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  1. How long are your cable runs and what impedance are your speakers? Scroll down for the table here. For Atmos overhead speakers I'd just go with the cheapest Krix.
  2. One recommendation I would make is to get ceiling speakers with their own cover or backbox - the Krix units have these. The primary reason being to avoid rattles from dead insects and dust getting on the speaker cones. Also has the benefit of a more consistent response. Are you looking for pre-terminated cables? I wouldn't bother, just buy something like this.
  3. They would like their only role to be collect the "Australia Tax" mark up on the products they import.
  4. Nice price - GLWTS. The region free kits can usually be sorted with an update to their own firmware or a new internal USB stick (thread over on DTV for this).
  5. Twas not I oh Evil one, so I'll take your money, thank you kindly.
  6. Many thanks to the Evil one for once again generously opening his home to the usual suspects. I had a great time - apologies for not being able to stay longer.
  7. That's disappointing for a premium brand (I think we all know which brand is being discussed).
  8. Ouch! That's disappointing. Zaphod, how old were these amps please?
  9. I'll take this one please. PM to follow. 33rpm LP Midnight Oil Red Sails in the Sunset CBS SBP 238027 Australia 1984 NM/Excellent with near Mint cover $25
  10. It's under the Speaker settings.
  11. I haven't owned an 818, but on earlier models the pre-outs were still live when selecting bi-amping. How are you driving 4 channels on the Rotel if you're not bi-amping pre-outs on the Onkyo? Some Y splitters?
  12. Did you set the Onkyo's menu to the bi-amp option?
  13. Yes, Oppo originally posted on their FB page a cryptic image suggesting a 19 January 2017 release, then moved it to 19 December. Reportedly there were much fewer beta testers involved than with the 83/93/103 releases.
  14. Nice!!!!
  15. It's been down to $276 elsewhere and that was months ago - the Costco price isn't anything special.