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  1. Oh, I read it. Again, where's the science? There's a lot of scientific words in there, but not one iota of science backing their product's effectiveness.
  2. Science people. Where is it? What's the effective range of these stickers? Are they all the same? Looking at the first picture, you have, what appears to be, the same sticker on all components. If they all have the same working range, there's either going to be areas of massive overlap (and you would conclude, increased interaction) around all the clustered, small components or areas of limited interaction on the ICs and relays. If the former, then component layout will have a huge effect on sound, if the latter then where do you place the sticker on larger components to get the most benefit? What about double-sided PCBs - what's the 'working' depth of these stickers. Will you get too much of a good thing? Are they directional - if you have a sticker on either side of a PCB do they cancel out? As already stated, a fool and his/her money...
  3. @rock, how have you found the Play 2 over the last few months? Do you use the dual-boot option to stream music through LibreElec?
  4. The Arcam irDAC is something special, given it's price (and even moreso when you consider they regularly pop up here/eBay for <$300). I had a hard time letting mine go and at times, still miss it.
  5. Parasound Halo integrated has both MM/MC.
  6. Yep, pricing does seem high and my first thought was that it must be class-d, too.
  7. Another Silver 8 owner here...absolutely zero plans to change any time soon. Any prospective buyers are looking at at least +$500 to buy new, and that doesn't include the beautiful gloss white finish
  8. I'm the opposite. I didn't think much of it after the first watch, but caught it on TV earlier this year and found it more enjoyable. Then watched it again on blu-ray a few weeks ago and liked it a bit more again.
  9. Natural instincts, unfortunately. Mix that with delicate possessions (hi-fi, trinkets, vases!, etc) and you're always running a risk. Dogs are the same, just to a lesser degree. Our little fluff-ball has been with us since we adopted her from a rescue centre - she's not 18 months old and has never been outside to develop her hunting instincts but I tell you, when a spider, earwig or moth finds its way inside, she automatically goes into hunt/play mode. Nothing you can really do about it other than keep your valuables protected - either in closed-off rooms or out of easy access....hard to do with cats that turn to liquid when they want to get into tight spaces.
  10. Do I want those - which would require modifying my Monitor Audio speakers, not something I think I'm keen to do, or would these be more suitable, needing to be installed into the power amplifier (Naksa 70) ? @Aussieamps? https://holtonprecisionaudio.com/collections/protection-modules/products/lsp-one-r5-0
  11. Generalising statement = misleading. Less resistance IS better, yes. But so is least inductance. Least capacitance is also desirable, though well designed amplifiers should negate the need for this in comparison to having low resistance and inductance.
  12. Hey all, so my question is - is this safe/unlikely to damage my speakers? After moving from an integrated amp + separate DAC system, I now have a Pre+Power set-up, with the DAC build into the pre. Each component is on and power is simply controlled at the wall outlet. However, I DO switch the power amp on separately, AFTER I have turned everything else on via the wall switch. Doesn't matter how long I wait before turning the power amp on, I still get this thump through the speakers. Safe/unsafe? Is there anything I can do to eliminate the thump or reduce it?
  13. Different DACs definitely can sound different. Increases in price don't always result in increases aural pleasure. You could try adding a Schiit Wyrd to your setup to see if you get an improvement. Mr Darko liked the Wyrd in his review, especially for the price - works on a similar basis to the Wyred4Sound Remedy Reclocker except it works solely on USB, whereas the Remedy is optical/coax only, no USB.
  14. *taps nose*