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  1. At least we know it's OK to Gridiron style block / shoulder charge runners coming through to protect the fullback catching the ball. Was that a referee Smith decision for that to become part of rugby league?.
  2. Paul Weller - A Kind Revolution. new Weller album and quite different to his last album Saturns Pattern. This has less electronics and sounds more like a band was in the studio - lots of different styles as well - Sounds pretty good so far - need more playtime.
  3. Andrew. Very good. sounded great in the system I heard them.
  4. super album this. so many great cover versions. sounds great on vinyl. Bauhaus - The Sky's Gone out.
  5. I hope you put it in a poly inner sleeve before putting it back in the cardboard inner. Otherwise it has a high chance of at least surface scratches.
  6. Sonic Youth - nyc ghosts & flowers. US pressing
  7. @cafe67 no Marconii Union. This I have ordered from the John Foxx store. John Foxx and the Maths - The Machine - vinyl lp John Foxx & The Maths The Machine Limited Vinyl LP £18.99 Release Date: 23/06/2017 Discs: This beautiful, dark, analogue electronic soundtrack by John Foxx And The Maths is described as 'eerie', 'evocative' and 'a triumphant score of chest-crushing anxiety' by The Independent and The Guardian. John Foxx and Benge's set of dystopian science-fiction themes were first heard in the critically acclaimed stage play of E.M. Forster's 'The Machine Stops' in 2016. This album also features new mixes created especially for The Machine. Abstract, atmospheric vocals by John Foxx and Elizabeth Bernholz (Gazelle Twin). New 'metallic' artwork is by Jonathan Barnbrook. The vinyl LP edition is limited to 500 copies only. Side One 1 The Ghost In The Machine 2 The Other Mother 3 A Dark Illumination 4 Tidal Moonlight 5 Hive Frequency 6 Transworld Travelogue Side Two 7 The Iron Bible 8 Animal Mechanical 9 Genetic Hymnal 10 Memory
  8. Saints have by far the easiest draw of any team in the 2nd half of the comp. Newcastle and Titans twice. They only play a team above them twice before round 26. If they don't make the finals, it will be one of the biggest chokes of all time overthink that LOL
  9. Dragons could have also been on 20 points if they could just beat Parramatta .
  10. Are you arguing with your other head? that is the only one listening
  11. you can't read too good can you. Manly are on 20 points. Dragons are on 18
  12. Great album that Prof. Funny how she is very popular in France. Anyway, you have inspired me to play some French hip hop. MC Solaar
  13. They are good for the price. You have to be right up against a wall or preferably nail some masonite on the back. The shelves themselves are a little deep, so put some wood or something at the back of the shelf so the records sit closer to the edge. Then put your records in and enjoy.