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  1. 4K HDR AppleTV

    Hi @:) al Will let you know how it goes. I don't hold out hope for the atmos update though. Apple /apple tv never seem to have focussed on bleeding edge particularly in the surround codec space.
  2. 4K HDR AppleTV

    I purchased one of these today to replace our gen 2 Apple TV, which has provided sterling service for around 8 years now. Will retire the gen 2 to the bedroom. i understand the sentiment re 4K content limitations, but given I'm using a plasma (non smart) tv, I'm hoping this provides a bit of a quantum leap in performance and will show its worth when I get around to 4K tv purchase.
  3. I have owned the scm100asl and had them in a small room perhaps 3 x 4 metres and there was no issue with bass bloat surprisingly. I suspect due the front porting and they don't have overdone boss considering the large bass driver. Both good speakers but my advice is scm100 if you can, you won't regret it based on room interaction as they are quite low drag in this respect. I thought there may be some pics of the room size in the Attached, but no dice unfortunately...
  4. Hi, I am interested in loaning a Martin Logan PBK in Sydney if anybody has one. I do have a Paradigm PBK if anybody needs it, they are welcome to it free for the loan of the Martin Logan version or if they want the Paradigm version and dont have the Martin Logan, you can have it with donation to SNA. cheers, Ray
  5. Dynaudio Contour s1.4 LE

    @Gurnstar i do understand what you were implying by the use of the word polite. Having lived with all of he speakers we are talking about 1.4 Le, 3.4 Le, c1 platinum and now c2 platinum, I don't agree with what you are saying from a practical stand point. The Contour series has the Esotec with upgraded coating not the Esotar upgraded, if it had the Esotar it would say it on the website, it refers to tweeter with Esotar "technology". The latest contour series do have the Esotar though. To me as good as the countour series are (and I dont want to derail this Contour thread by the way) and I am obviously a Dynaudio fan, the Contour series does not sound as natural or airy or detailed as the Confidence range, nor should it given the Confidence is the next range up. To me, the Contour series sounds processed and etched Compared to Confidence in the top end, which is why i no longer have them. i agree there are certainly a gamut of other factors in the end result, including crossover, cabinet, cabling etc. And personal preference is of course the final arbiter to preference and subsequent ownership. It would be interesting to see a graph of the old Contour series compared to the C4 graph above to see if it has the effect to which you refer. C1 platinum v 3.4 Le v Contour 20 would Perhaps be even more relevant. I do know, from experience, both the newer Contour Le and the Confidence II/platinum sound a little more lively or brighter than the previous versions of their series, so that seems to have been a conscious and guided decision by Dynaudio as an evolutionary advance. Regardless to my observations, hope you are enjoying the 3.4 Le and happy listening ! Ray
  6. Dynaudio Contour s1.4 LE

    Polite is an iinteresting way to phrase it, the Confidence series esotar tweeter is both more refined and more detailed than the esotec in the contours. Once you have had a speaker with the Esotar in house, it's impossible to go back to the Esotec in my experience. I have just come back to Dynaudio with some C2 platinum, the dual Esotar tweeter arrangement provides excellent detail and dispersion.
  7. Hi Brad, Assume you found this (which I agree is fairly minimal in detail); http://www.harmonictech.com/2013/03/truth-link-interconnect/ I do have a bit of experience with HT as a brand, have owned the Truth Link, Pro Silway and currently own a Magic Link RCA. I tend to keep a HT around because they provide a nice full range sound with no brightness artefacts and good midrange. HT is a good companion cable to say a Nordost, ie if you have these two you have two good but quite opposite options available. Their house sound is probably more like Kimber than a lot of other brands IME if that helps. It may not help, but i can loan you my Magic Link to have a listen to if you like, but noting it's a couple of levels above the Truth Link.
  8. Yeah, now that Guru has chimed in.... They sound nice when they are working, but reliability and subsequent parts sourcing has always been a problem, I had to "boat anchor " one myself a few years back... Good luck with it, hope it is an easy fix in this case..
  9. StereoNET Kii Three Review

    Indeed, I am intrigued to hear these after the positive reviews, but I was surprised when I saw the price given the physical size. You can buy a reasonable amount of amp and speaker for $16000, especially if you need to fill a medium to large space. I would be astonished if these have the ability to fill a space of that size with decent output below the midrange, given the physical characteristics (ie sum driver and cabinet size etc.), if they do, that is quite a feat of engineering.
  10. SOLD: FS: LUXMAN DA-200

    Hi Geoff, Does this have a remote control by chance ?
  11. Special 40

    Nice write up Soapy, My favourite bookshelf speaker Dynaudio has produced has been the Contour 1.3se, i couldn't help but think they were trying to reproduce a newer version of that speaker when I first saw these. Your description of the sound reinforces that is what they were aiming for potentially. i agree re: Lifestyle store and Vinod, they are good to deal with, very efficient and professional. The rooms are also very well appointed, uber high end product aside they may be Sydney's best listening shop.
  12. Special 40

    No doubt, just pointing it out for those that may not know
  13. Special 40

    Yep it's nice enough that's for sure ! Hope you are enjoying them ! The new Contour Series in rosewood look really nice in pictures, haven't been up close to a set yet though.. I have a couple of integrateds to start with, Hegel H300 and Prima Luna HP. I don't think they take quite as much power to drive as the older Confidence and I'm not a big pre/power person, so apart from a Gryphon Integrated coming up, will stick with those for now.
  14. Special 40

    I dont think the Contour series has as good a finish as the Confidence either (not sure about the very latest though) it doesn't seem to have as many layers of gloss over the veneer, not as shiny or mirror like, which is understandable given the price differential. I have owned a couple of Confidence platinum models and the 3.4 Le in mocha and it was noticeable straight away. I'm not going to go soapy or I would probably put a deposit on a pair. If the pre order is high 3k, it could be worthwhile. I have a new pair of platinum C2 coming so I don't want to get in further trouble with the house boss..
  15. Kimber KS9033

    Good pics, good quality jumpers. glwts Ray