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  1. This arrived a few weeks ago on recommendation from Mark. @viognier Sent from my SM-G925I using Tapatalk
  2. @wazza007 Sent from my SM-G925I using Tapatalk
  3. Good to catch up with a few SNA folk last night. Here's a pic from the Shinning Bird concert.
  4. Beatles mono version of Rubber Soul. Fantastic. I wasnt sure what the difference would be. Played just now and I think the guitars are more prominent and clearer. Enjoyed it. Thanks [email protected] Sent from my SM-G925I using Tapatalk
  5. Shinning birds - Black Opal [email protected] Sent from my SM-G925I using Tapatalk
  6. cant wait..
  7. there are also Jazz stations on iTunes and Spotify that play a mix. See if you can grab a copy of Talented Mr Ripley soundtrack - that was my first ever jazz experience (has some score music as well though) Whiplash has some more orchestra style stuff Duke Ellington, Buddy Rich might be up your alley for big band style and I also like some modern stuff Paris Combo Pink Martini Some re-samples from Verve St Germain
  8. hmmm - great offer. do i need xlr...
  9. ^^^ yep, if there's an appeal it might be worth letting SNA know. I will donate. Not sure if there is already a specific thread for this... @Marc
  10. Nice one MBS... I'm sold and will 'release' it from cart
  11. wow - it is a bargain and for what's available on the market, hard to beat
  12. Now onto Ben Webster I've not heard this before and from memory it was one I got from Keith ages ago but haven't opened. What a fool.... from the outset this is a serious recording. Outstanding SQ - really something special. This is another limited edition. Analogue Productions. 45rpm double LP. And it features Ray Brown on bass - big wow factor. This is the man for bass. I've turned the volume up. Sent from my SM-G925I using Tapatalk
  13. Next up Probably my favourite Miles recording Sketches of Spain Lots of memories with this recording. I have CD, sacd, several vinyl releases and this newly arrived MOFI The MOFI sounds brilliant. This recording can be bright. But this release is not. It's fantastic. This is done well. Limited edition but probably not relevant I suppose as they would have made 100's of 1000's of this recording. For those unsure about this MOFI release, grab it. In my opinion, this should also be a boxset like KOB. The sacd has additional tracks, outtakes etc... Sent from my SM-G925I using Tapatalk
  14. A day kicking off to some legendary jazz.. Courtesy of[mention=105039]cheekyboy[/mention] via vinyl eye These 4 are lined up. Starting off with Ellington Meant to be limited edition but can't find any unique numbering. Sounds fantastic- hard to believe the SQ for its time. Foot is tapping away..... Analogue Productions, Music Matters Blue Note and MOFI Sent from my SM-G925I using Tapatalk
  15. must be good, a momentous event as it's my birthday on that day.... how did they know