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  1. I may consider separating this kit but I'd much prefer the amp to sell before I let the headphones and balanced cable to. $800 for the amp - less than half price $900 for the headphones - less than half price $200 for the cable - less than half price. PM me if you are interested.
  2. Re option 3, I've had two Doge 8 pre amps and am still using the second one now. The phono pre in the Doge is okay but is trounced by my Graham Slee Reflex M. Even with upgraded tubes the Doge phono pre is better but still not at good as the GSP.
  3. Thanks guys. Listening to it now!
  4. Definitely. I've had a two Doge 8 pres now. I've tried a few different tubes and found that for me the best was a combination of Siemens ECC801S pair and a pair of JJ's. It doesn't seem to matter which slots they are pair in just as long as they are paired. I have a set of quad Mullard re-issues which I wasn't really a fan of in any configuration with other tubes. From memory my first Doge had a pair of Mullards and a pair of JJ's. That was good also but I don;t know how old or new the Mullards were. I ended up taking the tube cage off for easy access. It's a PITA to take off and put on in changing the tubes out.
  5. Item: Sennheiser HD800/Sennheiser HDVA600 Amp/CH800S balanced cable/Standard single ended Senn cable Location: Moonee Ponds, Melbourne Price: $1900 - prices for separate items below. Would prefer to sell the amp first. provisionally sold Item Condition: Excellent Reason for selling: Not using it. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: About six months ago I decided it was time to see what all the headphone fuss is about. It started with a reasonable modest set of headphones and then got out of hand really quickly. In a few short months I ended up with a super low hours late model set of Senn HD800's (not the later S version), a Senn HDVA600 amp and the matching CH300S balanced cable. The cans came first, then I was after an amp to help tackle that 6k spike everyone talks about so along came the HDVA600 amp and then the balanced cable just to round things off. Each item was purchased second hand with the cans coming from a well known SNAer in Western Victoria who bought them to use whilst away working and found he never used them. The amp and cable came from another SNAer in Sydney who had gone to a Violetric at twice the price of the Senn amp. My headphones have around 50 hours on them. I ran them for a day to help run them in a little and have listened to them sparingly since. I really just don't get around to using them and if I do listen to music it's usually during the day where loud speakers don't cause domestic disharmony. I bought and fitted the Dupont Supermods to the HD800's which was about a 2 minute job and completely reversible. In fact if I didn't mention that it had them in no-one would be any the wiser unless you compared them to the standard HD800 and heard how peaky the treble can be. The supermod takes the spike out of the treble but leaves the magnificent holographic sound that the HD800 is famous for. They are a high number and in excellent condition. They live in their padded box when not in use so effectively they are in there almost all the time. The come with the standard single ended cable. RRP for the HD800 is around $1599. They are in excellent unmarked condition. The HDVA600 amp is the HDVD800 without the dac. By all accounts the dac in the 800 is pretty average and not worth the extra money. He HDVA600 is fully balanced on both the input and output side. I have tried the HD800 with both single ended and balanced cable from this amp and the balanced does make a difference. It was specifically designed for the HD800 but is also a great headphone amp for running any other brand as well. RRP for the HDVA600 is around $2000 although I believe they can be hard to find now. The amp has a very faint mark on the face on the bottom left as you look at it from the front. To be honest I hadn't noticed it until I reviewed my photos. The CH800S is the balanced cable for the HD800 and S version. It appears to be made out of the same cabling and materials as the standard single ended cable but with a four pin balanced cable. RRP for this is $449 although I did see it for $415. Even at this price it does seem to be quite expensive given it's really no different to the standard cable but with the balanced plug. Having said that the sound compared to the standard single end is substantially improved. The cable balanced plug has a very small mark on it but very hard to photograph. Again I didn't notice it until I set them up for photos. All of my kit comes in original boxes. The headphones have their padded hard case box. The items are in close to excellent condition. All items are in Moonee Ponds. Pick up is preferred but I can post but at buyer's cost. I don't want to separate as I either keep it all or sell it all. Paypal 3% fees are payable by the buyer, cash or bank transfer is the preferred option. I'm really only selling as I just don't use it enough and it's alot of money sitting there. Pictures:
  6. Cancel the request please Duc, just checked and some nice previous owner has put some NOS Mullards in so I'll have to be content with them. Thanks anyway.
  7. I may be interested in a pair Duc, I just have to check and see what is in my Line Magnetic 502 Dac.
  8. Not sure if you noticed but there is a hole in the bag you wrangled the snake into!
  9. No mat on the TT, only the Rega glass platter.
  10. Just to confirm that this wasn't my cart. My 2M black is still straight and working nicely. Where is the guard? Good question, it's not mine. The TT and cart were purchased second hand and from memory there wasn't any accessories. It's still a mystery as to how the damage occurred but what's done is done. I'm hoping to get him up and going with the M20 supreme and if that doesn't work I have an OM20 stylus I could try on the 2M.
  11. Beautiful pics Mick
  12. No teenage sons, mistresses or cleaners. It's a mystery. I'm thinking the old reverse spinning Rega motor scenario is looking good at this stage.
  13. The 2M bronze option looks like a good one. By all accounts the 2M bronze stylus on the 2M Black cart isn't too shabby. I've got an Otofon M20E Super I can give him for the time being until he decides what to do with the 2M. I just had a thought about how this may have happened. I've read that sometimes the Rega can develop a fault in the motor where it can spin backwards. Would a reverse spinning record cause that sort of damage to a cantilever?
  14. 2m bronze stylus looks like a great option. Half the price of a black stylus and apparently not far behind the black.