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  1. When I was a kid a mate's parents had one of these, the monster Technics SA1000 330 wpc receiver and a pair of Bose 901's. For a teenager this was hifi heaven. In hindsight the only decent item would have been the turntable! They still have all that gear but 35 years of mistreatment and smokers in the house would have taken their toll.
  2. That's the same cable as mine had so it looks to be original,
  3. Hmmm, I won't say much on repairers other than I'd only use Gary CAWSEY and Atilla from Thomastown. In relation to the speakers for sale I had a pair of TAG 3.5's with Scan Speak drivers and the Focal inverted dome tweeter. They were a really nice speaker and at one stage I ran them fully active with a DEQX unit. Beautifully made cabinets by Aranmar Acoustics in Melbourne out of 32 mm mdf and lead lined. I'd be sourcing the Focal tweeters and replacing those, worth the money. If there hasn't been any changes to the crossover the tweeter change back to Focals would be easy, just a bit of screw driver work (be careful not to slip) and solder work (be careful not to overhead the tags on the tweeters and watch for phase) and away you go.
  4. Keep photocopying but zoom it on the copy settings. Will only be a few percent over 100%.
  5. Atilla or Gary Cawsey in Preston.
  6. Just turn the volume up really loud, use one input and pretend it's a power amp. I've always liked the Amber amps, had a 50c and the a 60i. The former was heaps better than the 60i. I bet this 70i follows the traditions of the 50 series being a proper Amber rather than a rebadged Teac.
  7. Yes but there is a guy planning to drop over tonight to check it out. Will update the thread if it gets sold.
  8. I now have sufficient cardboard and bubble wrap to package safely. Buyer to arrange their own courier.
  10. I so bad want to keep this amp but the sums I just did still come out in red ink!
  11. I've had lots of inquiries about the ME240. Please note that the amp DOES NOT come with the remote control option, it would be a tad more expensive if it had. I am looking at selling this amp to the first person who can come to my door with the money. I would really prefer not to post as although I can eventually package it up more than safely I don't trust couriers etc. Lastly, I can't offer this out for a lend before you buy or money back if it doesn't system match. The amp is as good as I indicate in my thread. Do your research, you'll see lots of positive comments about the ME240. Our own CAFAD is the resident integrated amp reviewer, if there's an integrated he hasn't tried it's probably because it's not worth knowing about. CAFAD really rated the ME240. Muzzagruzz has posted that he likes his 240 better than his shiny new Luxman, even that is shouting something pretty serious.
  12. Thanks Jake, i compared the Primare a34.2 to the a32, a32 killed it. I'd say the me240 is more musical than the a32, certainly a nicer midrange.