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  1. I am lov'in pandas. Whats not to like about ......Panda?
  2. Thanks guys for these comments. There is obviously some interest from some of the SNA guys out there. I realise Aurealis, Audio Principe and Krispy are quite well supported which is very pleasing to see. Its nice to know there are local cable suppliers of merit who dont over complicate things.....well mostly I certainly dont want a comparison based on winners and losers as it is fair to say there might be different target markets for each Bloody hell Spyne, I am so glad you chimed in but that avatar of your seriously leaves me disturbed..every time I see it. I even scroll the screen to hide it on the screen whenever I can. It is so bloody violent . ever thought of an alternative??? errr sorry about that
  3. Looking for some members findings in regard to Aurealis interconnects and Audio Principe interconnects particularly-speaker cable comments could be handy too. I know this is somewhat a general question as there are significant differences with both manufacturers in the designs they both make eg, copper, silver, hybrid, stranded, solid etc, shielded, unshielded etc., so these variations need to be put in perspective with any comparisons Both manufacturers are great guys to deal with and seem very passionate about what they do and their customer care seems impecible, so both should be supported wherever possible in my mind. I understand both (?) will send cables to trial which can be really handy I have been looking quite a bit at both manufacturers and trying to read up as much as I can from users of either. I have also just picked up a speaker cable from each to start to play with. One of the considerations I see is that Aurealis cables are generally a bit more expensive but are arguably more complex in design with more expensive components than Audio Principe. Does this play a significant part in the performance?
  4. thanks Neo, much appreciated
  5. Hello PixelPlay. I have sent a pm with interest to buy. Cheers, Alan
  6. thanks Surge, much appreciated
  7. Where is the source in Australia for these Audio Note's Surge? And yes bare wires are a pith, hence my need for connectors for 2 pairs of cables I have
  8. Hi all. Where is a decent source for spades and banana connectors for speaker cables, at the right price? Australia or overseas cheers Alan
  9. Item: Morch DP6 Precision tonearm 9" with red dot (medium weight) arm tube. All 24carat gold plated Location: Bunbury, WA Price: $1500 negotiable item Condition: excellent Reason for selling: need to recoup some $ Payment Method: Cash, Paypal, EFT Extra Info: This is Precision version with more expensive gold plated Precision wand which I believe is around $1000 more than Standard wand. Arm has RRP around $4000. Can pack very securely and ship. Cartridge in pic not for sale Pictures:
  10. Item: Shure M75ED Type 2 moving magnet cartridge Location: Bunbury WA Price: $50 Item Condition: plays good (sse notes below) Reason for selling: never really used Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: I have had it for years although never really used. Did play fine from memory last time I remember. I dont really know its history so sell as is. No stylus cover or box. Headshell in pics not included. Priced very fairly to sell. Well regarded cartridge and good for somebody to get going in vinyl for not much money. Sorry but these are the best pics I can take. Will pack very securely Pictures:
  11. Item: Nagaoka MP30 moving permalloy Japanese cartridge Location: Bunbury, Western Australia Price: $75 may look at offers NOT SELLING ANY MORE. MAY SELL LATER Item Condition: sound condition (see notes below) Reason for selling: never really used Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: This item is now wothdrawn from sale as I may as well consider keeping it I have had it in my audio gear stockplie for many years (a decade or 2?) and have not used it for many years. I cant remeber any history about it so cant offer much other than I remeber it as in sound playing condition. Very well regarded Japanese cartidge and not easily found now days. Priced very fairly to sell. Sorry but cant take better pics. Cantilever is not bent as may appear in pic. No stylus cover. Sold as it is in advert Pictures:
  12. just to let you know it is available and I am happy to do a reasonable deal. If you want to discuss further then drop me a line. This is a nice tonearm
  13. still available so feel free to contact me if you have interest even if price etc is not exactly where you want it
  14. Absolutely blybo. There was way more to George Michael than the pop that he started with and unfortunately many can only remember him by. He wrote, recorded, produced, performed and simply created fine music. A very stylish musician...sorry but I am a big (56yr old) fan