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  1. Thanks Dave and Anthony. That DATS looks incredible-very handy bit of gear. Alas, I dont know anybody here in WA who owns one I will have to carefully work backwards as you suggest Anthony, on the weekend. Lets hope I can find something simple to fix?
  2. Thanks guys. This issue is a bit of a problem for me now and I am hoping it can be worked out quickly and cheaply.....cheaply being the highly variable word, which could translate into very expensive I also have more questions based on various posts I have read from others in other arenas. 1 is the actual relevance of the high DC resistance reading. I have read for example (if I understand it correctly) that the "nominal" resistance is irrelevant and will vary significantly. If thats the case however, there must be an upper and lower limit of "satisfactory"? Is 30 Ohm really too high indicating an problem for sure? I have more but it must wait till tonight after I finish work. Thanks and cheers, Alan
  3. Easy question for a technical expert or the like> What does it mean if, with a pair of 16 Ohm compression drivers, 1 measures 30 Ohm and the other 13 Ohm resistance across the terminals with Fluke Ohm meter? what are the implications? I cant really play them to test in a meaningful manner so thats not an option is it really an issue to test compression drivers with an Ohm meter in this manner? Thanks Alan
  4. Thanks again Guru. I belive the current version is 31 strand and yet the V/Vx started with 19 or 20 strand???
  5. Hi Guru yes I understand fully in regard toyour comments. I was just speaking to a friend of mine last night about the same thing-strands of silver in models that have changed over the years. It doesnt make it easy as a potential buyer to work through the maze of designs and versions of same design There are also several other AN "versions" out there too which I am aware of. I am happy for you to pm me with any information that might help someone like me looking to venture into the AN silver cable relms from a starting position. If you have any particular products that might be of interest then that is also fine. Thanks, Alan
  6. Hi Slav Thanks, pm sent. Alan
  7. Item: Kondo or Audio Note interconnect or speaker cable Price Range: reasonable?? Item Condition: Used Extra Info: Prefer silver over copper, however, what Kondo, Audio Note JPN or Audio Note UK do you have for sale?
  8. Item: High Fidelity Cables speaker cable or i/c Price Range: you start the ball rolling first Item Condition: Used Extra Info: Ideally CT-1 i/c or speaker cable. Various lengths can be considered dependant on price. Looking to start with seeing what might be available used
  9. thanks Dennis, I will look for ad. It may be a while though or some reason. My last ad a few days ago took around 18hrs to appear!!! Buggered if I know why???
  10. Item: 4m-5m power cord which must be at least reasonably flexible. No plugs preferred or maybe just 3 pin plug Price Range: reasonable please Item Condition: New or Used Extra Info: looking to find above described cable to power up cdp only (not high current amp). Length and particularly flexibility are important. Must be "good" sounding cable. What have you got?? Thank, Alan
  11. happy to hear some offers guys that meet the market??? Condition is very very good. Cheer, Alan
  12. sorry to guys who missed the gate by not very much but these arms have all been sold. Thanks for interest. I may just have 1 or 2 more somewhere..if I can find them Alan
  13. Thanks Greg. Yes they are very nice drivers in great condition and deserve a good home preferably in Australia Alan
  14. Item: 4 x KT88 EH tubes Location: Bunbury, WA Price: $125 posted within Australia-how does that sound?????? Item Condition: as I recall brand new, I have never used then. Had them as back up Reason for selling: just not needed Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: I have never used them, never put in an amp of mine. Had as back up to my Cymer which has EH KT88 in it now and sounds very good. need tomove them on and could negotiate on price dependant on level of interest ps: Idont know if they are matched..I just know they look brand new and they are cheap Pictures: