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  1. Never heard the focals but have heard these. The Neumann KH120 are regarded as being one of the best at that price point.
  2. If these were in Perth I would grab them myself for use in the games room.....heard them several times at audio synergy. Major bargain at this price.
  3. Well that explains it being head and shoulders above any marvel movie then....thought x men were marvel property.
  4. Unlike any other Marvel superhero movie. Grim and depressing showing the realities of ageing with diminishing faculties and no money. In my top 3 favourite movies of the genre...didn't think Marvel had it in them.
  5. Everyone's has their own personal preferences when it comes to speakers , ATC and Harbeth are very different. Recommend you make the effort to listen to the ATC and decide for yourself , perhaps someone in Sydney has a pair you could listen to ?. The 19's are are sealed box so not so fussy with room placement. Tight bass ,wide soundstage and clear vocals are what the ATC's deliver in spades , and the new atc tweeters are superb.
  6. Amazing design....makes most other preamps look like toys.
  7. DC have followed the Marvel light hearted rom com template with WW. It's still a damn good enjoyable movie but very similar to all the other Marvel films. Hopefully the upcoming Justice League won't be played for laughs ,its okay to have a dark one occassionally. Gal Gadot is great in the role though. And she is stunningly gorgeous !
  8. I bought a second hand pair of VAF I93 from simply hifi for $3.5k some years ago , as there was some talk of them being a Duntech beater. I found them to be hard and edgy sounding in the midrange and unpleasant to listen to. Seemed like the mids were goosed up 3 or 4db too. Vaf were kind enough to make up some attenuators to tame the mids but not much of an improvement. Also in a largish 7.6 x 5m room positioned around 700mm from the wall and driven by my Plinius SA250MK4 250wpc amp with 80amps of current they were overblown in the bass and seriously lacking in definition compared to my Crown prince. Tried many positions with the vaf but low end was always lacking detail and overdone compared to the sealed box duntechs. I no longer have either speaker so have no reason to spruik one over the other but IMO the Duntechs were far superior. All comments refer to MK 1 Vaf.
  9. Hi Simon....yes yours are from around 1996 . .
  10. Problem with them is they are a franchise....just pot luck if the owners are good or morons. Had both a very positive and a very negative experience with different franchisees.
  11. Depends how many hours were on it I guess , these cartridges are over 30 yrs old so may have thousands of hours on them. Mine still sounds great but will get around to a retip one day.
  12. Gee $50 is a give away price for an SL-10. They are a great little turntable mine too. Same superb direct drive quartz locked motor as the SL-1200MK2. Put a Technics 310MC on them and they sound superb....sound damn good with the Ortofon OMP-20 as well.
  13. Yeah that'll learn em for killing his pooch....damn ruskies.
  14. Finally we get to see John Wick 2 here , a movie that was released almost 3 months ago in the US. If you liked the first full on shoot em up film this one ramps it up even further. Heaps of fights and gunplay , all ridiculously over the top. Just how I like it !!
  15. Official cause of death suicide by hanging in his hotel ! According to his wife he showed no signs of depression whatsoever and played a show just a couple of hours earlier where he was talking about playing the next show......strange.