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  1. The picture of the cables look just like a normal pair of single wire speaker cables, I don't know how you can reterminate them as they already appear to be correctly terminated with banana plugs at both ends. Maybe I'm missing something in the description of what you want.
  2. My understanding of the manufacturing was that Philips considered the cost of the pro 2 unsustainable and at the time of consideration, given the perceived benefit of dvd drives and the significant push into Chinese manufacture along with the bean counter logic that Philips use with regularity, it was fate compli. As for "daisy", no information on that seems to be available. The ones that are used by that particular uk company that has all the stock, are in fact pulled apart and rebuilt with respect to the power supply of the digital output stage. There are about 12 Blackgate cap changes alone.
  3. Peter Qvortrup's company.
  4. Hasn't been in production for a number of years. When Philips let manufacturers know that they were not continuing with production, all existing on hand stock was purchased by one company, totalling some 4000 assemblies.
  5. Last week the deliveries were 7 records, 6 classical analog productions releases of the Decca label and Haxan Cloak's Excavation. Cd's were Tennessee Ernie Ford, the night of OST (fantastic), arvo part, another 2 ECM's, a Beth hart live recording and Sara isaksson and Rebecka tornqvist singing steely dan songs. Next week has govnt mule on cd and some electric recording company pressings on vinyl so pretty mixed bag. cheers.
  6. Probably CD as most of the music I listen to isn't available on vinyl. Red book can sound exceptionally good if done appropriately. Other considerations of convenience will dictate other choices.
  7. I'm sure Chris Kim knows his way around electronics but setting up a tt, not his cup of tea. Push comes to shove maybe.
  8. I'll put my paddle up for this lot.
  9. I'm slightly perplexed by the judging determinations used in the sense that some of the descriptors would actually mark higher on a lesser cable. For example, unless you have a different interpretation of what a change would bring, both distortion and glare are negatives and masking both aspects to some degree would generate a higher score normally and would tend to be more the territory of a more basic cable. For me personally, the greatest benefits of introducing higher quality power cables into a good quality, well balanced audio system has been in the specific areas of reducing noise floor levels, greater macro and micro dynamics, instrument and vocal tone and a greater sense of effortless engagement to the recording. Whilst I think the effort of trying to listen like a machine and evaluate is a valiant one for you and your assistant, I think ultimately, it will be normal positions resumed. As someone who has participated in an abx audio test in the past, I admire your application. Good luck.
  10. I think the Forbes wine article is hilarious. No wonder blogging and professional writing are worlds apart.
  11. I was going to comment as to the incorrect but the thought of Luc's dangling dictionary caused a requirement of a quick sit down.
  12. DHL was always a Deutscheland post company. That's why they have the reputation of reliable efficient service. It's a hangover from getting the trains to run on time. We use them all the time and never have a problem. The more you use them the cheaper rates you get. They are a lot cheaper than auspost for sending stuff.
  13. I'm re- veneering his lp12 and he is coming over on Sunday to choose the veneer he wants so I will find out details then. Cheers.
  14. no polishing, had to be sold in the carve up. she thought the 100k he had spent on it before they got married became half hers and it was.. he learnt a very costly lesson.
  15. not even close to original.