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  1. Got your money's worth for 2c Darren! I quite like mine in the second system, does a nice job as a dac and also a remote controlled pre. I was looking at a Primare Dac30 which I've had before. I reckon the Nad is not outdone by the Primare dac and has more features.
  2. Oh my, every time I look there's something bigger there!
  3. I quite like my 2M black on my souped up P25. I don't have alot to compare it to other than a Denon wood body DL103 which was also good but I rate the 2M black a little higher.
  4. I did find that with the valve (a Doge 8) pre and to a lesser degree the Nad M51 the 850 could sound distorted when the volume was pushed a bit. Lower volumes didn't exhibit it so much. I'm pretty confident that it was pre matching rather than the amp as there was quite a difference between pre amps and the level/volume of distortion. When I say distortion it was more like something wasn't quite right with the sound, a little edgy and less defined. Bottom end, especially the mid/bottom end really took a hit.
  5. Yes and no. The 850 did not match well with my tubed pre which cut out half of my assessment as my vinyl system goes through the pre. On the other hand the NAD M51 was a better match and although digital only via its internal dac. I was really impressed with this combo although knowing that I would never run this system as my main without my vinyl rig. The 850 has been packed up and returned as I don't like to hold on to borrowed gear. I would like to try it out again with a more suitable pre. The 850 and ME/NAD combo fared well against my active Atc's although there the sense of realness and truth was missing in the passive system as was the accurate and tight bottom end. That little experiment is over for now, I'll take some time to digest it all. I went back to the little second system tonight which was what this thread was originally about with the 240 doing the heavy lifting. Sounded as good as ever!
  6. Finally got the big brute in place
  7. Hi Golliwog, I don't have any 20's for sale but can I just confirm that you are after the current model of the active 20's with the new tweeter or the model with the Seas tweeter?
  8. Unfortunately it's not my 850 and isn't for sale. Still in the evaluation phase anyway. In terms of overkill for a $400 speaker most amps are overkill. It's not that much louder than the 240 but is an improvement in everything. Less bass but that's probably more control than the 240. Next is to try it on my atc's. BTW I'm really impressed with the M51.
  9. Lookie at what I borrowed. Swapped out with the 240 running the little Ushers from a nad m51 as a dac/pre. The nad has an output impeadance of 100 ohms so although not an me pre is lower than my other tube pre. Anyway, sounds great, can't wait to fire up the passive atc's.
  10. Found locally, sorry Edd, picked one up today.
  11. A couple more from the car show:
  12. I bought one new when they had a $70 rebate. I ended up replacing it with the 24 - 70 Nikon which is a better lens but not necessarily a walk around lens. My sister bought a Tamron 24 - 70 and shortly after picked up a second 24 - 84 and found that the much cheaper Nikon was sharper than the Tamron. I have the 24 - 120 F4 which is great most of the time but probably not as reliable in image quality as the 24 - 85. It is nicer to have the extra length though.
  13. I like that pic Ken. When I first got my D750 I read that you could use the 35 on the FF body. I tried it out and got some okay results but got a good offer on a 24 - 85 that same day so bought that. I didn't use the 35 on the FF again. Can you remind me what F stops were best to use, I recall that using the wrong F stop produces pretty bad vingetting.
  14. Item: NAD M51 Price Range: $650 Item Condition: New or Used Extra Info: Looking for a NAD M51 dac in the Melbourne area. Would prefer local pick up. Price range of $650 or lower. PM me with details.
  15. Thanks Zaph.