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  1. I had a 1500 for 20+ years, sold it for almost what I paid for it. Had to sell it (along with Ambience Ref 1800) as I keep moving - the logistics of moving the gear was a pain. I have regretted selling the 1500 ever since.........
  2. I have a pair of SGR CX3B which have served me well and very easy to move whenever I move house, however, I will move them on once I settle down in the very near future.
  3. I still have my late model ME14 that I had matched to my ME1500. I genuinely miss the 1500, a lot of regrets selling My last conversation with Peter Stein some time ago he mentioned replacing the 1500 with mono-blocks as the 1500 was getting too heavy to lift at his age! Hopefully I will settle down work location wise very, very soon, pick up a pair of VAF I93 to go with the MPB19, a nice pre/power combo and maybe even a little vinyl to go with a CD and a streamer. Regards, George
  4. John Dunlavey returned to the States set up a few businesses, went out of business and died from memory around early 2007. His true genius was military communications gear, sonar etc, the speakers were not bad either!!As for other manufacturers, we have VAF, SGR, Krix just to name a few extra, far from a complete list. Regards, George
  5. Bit like Sonique, boys retired and shut up shop.
  6. Hume has soldering irons, scissor lift bench, speakers and a large covered tandem trailer all up on Gumtree........
  7. I notice in the For Sale section Betetec drivers for sale and the comment Betetec Ballina had closed down. I also noticed a specialised Weller Soldering Station for sale on Gumtree - from Hume L'Estrange. I hope we have not lost another Australian manufacturer........
  8. If I did, I'd be in more s#*t than a Werribee duck..........
  9. Could always leave family and gear in Canberra and go to the show by myself........
  10. I will be taking stuff down for family in Geelong and no doubt bringing stuff back otherwise would definitely fly.
  11. I will now be in Perth the week of the HiFi show.......... Looks like flying from Perth to Canberra on the Thursday and driving down to Melbourne on Friday before driving back to Canberra on Monday and flying back to Perth on Tuesday. I hope it's worth it!
  12. Are there any protocols for photography at the show? Might be a good opportunity to share the show with those who cannot make it via the website. Regards, George
  13. Driving down from Canberra on the Friday to go on the Saturday - even wife is attending.
  14. Well after listening off and on for the last 2-3 weeks and coming to grips with Black Dog / Trampled Underfoot in a strange laid back tempo, I can honestly say enjoy the album - some songs take a while to get hold of, especially if they are well and truly away from the Led Zep sound / tempo sort of thing. There are a lot worse albums out there. Regards, George