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  1. The paperwork that came with my Highphonic 103 Pro is in Japanese. Did a quick web search and came up with this post with some basic specs and stating that it's elliptical...... Maybe the poster is incorrect though ?
  2. Yes I have a 103 Pro...definitely an improvement on my stock 103. More transparent and detailed sounding.
  3. I had the Metaxas Marquis mk3 preamp paired with two Soltaire mk2 power amps for several years driving my Duntech Crown Prince. Never had the slightest problem with them and great sound. I changed to Plinius M16 pre with SA250MK4 power amp....a sideways move in hindsight . I was using Axon 8 speaker cable at the time , also used Dynaudio OCOS and some other stuff....the amps didn't have any issues with different cables.
  4. You can post you stuff for sale in the Private Hi-fi classifieds section. Just be sure to read the classified selling guidelines first.
  5. Unfortunately these ebay and paypal policies all in favour of the buyer make it easy for thieves to rip off honest ebay sellers. .
  6. Marantz , Nakamichi , Onkyo ,Yamaha.
  7. They may both be sold. Waiting on buyer DMax to confirm that he has made payment. Will pm you if the sale falls through.
  8. Item: 2x PS AUDIO power punch cables...US Plugs...1.5 metre lengths Location: Perth Price: $60 Each Item Condition: Excellent Reason for selling: No longer needed Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, COD Only Extra Info: Bought these Ps audio cables a few years ago here in Australia from Audiophile Utopia . They are 12 gauge...equivalent to 2mm , multiple shielded ferrite impregnated cables. They have the two pin c7 connector on the ends so suitable only for components that use it , such as many dvd/ bluray players , Tuners cd players etc.. Postage to eastern states is $10 for one......$20 if buying the two.......pickup welcome. Pictures:
  9. Depends on the room size and how they are positioned , in a 3.5 x 4m bedroom set up they were not lacking in bass at all. But in the main room 7.5m x 5m they did sound thin and in need of a sub .
  10. I had a pair of PCL-25 for a while......they are excellent , although lacking in bass extension. A John Dunlavy designed speaker , unlike Duntech's later stuff after he left which is no where near as good imo.
  11. It's 100v Japanese. .. Have a quality step down that can be sold with it if required.
  12. Ouch !....23,800 EURO is $33,259 AUD at current exchange rate ... methinks a bit optimistic.
  13. Item: TECHNICS SL-1000MK3D.....SP10-MK3 + SH-10B5 Plinth. Location: PERTH Price: $7950 without arm.....$8950 with original boron P-mount tone arm. Item Condition: Excellent Reason for selling: Have too many ! Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Bank deposit, COD Only Extra Info: This is Technics absolute top of the range set up , the SL-1000MK3D originally came as a package with the technics EPC-P100CMK4 P- mount cartridge which many regard even today as one of the best cartridges ever made......( that cartridge is not include in the sale. ) The gold coloured Boron tonearm was specifically designed to partner that cartridge and as it was never available separately it does not even have a name. Of course it can also partner with any P- Mount cartridge and sounds amazing with the Technics EPC-310 MC . New P-Mount cartridges are still available and it is currently set up with a 6 month old lowly Ortofon OMP -20...which is not included but could be added at additional cost if a potential buyer would like it .........(the OM30 and OM40 stylus can also be fitted.... OM40 is 2M Black equivalent ). Some of the pics show a Technics EPA-100 fitted.....this is not part of the sale. The Technics SH-10B5 plinth is not obsidian ( volcanic glass ) , that was just a marketing term used by Technics. It is made from a substance developed by Technics called TNRC , Technics Non Resonant Compound ...similar to what Kenwood were using in their L-07D but not as brittle. The feet on the plinth are custom designed with a suspension in them tuned to the resonant frequency of the table......nothing like the rubber feet on an SL-1200MK2. Technics were well aware in the early eighties that their SP-10MK2 had been surpassed by the likes of the Denon DP-100M , Kenwood L-07D and Pioneer Exclusive P3. The Technics SP-10 MK3 was their answer to that , the motor is based on the Technics SP-02M Cutting lathe. Everything is taken to the extreme , although looking superficially like a MK2 no two parts are the same. The copper alloy platter alone weighs 10KG. Superb tolerance bearing and amazing wow and flutter specs. Having owned several SP-10MK2...SL-1000MK2 set ups , I can safely say that the SP-10MK3 is at a whole different level sonically. I have owned a lot of high end belt drive and DD turntables over the years , including Linn LP12 , Ekos2 Lingo2 , ArkivB , Avid Sequel Rega RB1000 , Notting Analogue Hyperspace Space arm , Pioneer Exclusive P10 and Pioneer Exclusive P3. The P3 was the best of the bunch , but in careful direct comparison to the Technics side by side over several years the Technics is the superior sounding turntable. When I find something that performs so much better than any thing else I have tried I tend to go all out to acquire more than one.......this is collector mentality and as such I have got three of these amazing turntables , other wise I would never be selling this . It is one too many really , so unfortunately time to sell one of my babies , I bought this one here in Australia and am selling it here for less than I paid as I would rather sell for far less here than have to deal with Ebay international paypal chargeback scammers etc. Do some research on second pricing .....just the SP-10MK + PSU alone with out plinth or tone arm tend to sell for between $5000 - $10000 . Local audition of the turntable is most welcome . The turntable is in perfect working order , no issues what so ever and has been utterly reliable , as have all of them. Please check the pics carefully , the last photo shows some cosmetic imperfections on the top cover of the motor unit at the right hand side above the Technics logo. I have set up a spotlight and shone it on the area to highlight the marks......under normal lighting condition they are not as noticeable . Needless to say if shipping to the eastern states great care needs to be taken in packing. The whole set up weighs 48KG Unpacked. The platter , tonearm , dustcover etc all need to be removed and boxed up separately so shipping will be in 4 separate boxes. I have all packing material still here to pack it to survive even the most careless of couriers. If you would like a shipping quote PM me, OPTION 1.... What you get is the SP-10MK3 + SH-10B5 Plinth + Dustcover + One armboard of your choice for $7950. See pics of three arm board options is an original Technics armboard , undrilled , can be drilled to suit any 9" - 11' tonearm. The other two are aftermarket solid aircraft grade aluminium armboards powder coated black , one is pre drilled for the Technics EPA-100 , The other is pre drilled for the EPA-100 MK or EPA-500 tone arms....( these arm boards were made in the US and cost me $400 each). OPTION 2.... What you get is the full monty SL-1000MK3D.....SP-10-MK3 + SH-10B5 Plinth + Dustcover + Original Boron P-Mount Tonearm + Tonearm Cable for $8950. The P-Mount arm is Technics statement piece , superb sound and is easily the sonic equivalent of the brilliant Technics EPA-100MK2. ........... Even in Japan these tables fetch a pretty penny . Here is a link to the most recent 2016 sale on the popular Japanese HifiDo site. Sold for one million Yen.....$11666 AUD. Pictures: