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  1. JBL 4435 resto

  2. Stereonet unusable on mobil devices

    Still getting non audio related pop up ads for penrite oil financial consultants , ultratune etc etc. Have cleared cache and restarted my galaxy s4 several times.
  3. Stereonet unusable on mobil devices

    Just from today I've started to get pop up ads when on a mobile....
  4. His reasoning was a step down in performance...with bluray. It may be beneficial with 4k uhd discs ? ....haven't tried one yet.
  5. Hi....so what is the difference between eshift 3 eshift 4 or eshift 5 ? When I had a professional calibration on my 2015 purchased X500 the calibrator advised against using "pixel wobble" eshift.
  6. My jvc is 1080p 4K eshift and it's superb. Won't upgrade it until they release a full 4K projector with contrast levels at least as good as what I already have.
  7. So all still 1080P ......
  8. FS: JBL 4367 Studio Monitors

    Where have you heard the SCM300 ASL ?.....would love to have a listen to them. Were the 4367 set up in the same room ?
  9. It depends what they are aiming for performance wise . If they intend to equal or surpass the sound and build quality of the SP-10MK3 , EPA -100MK2 tonearm , and SH-10B5 Plinth it will take more than just $12K usd imo. .
  10. What are the chances of ever getting these in Australia though. We still can't even get the SL1200G here.
  11. Mmmmmm....Japanese black triangle , lovely !
  12. Hello - I love the early CD players

    I've had a lot of cd players over the years . My favourites by far have been the first gen Philips based players with the superb CDM-0 mechanism and twin tda1540 14 bit dac chips. Marantz CD63 , Philips CD -100 , Marantz CD 73 , Philips CD 303 and the Revox B225 .
  13. 2.2 channel stereo

    As your preamp has two sets of outputs and you now have two sub woofers you can have stereo bass. Connect one pair to your power amp and the other pair to your subs. Right channel output to right hand sub , left channel to left hand sub. This is the best way for 2 channel music.