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  1. So the w4s USB to spdif reclocker might take your AVR to another level too?
  2. What's the RRP of this one, over $3k if I remember right?
  3. Elvis Died 40years ago Today

    A remastered version of "Just Pretend" is hard to beat! When I think of Elvis though I think of Vegas and "The Way It Is" DVD, his best live concert footage IMO, and "Polk Salad Annie" showed him in all of his glory!
  4. Intel Nuc i3 Bad Audio

    yeh ok, glad for you that you've locked it in now and enjoying! Ive never been one for the tv on the listening to music but each to their own, that Primare looks sexy, love the look of their latest gear!
  5. Intel Nuc i3 Bad Audio

    To offset the pain there must be a massive upside going down this route that I fail to see right now!
  6. Cambridge Audio CXUHD 4k player

    you would think they should be around the price of the Oppo 203 but agree it will be interesting.
  7. Cambridge Audio CXUHD 4k player

    Yep, purely a transport https://www.cambridgeaudio.com/products/cx/cxuhd
  8. Yeh but theres a lot of other products not on there either so I wouldn't go by that. Reset everything and try again I say, failing that contact Pioneer support, not spotify. From time to time I've had issues with spotify connect on a few devices (its not 100% perfect but nothing is) , a reset here and there has fixed the problem.
  9. @Nick1982 That doesn't sound right, are you sure its no longer supported? Contact Pioneer because they are still supporting other products using Spotify Connect.
  10. At this price these components are an absolute bargain! The PSX-R is usually over $400 second hand on its own, both for $850 is insane value!
  11. FS: Oppo UDP 203

    I call boolsheet! Haha!
  12. GLWTS, the journey continues hey, there's certainly not to many ways you haven't tried to get the sound you like. What's going to power the 205?
  13. Has anyone compared the Mini DAC with a Klien?
  14. So you'd be able to hear a difference between 96/24 and 384/24 or would you just feel better having the highest bitrate coming through?