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  1. I've never seen one that bad before - absolute shocker!
  2. From SHF the latest code is CCMAY20 - not sure if there's a minimum spend.
  3. The only exception I'd mention on the Steve Wilson remasters is Thick As A Brick, where the 2 channel material was handed to some idiot who added a truck load of treble - this thing could kill mosquitoes at 100m.
  4. Logan is coming out here 7 June (two weeks after US where it's US$25) $37 at Sanity and $40 at JB (JB version comes with b&w Noir version on BD).
  5. Audio Fidelity are doing a reissue on SACD that's due out later this month - will be interesting to see if the remastering can improve much on the original LP.
  6. Remembered it goes back a few more years: 2014 2015 2016 2017 Watch out, some that are initially listed as all analog get outed later as having a digital step.
  7. There's a couple of threads over on the Hoffman forums listing all the known 2016 and (separately) 2017 all analog reissues. The lists are depressingly short.
  8. Note replacement covers for the on/off switch are available on ebay.
  9. Probably not the volume needed to make it affordable, but if you *really* want replicas made up, there's always this crowd.
  10. That's disappointing - did they say if it was one of the signal converters that failed?
  11. Perhaps it's intended that the region free mods move to external USB type as some did for the previous models. The rest looks like very much incremental changes on the analog side.
  12. Sadly, RRP has turned out to be $2199. With the various UHD bugs, absence of apps and no HDCD support, the analog stage would need to be a huge step up over the 105 to get many takers.
  13. I'm not sure you picked up on Al's point, the Hometheatrehifi test only used an ordinary blu-ray in the UB900, played at both standard 1080p and upscaled 4K. There was no direct comparison playing UHD discs in both. Mind you, the way it's worded, you have to pay attention to pick up this point - I know I missed it until it was pointed out. A cynic might think the 203 came with a few hundred cash in the box...
  14. You need to add 10% GST to the $1755. Then add the distributor's "Australia Tax" - I wouldn't be surprised if they have the cheek to ask $2200 RRP here.
  15. A slightly different perspective from me. If the local distributor isn't imposing much of a markup I'd be much more forgiving of the situation, frustrating as it is. What gets my goat up is when local distributors charge a big markup on overseas prices and then have minimal stock, retailers and support - the classic "Australia Tax" where they want a big margin for no effort.