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  1. You'd have to ask @AKSA (Hugh), but I would guess it to be similar to the Naksa 80, which is 26kOhms
  2. I had no issues with the sound during my home trial, but couldn't get the sub input to work 80% of the time. My squeezebox would see the connected dac as "Nova 300" but there would just be no sound coming from the amp. Tried 2 different usb cables, tried resetting the sbt, lms server, cycling power on the nova and playing with the usb 1.0/2.0 switch. All with no luck except for 2 occasions out of about 10 attempts So it went back to Klapp last weekend, unfortunately. That, and the lack of ability to 'see' what the volume is was also an annoyance.
  3. River Raid was my fave I remember trying to play Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back and quickly realising there was no way to win - you eventually always lost. Usually very quickly as this was one difficult (and demoralising) game. Q*bert, Frogger and possibly Kung-Fu Master were also games we had.
  4. @gnometoes82, approximately $90 - signature on delivery and insured for $800 value.
  5. I tried once, they had a bargain on their website (Accuphase amp) which I thought I'd try my luck with. They took my order & money, then no contact for over 2 weeks! I had to reach out to them to ask what was going on, to be told it was an error and I could buy it at full price instead. Not even a courtesy discount to make up for the error and/or delay. I declined and asked for a refund, which they took another 9 days to process!! I wasn't happy and will never even consider them again for business.
  6. Much like last year, I imagine many vendors will be accommodating to patrons bringing their own source materials to play on the gear on display...
  7. Could add the AVM Evolution A5.2T integrated to the list. Integrateds do lock you in, whereas separates give you some flexibility - with your budget I'd probably be looking at pre+power, as much as I like the idea of one-box solutions.
  8. Can't for the life of me get this Nova 300 to reliably playback music via USB from my Squeezebox Touch 1st attempt I got nothing, fiddled with USB 1.0 / USB 2.0 switch on back of Nova, still nothing. Reset SBT output to USB (even though it was already recognising the Nova as being connected), nothing. Cycled power on the Nova and re-selected the USB input and we had music. Switched to watching TV (via analogue connection) and sound was fine. Switched back to SBT and no music. SBT still recognising the Nova as being what's connected via USB, just not getting any sound from the Nova. Gave up for the night and tried again this morning with zero luck. Have resorted to coaxial connection between the SBT and Nova. Not happy Also not happy with the volume control - super fine steps, no usable visual clue as to what volume you're at, and if you hold volume up or down, it will speed up the adjustments dramatically so you end up overshooting where you want it set. Regardless of how good it sounds, poor usability is the deal breaker.
  9. And now I have a Nova 300 in the system. Will be used without the Konverter Pre/DAC, as the Nova (if I end up with it) will be my one-box core and the Konverter would go. No feedback yet - haven't listened to any music through it and have read they need quite a bit of break in, so will give it a few days before doing any evaluation. Must say, it was hard to give the PS Audio back - seemed to work very nicely with the rest of my set-up, so will take a lot from the Nova to stick around.
  10. Hmmm, sounds like he wasn't a fan