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  1. Looks like a schuko, European type.
  2. I only use them in class a valve equipment which runs pretty warm anyway so have not experienced any premature failures. I have used them on capacitors, cables, chips in dacs and CD players, interconnects and power cables, not a lot as I prefer the other components the company makes.
  3. Because I resell Telos components and me promoting them would be unethical as I am not a forum sponsor.
  4. Who knows, there may be a whole new career in children's storytelling just waiting for you. The next j k Rowling ..... and then you will be able to buy those new power cords.....
  5. No challenge and your wallets rectum remains intact. Mine finds constant delight in releasing moths.
  6. No idea, never tried bybees so I think I'll leave it to others who have listened to them.
  7. Why would I piss in your pocket? I said I use them, I didn't say anything about what they do, that would be unethical. The thing about Telos is you get to try it before you buy it so no harm done if you can't hear a difference.
  8. If you are coming to the hifi show in July you can hear a complete AN system including cables treated with them and all of the other Telos devices including the cd demagnetiser, grounding system, speaker cable lifters, resonators and red and blue stickers. I use them all and resell them so pinch of salt required.
  9. You know it only stings a little the first time it goes in and then the fun begins...
  10. Would you like to borrow some one day that may make you smile and your wallet constrict tighter than a fish's rectum?
  11. Given that the lead time from design concept to release date might be 18 months/2 years, component changes and costs associated with early adoption of certain technology, sometimes aren't reflected in much later analysis. Aside from the fact that everyone else works for food stamps and costs involved in manufacturing anywhere else other than Shenzhen or Mumbai have stayed the same since kids went down the mines and canary's were considered safety equipment, what else is new.
  12. Given the least expensive model mr James manufactures( one of only 3 speakers) is £995 and comprises a 2 way classD active system using drivers made in Indonesia and with a cabinet made from 12 mm mdf, maybe he appreciates irony in a statement 10 years on.
  13. Not kagura, cessaro's own 211 pse amps.
  14. 272 kgs shipping weight, one mother of a phone.