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  1. I have a P1688S as well. I assume the rectifier you are referring to is the 5AR4 in the P1688S. If it was the original Chinese OEM 5AR4 it is not of very high quality. A Sovtek 5AR4 is a good replacement if you don't want to pay a lot of money for something like a Mullard or Brimar. I am generally suspicious of Chinese power transformers, even if they are supposedly rated for 230 or 240V. I generally use a 240-220V stepdown just to be on the safe side. Tortech is a good make. Your Weston power amp should be OK, as it is locally made and Earle Weston makes his transformers to very high standards. I would get hold of a 240-220V stepdown for the preamp replace the 5AR4 and see how you go.
  2. I've just thought of how to describe the odour. It's like ozone,
  3. One of my Tram 2 preamps (yes, I am a masochist, I have two of them) puts out a strange odour when it has warmed up. The smell is hard to describe. It's definitely nothing burning - more like the vaguely antiseptic smell that comes from medical equipment. To be honest I have been aware of the odour since I got the preamp from the UK, but up now it has always been in a largish room and so was only barely discernible. Now it's in a much smaller room. I've only just got the preamp from Decky, who replaced the volume control boards, so it is in perfect electrical condition. Would anyone have an idea of the possible culprit - perhaps a component that could smell like this when warmed up? Here is a photo of the insides.
  4. There appear to be two versions of SBS On Demand, one for Smart TVs and one for digital tuners. I access SBS On Demand through a Humax digital tuner and have noticed that I can't get all shows listed. For example, The Night Manager comes up as 'nothing to display'. However the programs I do get are without ads (except the SBS ad at the beginning), which is a plus. I was round at a friend's place and noticed that he could get The Night Manager on his Smart TV, together with ads, ie just as it had been originally shown. Can anyone explain this?
  5. Found thanks.
  6. Item: NOS 6AS7s Item Condition: NOS preferred, or light use Extra Info: I need two NOS 6AS7 valves. NOS, not current production. I will consider 6080s but ONLY if the base is the same size as a 6AS7. 6080s that I've seen have a larger base that is too big.
  7. It would be good if Kraftwek could actually come up with some new material, instead of endlessly recycling their back catalog.
  8. Depending on the size and number of valves you have to ship, you could look to pack them all into a smaller box and then pack that tightly into the suitcase. The main thing is to pack everything tightly and with adequate cushioning to protect against jolts and bumps. All other things being equal I have found that tightly scrunched-up newspaper is as good as anything else as it doesn't move around but still has some elasticity.
  9. Item: Cymer KT120 or KT150 Power Amp Price Range: Up to $2500 Item Condition: Used Extra Info: Must be in in first class electrical and external condition. Black only.
  10. You could consider Russian 6N23Ps. NOS valves from the Soviet era are available quite reasonably. Trouble is, most of the sellers are in Russia, Ukraine, Georgia etc, although there is an SNA member who regularly sells Russian valves. A WTB ad might produce results.
  11. Item: Pair 71A Valves Item Condition: NOS if possible or very good used Extra Info: Matched pair if possible. Will also consider a second air if available.
  12. I have a similar problem with my Humax 4Tune. About one time out of every four I get the 'Connect to the Internet' message. I shut down and turn it on again after it has 'updated' (what this is I don't know) and I am usually OK. I am currently using wifi so I had ethernet cabling professionally installed last week and have just received the cables I ordered. Funnily enough the cabling people couldn't supply any. As far as programs are concerned I usually stick to docos and drama. I did have a run on the Food Channel but find the shows are becoming very samey. I'm currently watching Arne Dahl - a bit wobbly to start off IMO but soon gets into its stride. I also enjoyed Dicte, even though it got a bit soap opera-ish towards the end. Next will be The Five. I like the way that the Nordic shows give an insight into their way of life. Given that they are supposed to be a few years in advance of everyone else, I wonder if this is what we can expect in Australia, especially the very fluid attitude towards relationships and marriage.
  13. I have a friend who has (or had) two or three pairs of Audiospheres. I believe he is now running Quads. PM me if you would like me to make contact with him.
  14. Is 'line out' (together with 'line in') what used to be called 'tape monitor'? If so, my understanding is that it provides a fixed, full-strength signal. Hence the warning from Peachtree.
  15. I've heard them in my own system and they weren't my cup of tea.