence of the centre console, it would be great if you could de-option it. The clear space between the front seats is one of the features of the S that we appreciate the best
  5. Tesla model Trois (3)

    from Gizmodo
  6. Tesla model Trois (3)

    Probably, but that's what Volvo say.
  7. Tesla model Trois (3)

    They can't drive themselves down a dirt road yet, that's the fun bit you want to do yourself, but how much do you really look at the dash whilst you are doing it? I'm not sure of any of the self-driving systems can cope with roos, the vertical motion apparently makes it difficult for the algorithms to predict the path. HVAC controls are always on screen, you don't have to negotiate sub-menus to access them. Screens certainly don't have the tactile feedback of physical buttons but in real life, it's not been an issue - if Mme T hasn't complained too much it can't be bad!
  8. Tesla model Trois (3)

    Once you start using Autopilot you really only look at the display to change the music or adjust the HVAC. You have much more time to look as the car is driving itself. You can't really understand what a difference it makes until you try it. When you get to a fun road you drive manually but you don't look much at the dash then anyway
  9. Tesla model Trois (3)

    If it's any consolation, Australian Tesla owners who have seen one in California have been surprised at how well the interior works. There've been mixed feelings about the central screen but a general agreement that its put together to German car standards.
  10. Tesla model Trois (3)

    There's no oil, what are you going to measure? Currently, I get speed, energy consumption in Whr/km, a choice of instantaneous or average projected range over 10, 25 or 50km, power output in kW. I also get state of charge of the battery, either in 'typical range km' or %. The Autopilot shows me the surrounding vehicles and the road markings that it uses to determine the position of the car on the road as well as blind spot detection and proximity sensors when driving or parking. If I want to, I can turn on the rear camera view whilst I'm driving. There's no reason to see motor rpm with a flat torque curve. I have tyre pressures if I want them, not much more to measure really. The mapping shows me all nearby chargers and even how many bays are available at the Supercharger I'm driving to. The phone app lets me set internal temperature, turn the HVAC on or off remotely and monitors the state of charge when the car is charging. Is there anything important that I'm missing?
  11. Currently Purchasing

    An oldie that has had mixed reviews but I think that it's excellent. Now available again on vinyl and excellent sound quality Also on vinyl, the new album from Geelong lo-fi psychaedelic band, The Murlochs. A little disappointing compared to their previous excellent albums.
  12. Tesla Model S

    They can reuse it when they open an Adelaide store
  13. SNA Members Top 100 LIVE albums

    1. Queen-Live Killers 2. Rock of Ages-The Band 3. The Guess Who-Live at the Paramount. 4. Robin Trower-Live 5. Neil Young - Weld 6. Nils Lofgren - Acoustic Live 7. Deep Purple - Made In Japan 8. The Saints - Live At Pig City Brisbane 2007 9. Miles Davis - In Person, Friday and Saturday Nights at the Blackhawk, San Francisco 10.Bob Marley & The Wailers - Babylon by Bus 11. Bill Withers - Live At Carnegie Hall 12. Magnolia Electric Co* ‎– Trials & Errors 13. Roger Waters - In the Flesh 14. James Brown - Live at The Apollo 15. Rock'n'Roll Animal - Lou Reed 16. U2 - Under a blood red sky 17.Thin Lizzy-Live And Dangerous 18.The Rolling Stones. Get yer Ya Ya's Out. 18. Neil Diamond - Hot August Night 19. David Bowie: A Reality Tour 20. Live - Mental Jewelry (okay, I know but I couldn't resist) 20. Ramones - It's Alive 21. John Coltrane - Live At The Village Vanguard 21. Various Artists - Woodstock (Music From The Original Soundtrack And More) 22. Yes - Yessongs 23. Whitesnake - Live In The Heart Of The City 24. Tool - Salival (mostly live and with a Led Zep cover.) 25. Alejandro Escovedo - More Miles Than Money 26. Pink Floyd - Pulse 27. Shakti 28. Simple Minds- Live in the City of Light 29. McLaughlin, DeMeola, De Lucia - Friday Night in San Francisco Live 30. The Who - Live at Leeds 31 Rolling Stones - Live in Leeds bonus disc on the Sticky Fingers box set 32 The Pretenders - Isle Of View 33 Midnight Oil - Scream In Blue 34. Kenny Burrell - A Night at the Vanguard 35. David S. Ware - Saturnian 36. BeeGees-One Night Only 37. Big Brother and the Holding Company - Cheap Thrills 38. Nirvana - Live at Reading 39. Rodrigo y Gabriela - Live in Japan 40. Chuck Mangione - Live at the Holloywood Bowl 41. Diana Krall - Live in Paris 42. Tangerine Dream - Supernormal 43. Van Morrison - Its Too Late to Stop Now 43. Esbjorn Svensson Trio - Live in Hamburg 44. The Mothers (Frank Zappa) - Fillmore East – June 1971 45. Herbie Hancock - V.S.O.P. 46. Ahmad Jamal - Live At The Penthouse 47. Hawkwind - Space Ritual 48. Patricia Barber - Live: A Fortnight in France 49. Radio Birdman - Live At Paddington Town Hall 12th December 1977 50 Bob Dylan- Live 1966 "The Royal Albert Hall Concert" 51. Bill Evans - Waltz for Debby 52. Rory Gallagher - Live in Europe 53. Johnny Cash & Willie Nelson - VH1 Storytellers 54. J. Geils Band - "Live" Full House 55. Holly Golightly - Down Gina's at 3
  14. It's from the early 70s, but Patti Smith's Horses album with the blue Elecktra label (usual label colour is white) is a killer pressing, way better than any of the so-called audiophile pressings of that album
  15. ISF Calibration Photos

    Any idea how I can get a proper calibration of my LG OLED done outside a main city? North East Victoria for instance?