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  1. Can vouch for the seller - I own his old A32 and I'd be snapping this one up if it was in silver Good luck with the sale!
  2. Damn. I really wish this was in silver - I'd be all over it if it was!
  3. I'm still on a pair of 805S's and I keep considering the move to 805D3's whenever they come up for sale here but am reluctant to make the jump - I haven't heard the new ones yet and I'm still quite a fan of the 805S's - I'd just like a bit... more smoothness and realism, I suppose. I run the HTM4S and listen to a bit of surround SACDs and there's no tonally matched centre for the D3's. I have given some thought to the 805D/HTM4D combo but it took me long enough to find the HTM4S that I kind of gave up on that idea.
  4. I have a pair of these but the tweeter seems to have failed in one of them. I went to audition some new 685 S2s recently, expecting a step up in performance and I was disappointed - the 601 S2's still held their own against their revised model. Sure, I reckon there was more to the 685 S2 - but not at the price point - and I have since decided to keep an eye out for a S2 tweeter... but this is somewhat tempting (and I could repurpose the remaining good speaker as a tonally match centre). Are these still available?
  5. That is a sensational price for some great speakers. I still have a pair for my rears and the only thing that'll displace them will be a B&W 8-series speaker.
  6. WOW! That's a steal at that price. Will see if I can find the room and get back to you. When do they need to be gone? A friend of mine's father had these speakers and I fell in love with the pair ten years ago. The imaging was amazing, even when driven from some old Sony pro logic receiver.
  7. Ugh. 'dat price drop, yo! It's going to be a race between raising the cash for these and someone else snapping these up. Still frustrated that there's no direct replacement for the HTM4S and I don't think I can ever let go of having a tonally matched centre channel.
  8. Wow, these are in Melbourne now?! Where in Melbourne are you located? Wonder how much I could get for my 805S's...
  9. Thanks for the post! This somehow slipped under my radar. Shame the BDP-93 won't work. Perhaps it's time to pick up a 103 from an upgrader!
  10. Completely understand. Unless you're with CBA, there's no chance the funds would arrive until Monday at the earliest. Good luck with the sale!
  11. Heya! Thanks for the response! Unfortunately getting $3300 cash with all these modern day banking systems seems to be impossible with withdrawal limits that require him to walk into a bank physically in Canberra on a Saturday.
  12. Sensational price on a sensational pair of speakers! I'd be vey tempted to upgrade from my 805S's if they were located in Melbourne (I've got a friend road tripping through Canberra today but he's leaving tonight unfortunately). Congrats on the 805D3s!
  13. I am trying to convince myself I don't need another one of these (I've got the A1SR which has the same amplification, still in service today). I can vouch for the sheer power and clarity of the amplification in this thing - $400 is a great deal for an amplifier that retailed for over $6k. Might make a good upgrade for the A11SR... hmm...
  14. Thanks. Are you available this afternoon/evening for inspection and/or a listen? Very interested.
  15. Oh man, I knew it was a bad idea to come to the forums today... ;-) I thought I was done with audio purchases for this year... Been looking out for a great value option to give my B&W 805S's the amplification they deserve (they're currently hanging off a flagship Onkyo 989 receiver circa 2002). How does the A32 fare with low impedance loads that the B&Ws present at times? This would look great next to my silver R32 phono pre... Was hanging out for a good deal on some Audio Research gear, but... hmm....