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  1. Matching pre-amp also available here:
  2. Item: Audio Research Reference 3 pre-ampLocation: Currently in BrisbanePrice: $4,500Item Condition: Very good with 1529 tube hours on the clockPayment Method: Cash, direct depositExtra Info: Trade in, currently still with original owner in Brisbane. Matching monoblocks also available here: Pictures:
  3. Item: Audio Research Reference 210 monoblocks Location: Currently in Brisbane Price: $12,000 Item Condition: Very good with 1102 tube hours on the clock Payment Method: Cash, direct deposit Extra Info: Trade in, currently still with original owner in Brisbane. Pictures:
  4. Hi Dale, do you mean the optional Preamp output board? No, sorry it doesn't have it.
  5. Thought I'd answer a few questions publicly that I've been asked... Q: Will you accept trade-ins? A: Yes Q: Do they require a big powerful amplifier? A: Not really, whilst they can handle 800W, they are 87dB efficient so 100W or so will be fine for the majority of listening levels. They are an easy load, 6 ohms nominal with a 4 ohm minimum. Q: Where can I hear them? A: In VIC, 3106 Q: Do they come with the front grilles? A: Yes, they weren't attached for the above photo but we have them. Q: Can you paint them black for me? A: No
  6. Here's a pic of the actual G3's available...
  7. Price drop! We have the original packing cases so these can be safely shipped anywhere in Australia.
  8. Hi Frank, 2 spaces are 235mm clearance and 1 space is 190mm clearance. We can however swap these spaces with others for a small surcharge. Regards, Stuart
  9. This is the cherry red shelf finish. Pics of the complete rack to follow.
  10. Not re-branded plate amps, I designed and built them from scratch to run our active speakers. The original design was a 3 channel plate-amp with integrated active crossovers, I adapted a few at the time to single channel and made them into monoblock pairs.
  11. Review--CX4F-II review

    Glad the GTG went well Greg and everyone had an enjoyable afternoon! I think day and night difference might be a bit of a stretch, but the current drive technology in the MKII upgrade definitely brings an undeniable improvement.
  12. WOW, these are rare! Were always a great sounding amp though, same plate-amp that we used in some of our very early active speakers.