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  1. Yes, I agree that the Doge is very much a valve amp 'in the modern style'. It does not have the cloying lushness of some earlier valve preamps. In this it is quite like my Melody P1688S. Having said that, it still has that distinctive valve presentation that I like. It's hard to put into words, but has a lot to do with presentation and smoothness. I had the Doge on for an extended period yesterday and it has started to open up more. Perhaps I was a little hasty is describing its sound as 'dark'. I still can't agree with you that is fatiguing - quite the opposite in my system. I can't answer that one as I went straight to NOS 12AT7s. But I suspect the answer is 'yes'. I would think twice about selling yours.
  2. Item: CD/DVD Revolving Tower Location: Monash ACT Price: $75 Item Condition: Near mint Reason for selling: Won't fit in my room Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Bank transfer Extra Info: This CD/DVD revolving tower is in a beautiful rosewood finish and is in near mint condition. I bought it just before Christmas off Gumtree and found that it is a little too large to fit in my living or family room. It measures about 150cm tall and 52cm in diameter. It holds 124 CDs and 98 DVDs. It will also take Blu Rays if you're careful. Pickup only I'm afraid. Pictures:
  3. What are your other preamps?
  4. Could you please reply to the PM I sent you about two weeks ago. Or, could someone else ask him to reply? Many thanks
  5. I've had the LP in my main system for just over a fortnight and it has done about 50 hours. As I mentioned above, the packaging was excellent, with triple boxing in addition to the plywood frame. Finish is also good, in a rather plain fashion (which I like) and the design reminds me somewhat of Wadia from a few years back. Build looks very good to me with quality parts inside, well laid out. I don't have a turntable so left the stock 12AX7s alone, but replaced the generic12AT7s with Siemens and Mullards. I bought the Doge principally as a standby preamp. My main preamps are Tram 2s, so I am used to the very open sounds of DHT OTL designs. All my comments are therefore based on a comparison with the Tram. I also have a Melody P1688S. First, operation: the RCA connectors on the back of the Doge are longer than others I have encountered and I wasn't able to make a decent connection with my regular ICs which have WBT 0110AUs. Aurealis R2 with Eichmann connectors are OK. The Doge also has a two-stage power switch set-up with a standby button on the front and a rocker switch on the rear. I can't for the life of me figure out why anyone would leave a valve device in standby mode. The positioning of the master power switch at the back might make it difficult to get at in a confined cabinet. The Doge is a high-gain preamp - I estimate about 25dB. It is silent in operation with no noise or hiss coming out of my speakers. The volume control is smooth to operate and there is a neat remote. I don't have to go beyond 9 o'clock to get the volume level I like. I did try attenuators but prefer the sound without them. Sound: to me, the Doge has a slightly dark sound, with an emphasis in the lower mid-range and bass. Detail, dynamics, soundstaging, imaging and placement of voices and instruments are all very good to excellent. I imagine it would fit in well into most systems and would be particularly suitable for systems tending towards the bright side. Overall, I have no real criticism to offer, apart from the small niggles I have mentioned. I would rate the Doge as being far better than 'OK for the money'. To get this level of build and sound you would have to pay a lot more than $2400 from the USA, Europe or Japan. Over to you initforthemusic.
  6. Item: Supratek Cabernet Dual Preamp Location: Monash ACT Price: $2750, including shipping. Insurance extra. Item Condition: Excellent Reason for selling: Not being used Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, Bank transfer Extra Info: This preamp was made in 2014 and has the latest Supratek circuit using the 71A valve. There is the choice between OTL operation, using the 71As, and transformer operation using 6N30s (6H30s). Gain is adjustable with the 6N30s and there is a balance control. The 6SN7s are Sylvania VT-231s. Price includes two pairs of JAN Sylvania NOS 71As. Pictures:
  7. In that case I'd recommend you try to listen to the Spendor D7s. Very well reviewed (I haven't sen a bad one yet), amp friendly and with a more modern sound than the BC1s. If a pair comes up on SNA I've decided to try them myself.
  8. No one has asked you this so far, but what is the size of your room and what are you prepared to spend on replacements for your BC1s? I sympathise with your inability to audition speakers - it's the same in Canberra. You seem to be quite happy with the BC1 sound - do you think the SP1/R2 would be a possibility?
  9. In answer to your question: yes, the 'few centimetres' did make a difference. I had 7ES2s, then decided to buy a pair of new 7ES3s. Later on, a mint pair of SHL5s came up for sale and I bought them. I sold the 7ES3s to friend, whose room is slightly larger than mine. Over time, I found the SHL5s to be tonally beautiful but overpowering in my room (3.0 x 2.5m). End of story - my friend has the SHL5s and I have the 7ES3s back. He loves them. I suggest you have a serious listen to your friend's Compact 7s and then consider that the current 7ES3s will be even better, as they have the Radial driver. As regards amps, I used to use a Mastersound 845 valve amp (25wpc), but found that it clipped on electronic music, even at lowish volumes. I find that higher-powered amps change the character of Harbeths significantly and dispel any feeling that they are just 'pipes and slippers' speakers while retaining all the qualities that they are renowned for. My personal view is that Harbeths are not actually as easy to drive for optimum performance as conventional wisdom suggests. Have you had a look at the Harbeth User Group (HUG) and seen Alan Shaw's views on amps? I've refrained from suggesting alternatives to SHL5s, but given your tastes, I wonder whether a pair of Proacs or even Spendor D7s might suit you.
  10. I currently own 40.1s and 7ES3s. I used to own SHL5s (35th Anniversary Edition) and loved them but they were unfortunately too big for the room in which I had them. I would go so far as to say that 'pound for pound' they were the best speakers I have owned and I would certainly buy another pair of the SHL5+s if I had the space. Harbeth speakers evolve in a fairly natural way and I am sure that if you didn't like the SHL5s then the +s won't appeal to you either. My own take on Harbeth speakers is that they sound best with fairly high-powered SS amps. I use a ModWright KWA150SE (220wpc) with the 40.1s and a KWA100SE (about 180wpc) with the 7ES3s. They can sound congested with lower-powered amps, especially valves. My advice would be to stay away from the SHL5+s, otherwise you run the risk of disappointment again. The 7ES3s could be a good compromise. In my second system, with room correction in a very small room, mine go down to 30Hz and are very very musical.
  11. Item: Vincent SP-T800 Monoblocks Location: Monash ACT Price: $2500, including freight Item Condition: Excellent, one small mark on lower LHS of one monoblock Reason for selling: Going back to valves Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Bank transfer Extra Info: I bought these with only a few hours on them. I believe them to be barely a year old, if that. I have replaced the stock valves with NOS Russian 6N1s, JAN 12AU7s and RCA Cleartop 6CG7s. Sound is on the warm side of neutral with great depth and excellent bass. 200wpc into 8 ohms, 320wpc into 4. First 20 watts class A into 8 ohms. Original packaging. No problem with shipping via Pack & Send. Pictures:
  12. Tuyen, I sent you a PM about this preamp yesterday. Could you please confirm whether it is still available?
  13. ATM I have two pairs of JAN GE 12A7s that I was going to use. I also have a pair of Mullard CV4024s in a power amp and a pair of 1950s Siemens. Do you think the Mullard/Siemens combination would work?
  14. This is my Doge 8LP preamp, which has just been delivered. The box is protected by a plywood 'exoskeleton', of which I'll probably have to destroy the top to get it open, as it's stapled, not screwed, together. A pity, but still very impressive. I ordered the 8LP last Tuesday so it's taken just over a week to get to Canberra. Ordering was straightforward, apart from one minor misunderstanding that was quickly sorted out. Cost was about $2400, including GST and duty. Delivery was through DHL. Now, I hope it sounds as good as its reviews!
  15. You might find that the amp sounds more relaxed and less stressed with a stepdown, as it won't have to cope with voltage above its operating range.