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  1. Well, that might ease the pain a little! I'm sure that if I were to listen to these bad boys, I'd probably take them away in my loving hands straight away, but then I'm left with the problem of finding a tonally matched centre channel and I'm hard pressed to find the closest match (HTM2D3) secondhand, so I'd be tempted to keep the 805S's on hand... Are these available for an audition?
  2. Every time I see a pair of these come up for sale, I get a little tempted to trade up from my 805S's.... but it's a huge dollar step up, too., and B&W haven't got an equiv. HTM4S to upgrade to to retain tonal matching Where in Melbourne? I haven't heard the D3's yet.
  3. It is now, but it wasn't before! I must've done something that both knocked the needle in the wrong direction to the right and upward.
  4. Yes, it is indeed the Rega arm supplied with my RP3. This I didn't know and will keep that in mind! The more you know! I've also noticed a bend in the needle, I'm certain it's supposed to be straight(er), as I have a previous photo from about two years prior. Thoughts?
  5. Personally, it doesn't sound *that* bad. I'm more worried about damaging my vinyl at this stage. Thanks! I rarely use the specific lens I used for these shots (Canon MP-E 65). I'll have to try it out at 5x and post my results Thanks for the tips re: cleaning. Yes, it does look dirty (my naked eye suggested otherwise). I had *thought* the anti-skate was set correctly (and this has been verified) so perhaps I did something stupid at some point. Where is a good place to get the Zerodust? Any liquid cleaner you may recommend? Other than the bend in the cantilever, the end of the cantilever doesn't look symmetrical. Perhaps I'm nitpicking and this is a normal margin of error sort of thing which I can appreciate. Are they easy to contact? That's one hell of a cartridge you have there!
  6. Hi. I was playing around with the camera to get a nice shot of the cartridge and to my horror, things don't look so good! There seems to be an odd off-centre slant to the needle and the close-up of the cantilever looks a bit unusual. Cartridge is a Sumiko Blue Point Special Evo III. Audio wise, it sounds alright on the outer tracks but gets a touch distorted on the inner tracks. I even took it to the wonderful staff at Audiotrends who verified my setup for me, but this was before I had a closer inspection on how things were going... If it is indeed busted, is there anything that I can do or am I up for a new cartridge?
  7. Can vouch for the seller - I own his old A32 and I'd be snapping this one up if it was in silver Good luck with the sale!
  8. Damn. I really wish this was in silver - I'd be all over it if it was!
  9. B&W 8xx D3's - where's the love?

    I'm still on a pair of 805S's and I keep considering the move to 805D3's whenever they come up for sale here but am reluctant to make the jump - I haven't heard the new ones yet and I'm still quite a fan of the 805S's - I'd just like a bit... more smoothness and realism, I suppose. I run the HTM4S and listen to a bit of surround SACDs and there's no tonally matched centre for the D3's. I have given some thought to the 805D/HTM4D combo but it took me long enough to find the HTM4S that I kind of gave up on that idea.
  10. I have a pair of these but the tweeter seems to have failed in one of them. I went to audition some new 685 S2s recently, expecting a step up in performance and I was disappointed - the 601 S2's still held their own against their revised model. Sure, I reckon there was more to the 685 S2 - but not at the price point - and I have since decided to keep an eye out for a S2 tweeter... but this is somewhat tempting (and I could repurpose the remaining good speaker as a tonally match centre). Are these still available?
  11. That is a sensational price for some great speakers. I still have a pair for my rears and the only thing that'll displace them will be a B&W 8-series speaker.
  12. WOW! That's a steal at that price. Will see if I can find the room and get back to you. When do they need to be gone? A friend of mine's father had these speakers and I fell in love with the pair ten years ago. The imaging was amazing, even when driven from some old Sony pro logic receiver.
  13. Ugh. 'dat price drop, yo! It's going to be a race between raising the cash for these and someone else snapping these up. Still frustrated that there's no direct replacement for the HTM4S and I don't think I can ever let go of having a tonally matched centre channel.
  14. Wow, these are in Melbourne now?! Where in Melbourne are you located? Wonder how much I could get for my 805S's...
  15. Thanks for the post! This somehow slipped under my radar. Shame the BDP-93 won't work. Perhaps it's time to pick up a 103 from an upgrader!