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  1. Hi Ken Thanks,that one looks interesting. I'll make further inquiries. Herby
  2. I'm after a Koetsu to go with my new Garrard 301 and air bearing arm. Ideally I'd like to get a vintage Rosewood which is unused or has had very little use but I'm open to other Koetsu models, suggestions etc. PM me. Cheers Herby
  3. Thanks everyone for their suggestions. Found one after a lot of searching. I ended up buying a Garrard 301 hammertone oil bearing from the UK. It has been refurbished by The Classic Turntable Co. Now to buy a plinth. Cheers Herby
  4. Still looking.b
  5. Palexsia PM sent. Did you get it? Herby
  6. SNA? I have sent a number of Private Messages, PM to you but haven't recieved a reply? Do you know how the PM system on Stereonet works? Cheer Herby
  7. Palexsia I have sent you a PM, Private Message. Please respond. Herby
  8. Hi Palexia I'm only interested in the 401 turntable itself, I'm not interested in buying the plinth although it does look great. I'm going to buy a vinylista plinth from Germany once I get the actual 401. If you are interested in selling just the turntable I'd be interested? Cheers Herby
  9. I'm still looking for a 401. Ideally I want one without a plinth or tonearm in Melbourne. Anyone? Herby
  10. My DHT took about a month or so plus shipping time to do but it was an upgraded from the Chenin to DHT. The wait might be a bit longer now but definitely worth it!
  11. Yes, contact Mick through the website. In my opinion the DHT preamps are world class.
  12. http://positive-feedback.com/audio-discourse/duelund-coherent-audio-dca16ga-premium-tinned-copper-vintage-tone-cable/
  13. http://positive-feedback.com/audio-discourse/duelund-coherent-audio-dca16ga-premium-tinned-copper-vintage-tone-cable/
  14. Hi Nothing concreye yet, a few possible 401 that require further investigation. Surely someone has one that they want to sell? Cheers Herby
  15. Thanks I'll have a look at it. Sounds promising. Herby