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  1. You can tell because I prefer digital > vinyl and I don't post 20 times per day in the Politics threads.
  2. "Questionable activities" and maintaining some semblance of privacy are two different things.
  3. Thought it must have been the VPN - annoying though. Have you tightened the restrictions just recently, as I've only been having this the last day or two?
  4. When did anti-bot measures get tightened? Seems in the last 24-36 hours I get this 'authentication required' page if I'm inactive on the site for more than 15-20 minutes and then go to refresh the main forum page. Also got it at the start of the day when I first tried to open SNA. Firefox, latest. Windows 10, latest updates. Yes, I do run a VPN, but have done for several months - no recent changes there.
  5. As above then. They should all fall into the $3k range. Why not OLED though? There are some options at $3k I think - 2016 LGs, Panasonic and Philips too have a wider range than is available in Australia.
  6. Very hard to recommend anything as we're not to know what is available locally for him, or at what price (vs what his budget is). If I was recommending local, then Panasonic DX900 / Sony X9300D / Samsung KS8500 would all be on the shortlist. But without knowing budget and local pricing, these recommendations could be useless...
  7. Word on the street is that the first units are very, VERY close to being released into the wild... Who's going to get theirs first? Time will tell
  8. Check what specifically that extended warranty gets you
  9. This is true of all the major TV manufacturers and all their TVs - top dollar and bottom dollar, alike. Hisense is the odd one out, offering a 3 year warranty on their TVs, with their M7000 series released last year a good option for those on a budget.
  10. Sony 9300D 65" under $4k Sony Z9D 65" $5.5k Panasonic 65" DX900U under $4k (at Apollo Hi-Fi) LG C7 65" OLED $6k LG C6 65" OLED on clearance, you might be lucky to find on in store at a Good Guys/JB/Harvey Norman and negotiate the price under $5k To be honest though, I'd try to wait if you can. See what the next 6-12 months brings as OLED TVs are released from more manufacturers (yes, they're all going to be LG panels, but the processing will be specific to each manufacturer). If you really can't wait though, the Z9D, DX900U or bite your thumb and go for a C7 OLED.
  11. Next week would be great! Have the week off work, so tripping between Ballarat and Melbourne on a weeknight is no issue
  12. 24" is REALLY small, even for a bedroom tv...your old Hisense has large bezels so you could get a tv with larger screen size but same overall size these days as bezels are much smaller. Seems not a great deal are FHD in the smaller sizes either 24" TV, but fairly rubbish. 32" smart TV, but a little over your budget. If you were OK with HD, then your options open up.
  13. 50,000kms over 8 years? Either a garage queen or spent a lot of time at the mechanics. I was looking at that exact year C4 before getting my '07 Focus. Was warned off the brand in general by two mechanic friends...whether that advice was based on recent Citroens or older cars, not sure. Much like Pugs, they tend to have baggage lumped onto them based purely on previous unreliability issues. Only time will tell if that unreliability has been fixed on newer models. Will the dealer give you a used car warranty?
  14. +$3000 for the extra 10" and FALD, ie double the price of the 65" x9300D
  15. Why not the impending 'Konverter' from @Gieseler Audio? Updated DAC and pre-amplifier in the one box. Will be just under your budget, too.