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  1. GLWTS, the journey continues hey, there's certainly not to many ways you haven't tried to get the sound you like. What's going to power the 205?
  2. Has anyone compared the Mini DAC with a Klien?
  3. So you'd be able to hear a difference between 96/24 and 384/24 or would you just feel better having the highest bitrate coming through?
  4. And here I was thinking that if I ever went vinyl I'd be getting the original and the best! So much to learn, or maybe its best to let the vinyl ship sail away!
  5. Vinyls aren't vinyls hey, proof there's no easy road to audio nirvana!
  6. Sennheiser HD558 not the best but certainly not the worst headphones out there but I love them! soft fabric ear and head pads, so comfortable, never get sick of having them on and great sound straight out of an iPad or iPhone. They are one audio component I will probably never change, if only Hi-Fi was this cheap! Its funny really, they are the only thing I never critique because they just sound right, I've bought and sold thousands of dollars of Hi-Fi and HT gear but I've always kept them! They make enjoying music really easy, the way it should be really!
  7. Yeh we are all guilty of the odd incorrect setting or connection but I can't help but think of a mad woman's shite when I picture you listening to music! You love it, you hate it, you love it, nah hang on you hate it, or do you love it?
  8. damn, another one of the iconic 90s grunge voices gone!
  9. Yeh ive also looked at the Pioneer and the N50a can be had for around the $500 mark brand new which makes it great value IMO. Assuming Spotify are going Hi-fi soon I'm basically going to be looking for a great Spotify connect transport to pair with the Klien so DACs arent that important. This or the CA Stream Magic are on the radar, that said the Aries mini would probably trump both of them for me if it did included Spotify Connect. IMO Spotify connect really is the best way to experience Spotify and any streamer without this feature in the future may be left behind.
  10. Might be worth mentioning that The screen on the 50a is the same size as the 70a and larger than the n50 that dan had.
  11. @powerav can you give more detail about the prospective Spotify integration? Will it be connect? If it does Spotify connect I'd be buying the Aries in a heart beat to run into my Klien DAC
  12. Well its good news you like the aries sound, with the Creek you should just get a lot more of what you already like. (where diid the Pioneer go?) Modern usually doesn't equate to better sound quality, you didn't like the CA from the get go because it didn't have the bells and whistles of the old Integra you had but you loved the CA when you didn't like the Elektra. Funny how emotion can sway the way we listen, or remember. Id find it hard to believe if the Creek doesn't sound a lot better than the integra via analogue but a good quality pre should reveal more of anything its fed compared to an AVR (in my experience) and this can work in or against your favour.
  13. via digital or analogue inputs? Better than the CA651r you had?
  14. Aren't you the resident pre/pro junky, I thought you'd be all over it!
  15. Speaker A and B connections?