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  1. The difference is in the exchange rates, not some poxy visible transfer fee. Yeh st George charges $20, no wonder they make billions in profit every year.
  2. On a $20 k transfer, a bank is charging $1 k for the privilege of using their service. There are much less punishing ways of transferring funds overseas. If you do it regularly, it is worth investigating alternative means. No specific recommendation as each persons requirements are different and sometimes expectations aren't met so won't be supplying names but banks are far from being kind when it comes to transfer rates.
  3. Tantalising Turntables

    The image is deceptive as the arm bases are pushed out away from the platter in order for the photographer to achieve the required symmetry of the platter. No way could those arms track in those positions.
  4. Roger Sanders on Cables

    Ooh hoo, I'm in the same sandpit as Trevor. Never thought I'd see the day, my life is complete.
  5. Roger Sanders on Cables

    As one of the irrational's, i would have thought sanders statement as to the unsuitability of co axial cable for magnetic speakers would have been a good starting point followed by the comments regarding goertz , both championed by Trevor.
  6. Having never opened a pair of Zu's, I don't even know if there is a x-over in the cabinet but given the box has been dropped at some stage in transit and the fault is intermittent and can be corrected by movement, it would appear as you have an issue with a point of contact either on a circuit board if one exists or the components used internally, however they are mounted ,caused by the impact of the box with the ground and sudden arrest of components with inertia. Either scenario are beyond your capabilities as you have explained with your 2 left hands and should be resolved by the dealer or one of their representatives in which ever state you live in. Manufacturers try to build safety into products and packaging but sometimes all their efforts are thwarted by handlers of freight and gravity/ concrete. ( this is why we bring all our shipments in on pallets, much less likely to be dropped) It should be straight forward to resolve by someone experienced, just have to find that person.
  7. Roger Sanders on Cables

    What lengths do you need sir, step right up to the front, look into my eyes, see the shiny shiny, your pockets are heavy, they need to be lighter, let me help you with that....
  8. Very good sounding turntable.heard it in a system with fm acoustic electronics and pmc speakers. Touraj was playing dj.
  9. High End prices....why so expensive?

    Might depend on where the cars are made for a start with regards to Mercedes. Different models , different countries. When we bought our c class it was the only version made in Germany because of the roof construction being mostly glass, all of the other c class models were from South Africa.
  10. There are new videos posted via the mono/stereo blog site showing the assembly and how the platter just screws onto a platform sitting above the motor assembly so talk of bearings is only relevant to motor shaft bearings in this case.
  11. Tantalising Turntables

    First time too and then a guy traded one from Perth and then I sold it to a guy down in Victoria who lived at riddles creek. Set it up with a transfiguration cartridge, classe electronics and apogee speakers. As far as I know still has it. I just have a T3b as a spare tonearm on a well tempered lab franken turntable that I don't use anymore but the goldmund products were pretty damn fine back in the day.
  12. Tantalising Turntables

    Only the original version.
  13. I'll give you $20 for the speaker terminal.
  14. Tantalising Turntables

    I think you will find that is just the arm rest Marty.
  15. I sure you are not Rob. As an addition to the eBay price, I think you would find this a sea freight price which is likely to add standard charges irrespective of dimensional size that most private importers would be completely unaware of as we were caught out with recently as we imported a chair from Italy and Cath chose to use sea freight as it was half the cost of airfreight. What she was not aware of was the port authority charges which added a total freight cost of what the airfreight charge would have been by another 50%. ie sea freight $400, airfreight $800, port authority charges, additional $800 so total sea freight bill, $1200 and the chair was damaged. We lost on this one unfortunately and the response from the Italians, seems they can't read English anymore.