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  1. Vin Diesel, a serious actor? I must have missed this....?
  2. Steuern (Control)
  3. Glad you like it Haha, I have thought about changing it...I'm a little less active on the forums these days sot he urge to mash my head into the keyboard is less frequently encountered lately Maybe something peaceful like a cuddly panda?
  4. Same here. I don't think there is a definite $ = x time outline but there is, I'm sure, a guide that goes something along the lines of $0-500 = 12 months, $500-$1500 = 24 months, $1501-$3000 = 36 months, $3001+ = 60 months....or something to that effect. It's the same sort of vagueness around litigation when it comes to injury resulting from giving first aid - what would a reasonable person be expected to do in a certain situation. If the first actions were "reasonable" then they can't be sued for any injury resulting from their first aid attempts (note. no one has ever been successfully sued for giving first aid in Australia).
  5. You have a statutory warranty under Australian Consumer Law that overrides any manufacturer warranty. Use that - for a piece of electronic equipment costing several thousand dollars, a "reasonable" amount of time to expect the equipment to last is at least 5 years. Visit the ACCC website or contact them for more info relevant to your situation.
  6. I don't think either needed a masterclass, both have shown they already know how to bat in a test match with each batting at least three 150+ ball digs in their short careers.
  7. As has been said, do not take up the dealer offer of Protektiv. Absolute rubbish. Do you like cleaning and waxing/sealing you car? Do you own a DA/rotary polisher? Would you pay a professional to give your car a (proper) paint 'service' every 12-18 months? If "yes" to any of the above, don't bother with Protektiv or any ceramic coating. If "no", then I would happily recommend CQuartz Pro or Opti Coat Pro+. Most importantly, specifically request the dealer NOT to do anything to the paintwork prior to collection. Collect your car, give it a few weeks for the paint to cure fully (if the car is brand-spanking new) and then take it to a pro to correct and seal (either standard polymer sealant, like the Nitro Seal @Marc recommended above - great product, or ceramic coating).
  8. Yeah, great partnership by Handscombe and Marsh...if only Marsh could show that control and concentration consistently! Pujara for MoM, Kohli for C(lown)oM - batted far too long and comical use of DRS (not to mention any of his other antics).
  9. Another echo here - Merlin were great with their support. Interdyn....what support?
  10. Wade out to one that doesn't turn at all, then Cummins out (first ball) to one that spins beautifully. Hopefully SOK/Gary can make use of this pitch (who's 12th man?)
  11. Interested to see how the pitch holds up. Everything I've been reading has suggested it will be great to bat on until day 3 where most are expecting it to turn into a nightmare. We shall see. Good batting from the boys so far, obviously Smith and Maxwell mostly to thank, though Renshaw was a solid contributor as he has so far proven to consistently be. 450-500 would be the goal I think. More than 500 and we'll likely see a draw.
  12. What outcome? Nothing has been confirmed yet. We even have an email response from Oppo USA saying they know nothing of the rumour.
  13. And we're there.