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  1. Thanks for help guys I do think its the speaker as I was running them as "Large" when they crackled the most Running them as "small" it has definitely reduced the amount.
  2. I would obviously take the speaker to repairer. Its a Legacy speaker from the US
  3. Forgot to mention...... with no grills as such,just a spline with speaker cloth enveloping it, I haven't tried to check the surrounds .However, i did contact Legacy and they informed me the surrounds were rubber
  4. Hi all, I have a pair of Legacy Skyline speakers that are for HT duties as rears. I have noticed of late that when low frequencies during a movie are played, one of them will crackle during that period. It will play perfectly fine apart from the lows. Is there anyone in Sydney who would be interested in having a look to hopefully repair if possible? Of course,I will compensate fairly. I reside in Padstow,Sydney so if you aren't lightyears away and are interested,please let me know Thanks,Jeff
  5. So,did you find out how old these were?
  6. Id love to take them all if I could Appreciated!!! I'm in Sydney BTW
  7. That is correct These are SE and not HD. You need to google a bit more thoroughly
  8. Leonard Cohen RIP

    I had to wait till I was nearly 50yrs of age(18 mths ago) before I stumbled upon Leonard Cohen If it wasn't for the great series 'Sons of Anarchy' I probably would never have listened to any of his stuff. It was during an episode somewhere around half way through the series when a major turn in the series happened and 'Come Healing' started. Immediately it grabbed my attention and praise the Lord for Shazam,I quickly discovered this Leonard Cohen fellow His early stuff isn't my cuppa so much,but when the production started to get better and the wonderful female backup singers started to feature with the natural deepening of his voice with age......well its superb!
  9. Any Kings X fans?

    Wow, I have a dvd of them live from fairly early on their career but it doesn't do justice to them with SQ only average Would love to see them live. Where did you see them?
  10. Any Kings X fans?

    Ah well,thats 3 of us! I guess that shows what a shame a band like this can be so unheard of.
  11. I have read many a time when reading about Kings X ,how they would have to be one of the most underrated bands and deserve so much more recognition and popularity than they get Luckily for me,I stumbled upon one of their albums a few yrs ago and now have the entire collection. Playing the album "Dogman" last night is what got me to start this thread. What an album it is.!!! Heavy,dark,soulful,melodious,catchy and the bass,oh the bass. I could pick any number of songs but try playing "Pillow" and give the volume a nudge and see what you think. "Pretend" and "Cigarettes" a couple of others off the top of my head They are hard to categorise. Hard rock with some funk soul and Beatlesque melodies perhaps? Wonderful harmonies backed by crunching guitar and killer bass I'd be interested to see how many have even heard of this band,let alone listened to any of their music
  12. Klein dac.Leave on or turn off?

    Ok ..... off it is then
  13. Sorry if this has been talked about but I couldn't find a definitive answer Just bought a Klein dac and have to say I am impressed as most others are. Can I leave it on 24/7 or should it be turned off when not in use? Thanks, Jeff