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  1. Keith's visit to Scuzzii's Sat 22/7

    Pic from Nigel A few of the crew yesterday. Sent from my SM-G925I using Tapatalk
  2. Keith's visit to Scuzzii's Sat 22/7

    nope - wont be doing that
  3. Keith's visit to Scuzzii's Sat 22/7

    she is fantastic - I have both the US and UK pressings. UK slightly better and no paper inners
  4. Keith's visit to Scuzzii's Sat 22/7

    Sure was Martin and we spoke about your CH2s and your Shelter cart.
  5. Another full range driver cabinet

    look forward to seeing pics of the finished product and reading your listening impressions..
  6. Just a quick post on Keith's visit yesterday. Keith was coming back through Syd from melb where a new set of CH2's were delivered. I'm sure the owner has spent the weekend gobsmacked at their performance (as I do each time I sit in front of mine). A small group assembled (and a few couldn't make it due to flu - next time fellas) @Hensa, @Nigel, @Headbanger arrived around 2pm/3pm mark and but Keith and I had been well under way already listening to Jason Isbell, Jeff Tweedy, John Mellencamp and Rodney Crowell. In my view - Rodney Crowell was the best of the music all day. I cant recall the exact order of the recordings we listened to so I will just post the pics of the Albums. Finished around 10pm last night after a cracking day enjoying the system (most of which has come from Keith) and the music. The synergy I'm getting through the Cart, TT, Phono stages, Amp to CH2's is highly enjoyable/stunning in my assessment (somewhat bias I appreciate). I'm extremely satisfied with the sound I have and thanks must go to Keith and Dave for their advice on setup. Great folks to deal with. Brinkman Tone arm is a week or so away - that may just about do me as end state. (ok for now - may investigate 2nd TT but not sure I really need it). I think Nigel and Russ took some pics as well through the day. Over to the albums played - as an observation, the 45rpm releases stand out for me. They just have more in the music. Albums by Jason Isbell Kandace Springs Bonobo Rodney Crowell Jacintha (45rpm) Vanessa Fernandez (45rpm) John Coltrane (45rpm) Jeff Tweedy Tom Petty Jack Johnson Glen Hansard Keb Mo Keb Mo and Taj Mahal John Mellencamp John Mayer (45rpm) Neil Diamond
  7. Some Vinyl Musings

    Great day and night with Keith yesterday. Will post some pics in a new thread. Lots of great music, great wine and finished with some nice JW Blue Label at the end of the night. Surprising, I'm feeling 'ok' this morning.. Thanks to @cheekyboy, @Nigel, @Hensa and @Headbanger for coming over The gear sounded pretty good all day. We are indeed lucky
  8. he did have a way with words .....
  9. Show us your Turntables!!!

    no room on the cabinet - have a CD player sitting there
  10. Show us your Turntables!!!

    nice one Ross. Enjoy the flexibility of 2 TT's and the ability to have the VdH BB and Benz LPS in your system at the same time.. Envious
  11. Hell Of A Season

    if one can secure the 45rpm version it is worth it. Not the usual compressed sound from TBK's. @Hensa sorry to read yours is warped. We can look to use the flattener if you like.
  12. Some Vinyl Musings

    If anyone is interested in listening to a similar setup in Sydney and meeting Keith this sat, drop me a PM. I have a couple of spots left.
  13. Some Vinyl Musings

    Keith I enjoy Jason on my setup as well. I reckon you will also enjoy hearing Nashville Sound, his latest. Recording may not be as good as Southeastern (I'm still undecided on this) but IMO the music is better. Cant wait to add the Brinkman to my setup soon.. See you Saturday! John