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  1. Sure there's always duds in any brand but its the complete lack of co-operation from the manufacturer that is concerning , not replying to emails and not supplying a schematic even when the tech agreed to sign an NDA. Been going on for a year now , terrible customer service for a high end expensive item.
  2. Will never even consider buying AMR after hearing this , thanks for the heads up.
  3. PM replied to....still available.
  4. Item: Equipment Racks x2 Location: Perth Price: $225 each. Item Condition: Excellent Reason for selling: Not using Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Bank deposit Extra Info: These spider racks are more expensive than the often seen ones with wooden cross braces , these ones have solid aluminium cross bracing and unlike the wooden ones these are rock solid , no movement in them at all. Each rack weighs around 17KG without any shelving. I have had the upright legs professionally anodised black with twice the standard anodising depth so that any scratches would not show through......looks MUCH better than the all silver imo. Local pick up only on these thanks. Pictures:
  5. Item: AKG K712 PRO Location: PERTH Price: $295 Item Condition: AS NEW , Barely used Reason for selling: Not being used. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Bank deposit, COD Only Extra Info: These headphones were bought new here in Australia about 2 years ago but they have had very little use at all , probably less than around 5hrs. They are the more sought after original made in Austria version and come with original box and all accessories including both straight and coiled cables. Can ship if required , contact me via PM for a postage quote. . Pictures:
  6. No worries. I've sent you a PM with an exact shipping quote and bank details etc .
  7. Item: EQUINOX AUDIO PLUTO Location: PERTH Price: $450 Item Condition: MINT , AS NEW Reason for selling: ATC Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Bank transfer , COD Only Extra Info: I bought these Pluto brand new from Rick at Equinox audio , they replaced a pair of dynaudio contour 1.1 in my bedroom system the Equinox are just a better speaker all round. They use Audax Aerogel drivers in a MTM configuration , each speaker was hand built here in Australia by Rick himself , fit and finish is superb. Rapping on the sides of them is like rapping on a brick , they weigh around 8KG each and size is 320mmH x 320mmD x 160mmW. They have had an easy life in a bedroom setup and always covered with their supplied thick Felt covers when not in use , as well as the felt bags the original boxes are also included so can be shipped safely. Pricing on these new was $900 plus shipping and that was a no haggling factory direct price. At the asking price of $450 I can't think of a better speaker for a small to medium size room , it has taken a $2200 pair of ATC scm7v3 to knock them off their perch. Local audition is welcome and happy to ship , .... I'm guessing courier delivery to the eastern states would be around $50-$70. PM me if you would like an exact quote. Pictures:
  8. On stairway to heaven ...."here's to my sweet satan". Plus other satanic stuff .....
  9. As a kid I used to regularly spin my copy of Led Zep 4 backwards to hear the satanic messages. No damage occurred to the stylus or cantilever.
  10. Nah , reverse spinning doesn't do that to the cantilever.
  11. Yeah....he could put a cheaper 2M bronze stylus on the black body as they are interchangeable. Or just buy a cheapie 2M red cartridge plus stylus for around $100. Big step down sonically from a bronze or black though.
  12. wonder it didn't sound right! !!! Remove the stylus and try to straighten the cantilever but it is probably rooted. Time to buy a new stylus....
  13. Most likely cause is either a faulty headshell cable or one of the connectors on the headshell cable is not making full contact with the cartridge pins. Recommend you remove all of the wires from the headshell and make sure that they are all a firm tight connection. If any are a loose fit use needle nose pliers to crush the tags a little.
  14. Paul McGowans greatest skills are in marketing. He reminds me very much of Linns Ivor Tiefenbrun in the 80's.