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  1. I was getting a stiff neck looking at your pics.................let's see if this works. With the 6" Coral full range, did you contemplate a larger open baffle board, or to put that driver in its own enclosure? Sounds like it is working well in this configuration though. Cheers, Keith
  2. Brinkman 10.5 tonearm - WOW

    No worries, mate, will talk tomorrow................have a good flight home. Cheers, Keith
  3. Brinkman 10.5 tonearm - WOW

    John, we supplied Suresh @pine weasel with his mono cartridge, which he also has fitted to his Jelco tonearm on his sensational Brinkmann Spyder deck and I know you'll talk to me about a mono cartridge before you make a commitment. Ross, I agree with your view that the tonearm has a bigger influence on the sound than the turntable and I would put the split at 60/40 or even as high as 70/30 in favour of the tonearm, depending largely on the arm chosen. Let me know when you're planning another GTG, John, I'd love to try and make it down for the next gathering. Cheers, Keith
  4. What Phono amp to buy

    Hi Andrei, I think you'll find the OP was asking if he should consider a tube amplifier as well as a phono preamp and I agree that at the price point he has indicated, I would not recommend a tube based phono preamp either. As far as it being 'nice to have tubes somewhere in the system', that may be the case as a matter of personal preference, but as far as getting the job done, I don't think it matters if it is tube or SS. I use a Modwright tube pre amplifier in combination with a pair of Slee monoblock power amplifiers and that combination I find is to die for. However, I am aware that there would be many SS pre amplifiers that would perform equally as well with the Slee power amps. Cheers, Keith
  5. Agree 100% and his latest album gets an outing here pretty much every day. "Close Ties" is great across the entire album and every song and tracks like Nashville 1972 and Life Without Susanna show the deep connection, albeit poignant at times, he has with that Nashville scene and how close he must have been with the likes of Guy and Susanna Clark, Townes Van Zandt, Richard Dobson, Steve Earle and many more. Cheers, Keith
  6. These two albums are in high rotation here at the moment and topical too given Emmylou gets such a good outing here in this thread.................deservedly too I hasten to add. There's even a very good version of Lucinda's "I Just Wanted To See You So Bad" on The Travelling Kind. Highly recommended folks. Cheers, Keith
  7. What Phono amp to buy

    You can purchase tube amplifiers and SS amplifiers that will deliver a warm, rich sound from your vinyl playback, but my advice would be to let your amplifier do what it is designed to do and look more at your choice of phono cartridge to tweak the sound you're looking for in your vinyl playback. Cheers, Keith
  8. What Phono amp to buy

    Hi Swinno73, As AussieMick says above, you can trial free of charge one of Graham Slee's phono preamps in your own system as part of the Slee Loaner Progarm, which I facilitate for Graham here in Australia. If you like the unit you trial, we're more than happy to look after SNA members price wise to purchase a new unit of your own. If you would like to take part in the Slee Loaner Program or you would like to purchase any of the Slee phono preamps, just drop me a PM here on StereoNET. A sensational MM phono preamp in your budget would be the GA 2SE and I highly recommended it at that price point too. Cheers, Keith
  9. Another full range driver cabinet

    Hi Murray, Yes, we are manufacturing up here in Tuncurry and our last pair of CH2s and the first in a veneered finish were built up here just recently. The TB driver we use in the CH2s is an exceptional driver and works a treat in the configuration we have them in. The little Fostex driver in the CH1s is no slouch either and also in that conical horn configuration, is a superb sounding loudspeaker. Cheers, Keith
  10. Another full range driver cabinet

    Hi Murray, No, I moved up here in January this year, but Wyndham Audio started down in Melbourne and my business partner, Dave, is still in the Wyndham shire, hence the name. We had nearly 18 years in Melbourne, but originally from Lake Macquarie and the Hunter. Our open baffle speakers are actually not ours, but are a product from Pure Audio Projects out of Israel, but they are nonetheless very fine loudspeakers indeed. I thought you would have been more drawn to our single driver CH1s and CH2s, given your project in this thread. We have recently started to use pre veneered board in our builds, but prior to that, I did all the veneer application myself, so unfortunately or otherwise, I'm fairly familiar with the process. If you think I can be of any assistance, drop me a PM here on StereoNET or just give me a call anytime, I'm only too happy to help if I can. Cheers, Keith
  11. Another full range driver cabinet

    Hi Murray, I'm curious, was the edge gap in the veneer all around the look you aimed to achieve? I like the simplicity of the design.......well done. Cheers, Keith
  12. CH2 Loudspeakers in Natural Timber Veneer.

    Hi folks, Let me echo John's words above and I strongly encourage you to audition the CH2s and take John up on his offer. Of course I think you should because you'll have the chance to experience a truly fabulous loudspeaker in the CH2s, but you will also experience one of the best complete systems that you are ever likely to have the opportunity to listen to. John has only this weekend upgraded the tonearm on his beautiful Soulines Kubrick turntable to a Brinkmann 10.5, which John is conservatively claiming a 15% gain in performance..................something that is hard to comprehend given the level of performance prior to the tonearm upgrade. Do yourself a huge favour and organise a visit to John's place for a listen, he is a wonderful host, you'll have a great time and you'll get to hear a truly hi end world class system. Cheers, Keith [PS] Shortly after John purchased his CH2s from us, he was kind enough to loan them back to Dave and I so we could demonstrate them to the Sydney Audio Club a couple of years ago now. Below is a transcript of the write up remarks from the Sydney Audio Club following our visit. "What a great meeting! Huge thanks go out to Dave and Keith of Wyndham Audio for trekking their way to Sydney to present for us at the Sydney Audio Club. Also a huge thanks to Scuzzii for bringing in his CH2 speakers who recently took delivery of these and had run them in nicely for us. I now know why he is such a proud owner of these great sounding speakers, they really were the star of the show. All your efforts guys are really appreciated and produced an afternoon of great enjoyment by all that attended. The CH2 speakers really do change your pre perception of what a full range driver can achieve and the bass response that was produced during the playing of a Ray Brown track was truly impressive and seemed to defy the size of the driver. It caused jaws to drop and resulted in a spontaneous applause on the tracks closing. The bass was not its only glory; dynamics, imaging, a huge open soundstage, (though I did prefer the cleaner sound that the Graham Slee Pre/Amp combo provided over the ME), overall very musically satisfying. A good example of the scale these speakers can produce was when a track of a 'one thousand voice' choir was played. Their voices rose well above the speakers and was only capped by the ceiling itself and also expanded well beyond their sides. Dave and Keith have produced a remarkable sounding pair of speakers of which their beaming pride and many accolades are well deserved. If the CH2's can sound this good in a large, acoustically challenged room, then a listen in a home environment will be a must. Thanks again fellas for giving us the opportunity to experience some of the highlights of the Wyndham Audio range as well as your enjoyable presentation, we welcome you back anytime."
  13. Brinkman 10.5 tonearm - WOW

    The Brinkmann 10.5 arm is clearly a better tonearm compared to the Jelco, but there is a considerable price difference too. In my case I was comparing the improvement gained by changing to the Brinkmann 10.5 over a SME Series V, which as tonearms go is definitely no slouch in performance stakes. As I said earlier, the difference was absolutely night and day. John's Benz cartridge is a beautiful sounding cartridge with no hint of harshness and is extremely detailed in its presentation. With regard to the Slee Reflex M/Elevator combo, they may not afford the owner the bragging rights of some of the perhaps better known and far more expensive brands, but they are doing a sensational job in John's system, they perform way above their price point and it would be difficult to better them, even at many times their price. My advice to John, like the old Mortein add is, "when you're on a good thing.............! Cheers, Keith
  14. Brinkman 10.5 tonearm - WOW

    A good idea, Greg, and if I can combine your next visit with a trip down to John's place myself, I'll bring down my SmarTractor and a couple of other tools and we can see how much more we can draw from John's set up. I had forgotten too that Misha had not been well, so great to see our little buddy is on the mend and helping you with the tonearm set up, or snacks tray. Cheers, Keith
  15. Brinkman 10.5 tonearm - WOW

    Yep, I'm definitely looking forward to listening now the Brinkmann 10.5 is installed and hopefully I can make it down later this month or early in September. Your system is in my top two or three favourite systems I've ever heard and an improvement of 15% plus is hard to comprehend, so I'm excited to hear this improvement for myself. I don't doubt the improvement because I experienced a similar gain when I installed my Brinkmann 10.5 arm and I agree, it is difficult to believe that such gains over an already sensational sound could be possible by simply changing the tonearm. Cheers, Keith