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  1. Home Kit Controler

    The ecobee thermostat is HomeKit compatible. Order via eBay. V3 and v4 recommended.
  2. Spikes on a wooden floor

    Also the IKEA chopping board has an inner layer that seems to be a different type of wood. My experience is that it sound better than some of the other chopping boards that I've tried including a solid & thick one sold under the Pete Evans brand.
  3. Spikes on a wooden floor

    This combo that works for me out of the the various that I've tried.... a) concrete pavers on wooden floor (>50mm if possible ; stick felt etc so they don't mark the floor) b) followed by the thickest IKEA bamboo chopping board (20mm) on top of the pavers. The speaker spikes go onto the bamboo board. tried granite but found they give a harder sound (treble) in my system. Found concrete pacers to provide better sounding bass (more solid and deeper) and treble (clearer, less ringing). found addition bamboo on top of concrete paver to "quiten" the sound making various note sound much clearer. Bass also had more texture/detail. YMMV. Worth experimenting with various bits so see what works for your system.
  4. Speaker choice (sugden a21a)

    i have heard the combo of 21a with Castle sprakers... sounded well balanced to me
  5. Cat sl1..needs work

    try this page : http://www.stereo.net.au/forums/topic/109797-recommended-hifiav-repairers-australia-wide/
  6. Integrated amp upgrade

    I would add Gryphon to your list ; matches well with Dyns
  7. Meant to say pavement slab (made of concrete)
  8. My suggestion would be to play with placement (as others have suggested) In addition, if you can't find the Bungs, I suggest creating one by grouping a bundle of straws held together by rubber band ; you need to cut the straw length once you happy with it ; this will tighten the bass. Also if you have wooden floors try to use large (thick) pavement Alba under the speakers Hope that helps. And if all of this doesn't help, try some non ported speakers
  9. Will this work

    Im not an expert in this area but I cant think why it shouldnt work. give it a go
  10. Please note the following 3 issues with the turntable : 1) the auto return mechanism is not working ; doesnt affect the sound ; ive been using it as a manual turntable 2) a 3cm crack on the lid ; Ive added a pic (link below to show this ; the lid is still solid (no flex). https://www.dropbox.com/s/fkp1au1vqy3k8qh/lux%20tt%20lid%20crack.JPG?dl=0 3) one of the hinge springs has dislodged ; result is that the lid doesnt hold up open ; ive gotten used to open the lid with one arm and putting the record with the other ; the hinge is removable and should be able to be fixed or replaced ; ive added 2 pics/links to show this https://www.dropbox.com/s/s9miqhewdp82p94/lux%20tt%20hinge%20off.JPG?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/nia2wtdwo3z8os0/lux%20tt%20hinge%20on.JPG?dl=0 Further details are here in the original listing : http://www.stereo.net.au/forums/index.php/topic/39167-fs-luxman-pd-289-direct-drive-turntable/?hl=%2Bluxman+%2Bturntable Apologies for not stating these earlier. TT has been priced accordingly. None of the above issues affect sound quality which is on par with a Rega P3 (which I sold). I have owned this turntable since 1991.
  11. height 800mm ; still available
  12. Corey, 18 x17 x 48cm I have original packaging.
  13. yes ; also sometimes its late is notifying you of an event e.g. a light turning on
  14. Also there are 2 major automation wireless protocols in use globally : Zwave and Zigbee Important thing to note that th frequencies allocated to Zigbee in ANZ is the same as US & Ca So in the context of Australia, to me, Zigbee seems to have a major advantage
  15. Those wishing to get into HA should investigate the following (relative) low cost products e..g sub $500 ; they are meant to be DIY but some are not that easy to setup : - Samsung Smartthings Hub (due to be released for Au shortly) - Apple HomeKit (a handful of products) - Google Nest - Google Brillo (products just being announced at CES) - Amazon Echo - Philips Hue - Belkin Wemo - LG SmartThinQ Hub (announced a few days ago at CES) All of this activity is changing (affecting) how the likes of Logitech and Apple see the role of their products. The main issue is the various propitiatory systems. The likes of IFTTT is trying to gell all these systems together but in practise they are slow (e.g. notification can be upto 2hrs late... ) hope this helps.