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  1. Duntech Pricess Tweeter D28/2 Dynaudio

    @aks2600 I have a pair of D28/2's PM me.... Steven.
  2. I would not do this Simon, you might not get it back! Nice work. Steven.
  3. Apparently the session musician that played the Alto Saxaphone riff which holds it all together was paid £27. Legend has it that he did not cash the cheque because he thought his playing was flat. Raphael Ravenscroft was his name. At the time [1978] I bought my first calculator, a casio. The circular slide rule was not as efficient at doing fuel calculations in foreign lands. I remember that cost me £27 which was a large chunk of my weekly wage. Good song though. Steven.
  4. I too have heard Alan's system and completely agree with Rod. Steven.
  5. Electrostatic speaker repairers

    Justin. You might try Graz at Apogee:- http://www.apogeeacoustics.com/company.html He is not far from you on the Sunshine Coast and I can attest he is good at the ESL stuff. He 'repaired' a supertweeter for a friend and actually made it sound twice as good! All the best. Steven.
  6. Item: Empirical Audio Short Block Location: Qld Price: $100 + $10 p&p [RRP is $199USD p&p is $30USD = $305AUD] Item Condition: Mint Reason for selling: Using network connection now. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: This will deal with common mode noise on the USB line, I found it to be most effective. Manufacturer blurb:- Empirical Audio Short Block USB filterThe Short Block is a USB cable filter that plugs in-line with the USB cable from your computer to your USB interface (either a USB converter or USB DAC). The Short Block is usually plugged into the USB DAC or USB converter and then the USB cable plugged into it. The purpose of the Short-Block is to improve audio quality by reducing jitter caused by common-mode noise on the USB cable. Common-mode noise is voltage that develops on both of the differential signal lines in the USB cable. Ideally, this voltage would never be present or be fully rejected by the receiver USB interface, but in real systems with multiple grounds and imperfect USB drivers and receivers the noise is usually present and impacts audio quality. The Short Block reduces this common-mode noise, primarily at high-frequencies. If you have power-line hum in your system, it will generally not fix this. The Short Block severs the +5V wire in the USB cable, so devices that rely on the +5V power in the USB cable cannot use the Short Block. The Short Block does not work reliably with the Off-Ramp 3, but works well with recent Overdrives, Off-Ramp 4 and Off-Ramp 5. The Short block is a passive device, so it requires no power. The only requirement when using the Short Block is that the AC power for the computer of the system and the USB interface device (either USB converter or USB DAC) be source from the same AC circuit. This means using the same outlet or string of outlets from the AC panel. This minimizes the common-mode noise by itself and prevents potentially damaging voltages from being developed between the computer and the USB interface when the Short Block is installed. The difference with the Short-Block is usually not subtle. It will take a soundstage that is relatively flat in depth and improve the depth and imaging significantly. A much more 3D presentation. Pictures:[ attachment=202383:_1020164.JPG]
  7. LP Storage Cabinet

    Totally got the wrong idea.... Have deleted to cover up my stupidity.... Must RTFOP! Hope you find something suitable. Steven.
  8. These are active, but I am sure the crossovers would be available from Red Spade. Steven.
  9. Item: Red Spade Audio PSE 144 Horns & Acoustic Elegance TD18H+ 18" Woofers. Location: Sunshine Coast Queensland Price: $5500 Item Condition: Excellent Reason for selling: I need the money and have plenty of speakers in the shed. Payment Method: Cash, Bank transfer. Delivery: Will send at buyers expense. Pickup available. Will deliver to SE Qld for a small amount. Extra Info: These are well known on this forum, there are plenty of threads and plenty of very happy owners. The PSE 144's have been modified to include two Neutrik Speakon sockets instead of the standard one only. The 144's have also been wired up with pure silver in Teflon wire, soldered throughout. I need the cash right now or I would not be parting with these. I do have a lot of very good stuff in the shed to replace them with though. The woofers are pictured in their cabinets but will be removed and packed in proper cardboard boxes for freighting. If you pick up or I deliver in SE Qld, then you can have the cabinets for $100. Pictures:
  10. DEQX Owners Thread

    Mike. Not at all. I'm surprised we didn't get some reflections off of Alan!!!! Steven.
  11. DEQX Owners Thread

    (what's the plural for DEQX?) DEQXey's......? Right, I'm off before you can say "Midnight Runners" Steven.
  12. DEQX Owners Thread

    It has it's own 'latest' software, not sure of the number as it is all off at the moment, I have not noticed any difference. Works well, everyone should have one two! Steven.
  13. Bituminious Felt for Subwoofer damping?

    I recently used a thick rubber floor tile made from old tyres, they use them on children's play areas. Purchased mine from the local rubber shop like Clarks Rubber but not.... I cut them on the table saw then stuck them with No Nails type glue and fastened them whilst drying with button head screws. They are 500mm square and 13mm thick. Cost me $10 each. They add mass and damping to the walls if completely stuck on and are relatively cheap and easy to use. Hope that helps. Steven.
  14. Aaaaand it's gone.

    This happened to a friend of mine, they lost all of the family photographs. Free software would not sort it out. I think it was a corruption of the file allocation table. I took it to a professional recovery service in Brisbane and they brought back nearly all the lost pictures. Cost about $300. Good luck. Steven.