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  1. Item: Revelation Audio Labs 'Passage' Umbilical Power Cable 1.5m Location: Monash ACT Price: Free - you pay postage only Item Condition: New - never used Extra Info: I bought this a number of years ago for a preamp with a separate power supply. It turned up over a year later - after I'd sold the preamp. I can't remember the termination configuration, hence I'm giving it away. Pictures: Image is in this link -
  2. I have a matched quad of NOS Siemens 12AT7s if you're interested.
  3. I think I just figured it out. The thinner pins of the OEM 101Ds align with the outer locking pin. By placing the Psvanes in the same position they work.
  4. I'd like to replace the OEM 101Ds in my Linear 1. I can't make out the brand but they aren't TJ or Psvane. The base on the TJs I've tried is too wide for the socket (which helpfully is recessed into the top plate). I got a pair of Psvanes but can't get them to work. The sockets for the 101Ds are the type used a lot for valves like 845s where you insert the valve and then turn it. The OEM valves have a little locking pin on the side (like a light bulb) but the Psvanes don't. I don't know whether this makes any difference. I've emailed Osborn about this...but in the meantime, does anyone know which valves to use, or whether there is s specific way to insert them?
  5. I note that reviews of the Elicit-R describe it as lean-sounding. The 30.1s are also the leanest of the Harbeth range, so I would want to hear the two together before making a decision, other wise you will run the risk of losing the rich tonality that Harbeth speakers are known for.
  6. Remember the old adage: if the deal looks too good to be true then it probably is.
  7. Don't be too hasty - the OP started a duplicate thread and your post is here -
  8. Try contacting Quad direct. They are said to provide support for all the equipment they have ever made. One final thing - do you know why it fried?
  9. I could be interested in the Aurum Cantus. How old are they? Why did you replace the tweeters? Would they suit a small room? I assume the finish is cherry.
  10. Pack the speakers in their original boxes and tape them up well. Dismantle the stands and pack them well in suitable boxes. Take the whole lot to Pack and Send. They will check the packaging before accepting it.
  11. Harebeth say that their speakers will sound good with any decent amp, but that's what you would expect them to say. My experience is that they sound best with a fair amount of power. This seems to change the character of the speakers and tighten them up considerably. Although I prefer valve amps, I have to say that I have had better results with SS amps with Harbeths, so I compromise and use valve preamps with SS power amps. I own, or have owned, 7ES2s, 7ES3s, SHL5s and 40.1s and my experience has been consistent with all these speakers. Your Anthem 225 amp should have no trouble driving the 30.1s. The 30.1 is rated down to 50Hz, whereas the 7ES3 is rated down to 45Hz. I get useable output (probably about -6dB) down to 31.5Hz with my 7ES3s using DRC. Whether or not 50Hz is low enough for you is something only you can answer. Get a test CD with tones in half-octaves from 20Hz upwards and have a listen.
  12. I'd suggest you consider the 7ES3s just listed for sale. I have these speakers in my second system and can't fault them. I have compared then directly with the 30.1s and find them more forgiving in average rooms. You do need an ample supply supply of watts to get them going though (like all Harbeths) - 100 wpc SS in a small to medium room would be ideal.
  13. Did you know Harbeth have just released a 30.2?
  14. Not in my experience. Please state yours.