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  1. thats one nicely proportioned fat fender there Yammy. I like em a little old school or full on traditional style (up to '30-ish) without fenders at all. None of this bicycle fender crap like we have to build em here in Oz Capone-I have always had great ambition
  2. only giving you a bit of a stir YM. A '33 roadster is good stuff, but a '33 Plymouth roadster (could be ) better!...or a '36 Dodge pick up cab-Nacho Gonzales (Z-ed chassis, flathead Caddy 346 ci) inspired pickup..and there could be others..could be
  3. yuk, those Fords make me a little sick !
  4. yes I hear what you say and can relate to that. This Chrono is about elegant detailed styling which is what appealed to me. And it is bloody heavy
  5. Item: Breitling Chronomat Série Spéciale 81950 limited edition Location: Bunbury WA Price: $2000 ono Item Condition: pretty much mint Reason for selling: trying to wean out of $$ exquisite swiss watches and focus on audio.........and hot rods Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, EFT Extra Info: Absolutely beautiful Breilting Chronomat limited edition in excellent condition. 40mm dial, beautiful Rouleaux bracelet. Very robust and reliable Swiss Valjoux 7750 automatic movement. No visible marks. Rarely worn-maybe 12 times in 10years??? . Keeps very good time. Comes with Breitling bakelite case. Fits my 200mm wrist. Bought off watch collector/enthusiast. I hunted this down with the intention to keep forever when I started to collect a few swiss watches. It is an exquisite watch design and manufacture that pics cannot capture.
  6. Have a good look at the best pair of JBL monitors you can muster. Thats my strong suggestion. Big originals, clones or Kenrick Audio can help if you need it and can stretch. There were some 4350's for sale recently (now sold) in Victoria. There may be some JBL guys here on SNA that you could track down and twist some arms Alan
  7. Thanks again Martin, I think I should have a word with Mark. Its encouraging to discover another very competent audio manufacturer in Australia. Alan
  8. Thanks Martin for your input. Very helpful. Did you have the opportunity to compar the PSC to other well implemented and recognised silver makes-maybe Audio Note, Kondo, Argento? If so, how do they compare sound wise? Alan
  9. Hi all. I am looking to find out what anybody knows, preferably through personal expereience, about the PSC Audio cables and particularly the silver versions. Also typical pricing. There doesnt seem to be too much info around, and yes, I saw the Monolith goes for $42K a pair!!!!!!!!! What do PSC silver cables they sound like?......other than some versions, possibly horrifically expensive
  10. they Aurealis cables have now been sold. Thanks for the interest in these great cables
  11. yes they have now been sold. Thanks for interest
  12. there has been significant interest in these cables and they are now held for a buyer pending payment
  13. LOL, I get your drift and hadnt thougtht about them that way before...but now you mention it....Really though they are much less reptilian in real life, and somebody might have got the stick to them too because they are not moving in the least
  14. Item: JW Audio Reference interconnect, 1m pair, 6N copper, made in USA Location: Bunbury,WA Price: $110 includes postage to most any place in Australia, excludes any payment fees if appilcable Item Condition: excellent condition,used very carefully Reason for selling: basically moving to more silver cables in my system Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Made by JW Audio in USA. Cost about $450 new + postage. Excellent condition. These Reference interconnects are in very good condition. Cables are 1m in length and are terminated with copper Eichmann bullet rca plugs. Very light and flexible. Other features are:- 1- Multiple runs of pure 99.9999 OFC solid core copper 2- Cryogenic Treatment. (72hr fully submerged) - to provide an extended dynamic range. In particular, high frequencies are much clearer and less distorted. Measurements of cryo treated wires show that electrical and signal resistance is reduced after cryogenic treatment 3-100hr burn in-The burn in process is done by flooding the IC’s with high current. The current from a source (cd player, pre amp) is not enough to really do a full burn in. A very high current process really opens the soundstage up dramatically. The end result is a much deeper soundstage that has much more space between instruments and still maintains a pinpoint image. No blurring of the image at all. It’s creates a very involving presence 4- Helical Twisted-done to give a much wider bandwidth, lower inductance, and lower impedance, resists magnetic fields that are abundant in and around stereo equipment, makes cable management much easier 6- Eichmann Bullet RCA's for incredible clarity and focused imaging My listening expereince with these supports the above. But with my new system now, with my tastes and ears, I am moving towards more silver in my cabling and thus these cables must be passed up Pictures:
  15. Item: JW Audio Cryo Nova speaker cable 2.5m pair-made in USA Location: Bunbury, WA Price: $85 posted to most anywhere in Australia, excludes any payment fees Item Condition: Reason for selling: Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Virtually brand new and not fully burnt in yet. Very good sounding copper cable. Cryo Nova are made by JW Audio in USA with 12awg solid core OFC 99.9999 pure solid copper cable. Nude to nude end connections. Wire is easily bent into the route desired. The design goal of JW audio is to provide an audiophile quality speaker cable at a very affordable price, hence my asking pirce here. These are wayyy better than what the price reflects. Some design/technical info from manufacturer:- 1- Cryogenic Treatment. (72hr) Cryogenic treated speaker cables provide an extended dynamic range. In particular, high frequency range notes are much clearer and display less distortion. Measurements of cryo treated wires show that electrical and signal resistance is reduced after cryogenic treatment. 2- 48hr burn in. The dielectric material of these cables is very thin and should need very little burn in time. These are burnt in for 48hrs to assure that it sounds good as soon as it is connected. 3- Helical Twisted. Cable is pre-twisted to give a much wider bandwidth, lower inductance, and lower impedance . 2- It resists magnetic fields that are abundant in and around stereo equipment. 3- It makes cable management much easier. My listening expereince in a valve system pretty much supports the above. I have owned and loved good copper cables for about 25yrs as good copper does sound very good. Recently, with my current system, I have found that for me, with my system and my tastes, I am moving to more silver in my cables. These are very good cables and dirt cheap (too cheap) for the performance Pictures: