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  1. (B)ring (U)p (M)y (P)ost
  2. Had a pair, not bad for the asking price. Reasonable sound with a small footprint. Shoukdnt last long.
  3. Still available
  4. Sorry l couldn't make it mate, thanks for the invite.
  5. Still available.
  6. Still available. Krell KAS monoblocks.
  7. Still available
  8. Might be time for another one soon. Thoughts???
  9. Even if you were I wouldn't sell them to you. P.S. I'm not a Krell distributor trying to triple my money from the sale. Also, the KAS are few and far between in the marketplace, unlike a new Gryphon product. im out, back to the topic.
  10. So more people could enjoy the pleasures of hi-end audio. Then again, what an absurd idea. Leave it for the elite and keep profits to a maximum.
  11. I doubt audio connection sells much at all that their sister company(s) don't distribute. Apple, Sonus and maybe Bose come to mind. Anyway, given the profits that I assume are being made, one would think a better price could be given for the comsumer, like a much better price.
  12. Really? I would call it double dipping. Getting distributor not wholesale pricing and selling for a retail price.
  13. Must be great being the distributor and charging retail prices.
  14. Most of my avatars seem to just disappear/get deleted so now I couldn't be bothered having one.