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  1. I have the original 45rpm set in the metal film canister, it's an amazing recording right up there with the 12 inch 45 of Blue Monday for dynamics and SQ. I haven't heard the new edition so I can't compare it. Someone that had bought it new and played it once sold it to me 5 years ago for $20!
  2. Yes the track is a big factor but it's the relationship between the track and the cars that creates the problem. Put a bunch of Formula Fords on Hungoraring and you'll get lots more overtaking that you will with F1
  3. Increase mechanical grip by allowing wider tyres, if you want pit stops allow them to be stickier. There's always a trade-off, if you want overtaking and close racing that allows talented drivers to shine that what are you prepared to trade off?
  4. No wings
  5. who said anything about capping HP? The technical task is to design the car with the best balance, the driving task is to maximise the potential and work most efficiently the limitations
  6. I think that you mean that you'd get an exciting second half of every race
  7. Mandate steel discs
  8. Shame because its probably a relatively inexpensive and readily available pump
  9. Yes, not surprisingly the main reason this was rejected over 10 years ago was that without wings there'd be less advertising space on the cars (true story). During the 21 years I worked at Grand Prix' this was the most common suggested fix that I heard from F1 team members
  10. What I'm suggesting is the type of F1 we had before Colin Chapman introduced wings, fast powerful cars with lots of real overtaking on the track, not by clever use of pitstop strategy. Update it with modern safety standards and modern tracks. It should be the pinnacle sport for drivers. I'm not saying that it's the only way to do it, it's the simplest and most effective, far simpler that rules around when and how cars can use DRS or not. We can disagree though
  11. Sure but less powerful brakes require better driver feel, better management of braking modulation and management of fade rather than just stamping on the pedal hard at the last moment. You may need less driver fitness as the ultimate G force will be less but there'd be lots more overtaking
  12. Most of the overtaking and much of the skill involves braking, if we want to select the best drivers with the best technique then this is an obvious area to explore. It should be a formula that favours best driver over best technology in areas where there is a clash of priorities
  13. slower in the corners, faster on the straights. You can improve cornering speed by improving mechanical grip with wider tyres
  14. You don't need a taskforce the solution is easy: steel brakes and no wings
  15. Autocorrect Derision