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  1. Depends how many hours were on it I guess , these cartridges are over 30 yrs old so may have thousands of hours on them. Mine still sounds great but will get around to a retip one day.
  2. Gee $50 is a give away price for an SL-10. They are a great little turntable mine too. Same superb direct drive quartz locked motor as the SL-1200MK2. Put a Technics 310MC on them and they sound superb....sound damn good with the Ortofon OMP-20 as well.
  3. It sure is....but remember that the 19's are part of ATC's entry level series. The classic series scm20 , 50 , 100 and 150 are a step up again in performance with better tweeters and amp packs.
  4. The SCM20 ASL PRO MK2 are superior to the SCM19A. The 20 ASL PRO MK2 use ATC's top of the line S spec tweeter. The 19A just use the standard ATC tweeter found in all their entry level.range. The 20 ASL PROMK2 also have a better quality and more powerful amp pack. The only thing the 19A has going for is more WAF due to the curved cabinet but you pay a big price premium for it.
  5. The octave is a valve preamp , and the brand has no Australian distributor or dealer. I'm specifically looking for a Bryston BP-25 or 26.
  6. Item:Bryston bp25 or 26 Preamp. Price Range: Negotiable Item Condition: New or Used Extra Info: Looking for a Bryston 25 or 26 preamp , would prefer one with in built phono stage but not absolutely necessary. Pm me if you have one you wish to sell.
  7. Yeah that'll learn em for killing his pooch....damn ruskies.
  8. Finally we get to see John Wick 2 here , a movie that was released almost 3 months ago in the US. If you liked the first full on shoot em up film this one ramps it up even further. Heaps of fights and gunplay , all ridiculously over the top. Just how I like it !!
  9. Official cause of death suicide by hanging in his hotel ! According to his wife he showed no signs of depression whatsoever and played a show just a couple of hours earlier where he was talking about playing the next show......strange.
  10. Sad to hear Chris Cornell of Soundgarden and Audioslave dead at just 52.
  11. Much better movie than prometheus. Maybe my expectations were too high for this one though , it's a very good film , but I felt a little disappointed in it not being the superb movie I was hoping for. Maybe the next instalment will be the great one as the story is set up nicely for it.
  12. I recommend the use of Benchmark DAC1 HDR, DAC2 HGC or DAC3 HGC preamps with active ATC. They have true balanced xlr outputs as well as single ended. The preamp stage is superbly transparent , as is the Dac and headphone section.
  13. In the books Roland Deschain is a white Clint Eastwood lookalike with piercing blue eyes. Dumb move casting Idris Elba ! Changing the main characters race alters the whole back story. What stupidity next for hollywood......maybe Mark Wahlberg starring in a remake of Shaft ?
  14. A few got out there in the early stages , then Ken Law figured out that it was more profitable to just steal the money and not have the bother of actually making and shipping the dacs.
  15. I bought a storm digital dac from ken law in hong kong several years ago for $750usd. As soon as he received the money all communication , which was prompt and friendly previously stopped. I never received the dac , Mr Law decided to keep my money and not send the dac. He also scammed several other buyers on the US headfi forum. We banded together and sent all of our details to the Hong Kong police station closest to his address. A couple of months later we were offered a partial refund of around $200usd iirc. It taught me a valuable lesson about dealing with chinese sellers.