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  1. currently drinking

    I have some 2009 Sorrenburg sav Blanc predominant, small part semillon blend that I pour whenever smoked chicken and marinated artichoke pasta is being made. Totally brilliant.
  2. We all balance needs and wants, you're doing what makes sense and what will allow you a mutha of a system in 20 years time when you can't hear anything anyway. Enjoy what you have and try not to be so hard on shiny discs that actually do something pretty interesting.
  3. After such a anti positive stance, I went and laid down the $88 and put them under the CD player and amp I am using at the show next weekend. They will be traveling to Macquarie street and join the other placebo inducing paraphernalia being used.
  4. The Night Of

    I'll be playing part of the soundtrack at the show next weekend. Exquisite music.
  5. Australian Hifi & AV Show Sydney 2017

    Of course. Simple system, TT with a 30 kg power supply , cd with a valve output stage, integrated amp (10 watts) full of silver tantalum resistors, speakers and far anion dots and schumman resonator, along with constrained layer isolator devices and really expensive power cords. Insert smiley face here. It doesn't sound too bad. And lots of cello music.
  6. Dr Who

    She was a very good actress in the broadchurch series and she can hold a scene so it will be interesting how they write for her.
  7. Is $600 too much for these?

    Target stands were the general recommended stand and they would realistically come in at 30-40 kgs each. Think steel filled columns filled with lead shot.
  8. Is $600 too much for these?

    Small ProAcs require very substantial and heavy stands to sound like they should. Anything less is a waste of time.
  9. Leon The Professional

    Quite a few scenes were cut from the original worldwide release and I think it was only the original French release that contained the full besson vision. Most of it related to the Portman character and what she portrayed. The American studio release was the most significantly altered.
  10. Check out the work of an architect by the name of Tom kundig. The guy is a genius.
  11. I have to admit this gave me a smile when I read it and even now writing this, the chuckle takes over. You even have to smile at someone who "likes" their statement of adoration. Almost "trump" like. keep up the effort.
  12. The success of the joke is how easy it is to give oxygen to it on forums by highlighting the sense of outrage of preying on the gullible. and with a little blast of fresh air, the joke burns bright again.
  13. You do realise it is a joke and always has been.
  14. Nearly every original gryphon Tabu was rebuilt with a new output stage due to heat damage issues so not an entirely successful debut as an integrated super amp. They learnt their lesson and no issues since.