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  1. My DHT took about a month or so plus shipping time to do but it was an upgraded from the Chenin to DHT. The wait might be a bit longer now but definitely worth it!
  2. Yes, contact Mick through the website. In my opinion the DHT preamps are world class.
  3. http://positive-feedback.com/audio-discourse/duelund-coherent-audio-dca16ga-premium-tinned-copper-vintage-tone-cable/
  4. http://positive-feedback.com/audio-discourse/duelund-coherent-audio-dca16ga-premium-tinned-copper-vintage-tone-cable/
  5. I use one of these: http://store.acousticsounds.com/d/42882/AcousTech-The_Big_Record_Brush-Record_Cleaner The wire attachment seems to "drain" the static pretty well.
  6. Now open to offers on these fantastic amps. Herby
  7. Item: Golden Tube Audio SE 40 (2 amplifiers) Location:Melbourne, Eastern Suburbs Price: $2500.00 Item Condition: Excellent Reason for selling: purchased a pair of Cymer 13E1 amp from Elson Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: These amps are 80 watts a channel, dual mono, valve/tube, single ended. Made in the USA in the 1990s. They have a magical single ended midrange but have useable power and still have a strong following in the USA. They could easily be returned to stereo operation, 40 watts a channel. They are in excellent condition including all of the valves. I am the second owner. When I purchased them a couple of years ago I got Dallas Clarke to go over them and give them the all clear. They have been back to USA and were modified by the experts on these amps, Sonicraft, they address all of the potential sound and reliability problems that these amps are meant to have. http://www.soniccraf.../se40rel-p-4291 I have the original boxes, manuals etc. they are heavy so sending them interstate might be expensive. PM me with any inquiries or questions. The amps are in storage but I can send photos of the actual amps to genuine potential purchasers. This is what one amp, not mine looks like: Herbyj
  8. I see Mick has updated his Blog after a long period of silence: http://supratekaudio.blogspot.com.au It looks like he's doing something with preamps, Direct Heated Triode (DHT) designs, that others aren't. Interesting? Herbyj
  9. I was driving past Trevor Lees Audio in Kew and see that the shop is for sale with vacant possession. Seems to be a trend with brick and mortar operators. Does anyone know whether they are moving or closing? Herby
  10. Seany Which air bearing straight tracking have you bought? Just out of interest. Herby
  11. Don't make me list these on ebay. Usable, single ended, dual mono amps! Herby
  12. The price is now ONO. If no interest here onto Ebay they go!