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  1. The local UHD version arrived today and I only had time to skim through a few chapters, but the picture quality step up from the standard blu-ray is mighty impressive (all the more so considering the original blu-ray was one of my early demo discs). There's so much more detail, including shadow detail - for me, gobsmacking. I'm not Atmos equipped, but the audio has clearly had some work and dialog is much clearer on the parts I sampled. Note, the local version only comes with one UHD version, the Final Cut. If you want the alternative cuts you'll need to buy overseas. Not an issue for me, but I'm sure some will want the alternatives. Also, JB has dropped their price to $25 if you need another excuse to buy.
  2. All good recommendations above. I'd add Rio Sound & Vision to the mix too.
  3. Note, the discount code only works on selected sellers and expires 20 September.
  4. It got down to ~$440 on Videopro during the 20% off ebay sales midyear. Currently $598 on their ebay store, but use code PICNIC for 20% off to bring it down to $478.40 + $22 delivery. Edit: Link here
  5. There's usually some extra amplifier capacity in the LCR channels compared to the various surrounds, but at the end of the day the amp's power supply will be a limiting factor when driving all channels. Yes, the pre-outs can be used for an external power amp and these can make a real difference, especially if your speakers aren't so easy to drive.
  6. The maximum power consumption is 490W (per manual). Ignoring the small power consumption in the processing sections and then using typical class A/B efficiency of 70% leaves ~343W, divided by nine channels = 38W / channel when all channels driven equally (albeit most soundtracks will be mostly in the LCR channels).
  7. Wow, great price Rich! Wish I was in the market for a new projector now.
  8. Glad to hear you got it sorted Arthur!
  9. Oppo Uhd 4K Player

    Arthur, FYI, I'm using a UB900 with a JVC X500 (accepts 4K signal, but not HDCP 2.2 compliant) and an ancient Integra DHC-9.9 processor that doesn't even pass 3D. I initially used the Blackbird to confirm it would get the X500 to accept a 4K signal (always fell back to HD without). Have since moved the Blackbird out for an Integral. I suspect that your RS20i is part of the compatibility puzzle and not sure the Oppo will be a fix, but would expect the Blackbird should provide a quick workaround.
  10. The Blackbird will tell your source it's connected to a HDCP 2.0 device, while telling the sink (display or AVR) the signal is HDCP 1.4. You're welcome to pop around and grab it over the weekend or Monday if that suits - let me know and I'll PM my address - I'm at Endeavour Hills.
  11. Arthur, where are you? I've got a Monoprice Blackbird you're welcome to try - might sort out what sounds like a HDCP issue.
  12. theater Projector

    It's a business projector - contrast will be dreadful and it may not do 24Hz material without converting to 60Hz - this creates judder (inconsistent picture speed) that's very noticeable to most people. Look for a used BenQ W1070 if the budget is tight.
  13. Help me setup a theatre room

    Junk - don't waste your money.
  14. Help me setup a theatre room

    Buy an electricians' "flexy" from Bunnings to help you feed the cable down and find the hole.