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  1. JB HiFi's advertising

    Thinking about this rationally, I would be pretty confident that this is an 'innocent' mistake by JB - it's not like they've deliberately tried to mislead you into buying something. There's not going to be someone at JB who manually inputs the details of every disc they sell - they will have the information provided to them by the distributor. JB will simply copy/paste that info into their database/webpage. It's not the store's fault, it's not the manager's fault - they have no control over what is on the website other than to provide feedback to head office if a complaint is made. Threatening to get ACCC involved for something like this, to me, seems an overreaction - why not just ask for a refund or politely provide feedback. Alternatively, just look up JB Hi-Fi head office contact details and send an email. You can even make a complaint about the staff/manager you dealt with, if you feel you genuinely were not given adequate customer service. All the contact information is easy to find... https://www.jbhifi.com.au/General/Contact-Us/ https://www.jbhifi.com.au/General/Corporate/Consumer-Matters/Consumer-Guarantees-Warranties--Refunds/
  2. Depends on their budget. Do they need 4K? Do they need Smart features? Do they watch in a brightly lit room? What content do they watch (FTA/cable/blurays/etc)? Pretty much missed the recent sales - March and August seem to be the times to buy (outside of xmas sales). I'd look at Hisense followed by Sony/Panasonic if their budget stretches
  3. Another Nirvana / MTV Unplugged performance...their cover of Bowie's The Man Who Sold The World
  4. Certainly sounds like a cover to me. Sure, they take their time getting to the lyrics, but it's a cover for sure.
  5. What DAC to buy?

    Chord Mojo or Gieseler Klein II for that money.
  6. iPhone 8 and X

    VERY rarely does US msrp compare directly with local rrp. I've read of one or two Hi-Fi manufacturers that do keep parity but they are definitely the exception - cars, watches, appliances, even clothing.....all generally cheaper in the US and/or place of manufacture. Biometric security features are good....for convenience. You can't forget your iris/face/fingerprint. You can forget your password or key code. But as you said, you can fool most biometric scans at the moment, so once yours has been compromised, it's pretty hard to change your fingerprint or face to create a new biometric profile/identity.
  7. How long can you wait? It's been as low as $498 several months ago > link
  8. iPhone 8 and X

    Not the V30, but V10 and V20 yes. I stand by my statement, while a mobile might be convenient, it can't compete against basic standalone DACs purely on sound quality.
  9. iPhone 8 and X

    Because even the best phones (for audio) can't compete against basic standalone DACs. The iPhone X ("ten") makes the iPhone8 completely pointless. At least the X is an actual update.
  10. Amp for Orpheus Apollo's

    What was it about the Naim and Exposure that you felt was lacking or disappointing? I lived with an Exposure (2010s2) for several years and it was a fantastic amp, driving DIY bookshelf speakers, then Dynaudio Focus 160 bookshelves and finally Monitor Audio Silver 8 floorstanders. I've now moved to a pre+power set up with significantly more power and the change is noticeable (for the better), but I never felt the Exposure lacking (given it's price). Naim amps I'm not familiar with, only having read about them - I understand them to be quite different to the Exposure, a little brighter and 'snappier' (for lack of a better description).
  11. New Theme / Template

    Not a fan of the smaller & bolder font (thread titles, subforum headings, buttons, etc), at all. Makes text look very crowded and much harder to read on a skim.
  12. BMW M135i

    All depends on the severity of the "scuff"...If the clear is broken through completely, there's no saving it back to 100%. if it's only surface damage then you can either glaze (fill), cut and polish or wetsand, polish and then seal. Films do can (all comes down to the quality of the film) help to a large degree with stone chips and low impact abrasions. With a film, you may still get very minor indentations from the impact of stones but the film adds an extra layer protecting your clear coat.
  13. BMW M135i

    Dan (Henderson) owns/runs Detail Central in VIC and Clint is a mutual friend who details as a hobby.
  14. BMW M135i

    Being a black car I'd strongly recommend a good ceramic coating from the get-go. CarPro CQuartz or Optimum OptiCoat Pro. You could alternatively consider a film. Talk to Clint/Dan re options.
  15. BMW M135i

    Cardboard and a sharpie Danny, what are you doing with regards paint protection? Going to see Clint or Dan, or other plans?